Runic - Sempiternal Solo

Young violinist Lola Pern is starting to realize how far one can go in order to perfect something, in every sense of the world. A song from the past haunts every corner of her life, one that has made for a dramatic turmoil as she gets thrown into a whimsical nightmare of violence and beauty. With only one way out, she revisits a point in time when every mistake was met with travesty in hopes of bringing closure. However, altering such forces is bound to be dangerous, and with a childhood as fragile as hers, the risks can cost dearly.

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8. Read Sempiternal Solo at Crimsos





Part 1 of Sempiternal Solo has concluded. Read the full story at, free of charge.



-Posting a full novel on any writing website makes it more vulnerable to piracy

-Last minute edits are easier to manage

-If this thing somehow gets picked up by a publishing firm, they'll likely make me take it down anyway



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