Bruised & Broken

AU/MD Bellarke. Tension runs high with Clarke & Bellamy in the same house. What happens when Clarke's new relationship forces her to lie to Bellamy and drives a wedge in her friendship with Octavia. The one person she can't stand ends up being the one person she needs to help her fix the situation.


10. Chapter 9

Clarke just finished her makeup and hair, not even a ton of makeup could hide the bruises. She opened the door to join everyone for breakfast.

"Bellamy, you okay?" She asked seeing him leaning against the wall next to her door.

"I was just thinking, about us, just now in my bed, Did I cross a line? I know we do alot of teasing and joking around, but we are careful to not cross the line. I know I shouldn't have been working you up after yesterday, part of me thought if I could keep you distracted I could protect you from it, now I'm afraid I fucked it up. I just wanted to show you not everyone is going to treat you like that"

She looked at him, taking in his stance and the way he was fidgeting, he wouldn't meet her eyes. She heard him sigh bringing her out of her thoughts.

She took him by the hand,

"Bell, look at me, If it was too much I would have said something, I know not everyone is like Cage. The distraction worked, but you don't need to go above and beyond, you being around is enough, plus you show me everyday what I mean to you. I can't avoid it forever, I have to face it, to get past it. You are my best friend and as long as I have you by my side, I will get past anything. You didn't cross the line."

"You're sure?" He asked, his eyes studying her face.

" I'm sure, I feel like I failed you if you think thats the only way to make me feel better, obviously it makes you second guess yourself"

Bellamy tensed.

" Wait a second, I wasn't second guessing myself, you are gorgeous and if I thought I had the will power and the control I would need to keep from being jealous, I would suggest friends with benefits" he gave her a cocky grin.

"You don't control your jealousy now, I just want you to know that what we have is perfect, you don't have to change anything, no matter what I will always feel safe with you" Clarke said squeezing his arm.

He kissed her cheek lightly,

"You are one to talk on the jealousy bit" he said in a matter of fact tone.

"Wouldn't want someone to take you half way across the country" she smiled.

"Not a chance" he answered offering his arm to assist her down the stairs.

They ate breakfast before getting in Raven's car and heading for the police station.


Clarke didn't think it would be that bad, they were half way there and she suddenly felt a wave of nausea hit.

Bellamy watched her intently, she would get lost in thought, rub the top of her legs, tap her fingers, then be lost in thought again.

He reached out putting his hand on top of hers, he could feel her shaking under him. He gave her hand a squeeze drawing her attention to him.

"It's gonna be okay, I promise" he whispered. She just nodded in response, turning her attention back out the window.

Once they arrived and parked Raven and Octavia went in to fill out statements. Clarke was suddenly frozen, the thought of getting out of the car was impossible.

Bellamy sat beside her, rubbing the back of her hand in silence, he refused to rush her, he knew she was working through it in her mind.

She opened her door, Bellamy opened his letting go of her hand, the second he got out and turned the corner of the car he saw her stand up and bend over. Her one hand pulling her hair back as she started to throw up. He came up behind her replacing her hand with his. She handed him a hair tie off her wrist and he gently pulled her hair back in it, letting his hand rest on her back. She stood grabbing her water, took a sip and rinsed her mouth out. She turned looking at him as she popped gum in her mouth.


She just nodded a resonse, he watched her straighten her clothes and let her hair down. She stood straighter, wincing slightly.

"Clarke?" He said questioning the look.

She just smiled in response and started to walk at a fast pace. She looked like she was ready to take on the world. She felt like her ribs were on fire.

Bellamy opened the door for her taking in the layout of the place, they didn't live in a small town, but it wasn't huge either, the police station had a few small offices off the main room, and 3 cells lining the back wall. One that held Cage. He was standing, hands on the bars eyes locked on Clarke.

Bellamy turned to Clarke who also noticed Cage and was feeling light headed. She grasped for Bellamy, but felt his hand on the small of her back before she could grab his arm, his other hand on her arm steadying her.

They walked across the room to the desk Octavia and Raven were at.

Wick looked up at them both.

"Before you sit we need you to watch the video, and you need to confirm that its you" he said standing.

He lead Clarke to another room sitting her near a computer.

Bellamy stood watching her closely, she turned to Wick and he motioned for Bellamy to join them. He stood behind her chair, his hands on her shoulders. Wick pushed play and Bellamy felt her tense, he moved to kneel next to her holding her hand. He felt, her squeeze his hand and when he looked at her he felt helpless, the tears just running down her face. Once it was over Clarke signed off that it was indeed her in this video.

He brought them each a page for a statement. They wrote them quickly. A few more questions and it was time to leave. Clarke looked tired and pale. She picked up her bag and they walked towards the door.

"Did you like watching youself?" Cage spoke loudly. Clarke's pace sped up, she could see Raven and Octavia by the door. She paused as she saw them watch movement behind her. She turned to see Bellamy headed for the cell. She intercepted him right before he could get within reaching distance. He paused where he stood feeling her hand on his chest, his eye's never leaving Cage.

"You don't deserve to look at her, let alone speak to her" Bellamy growled.

"Alright Bell c'mon" Clarke said pushing him back a little bit. Cage looked her over raising his eyebrows.

"You know I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat, only one thing I would do different, I'd get a piece, even if I had to hold her down and force her, then I'd kill her"

"You better hope they lock you away forever" Bellamy yelled, voice full of rage. Clarke's hands both with tight grips on his shirt.

"If Raven didn't have such a big mouth, I'd have her at my house getting what I want right now"

Cage said leaning against the wall.

" You motherfucker" Bellamy said in a low voice as he stepped forward into Clarke.

"Bell, please, I want to go home." her voice barely above a whisper.

She felt his hand take her's, she took the chance for an exit immediately, pulling him behind her to the car.

"You guys don't mind taking me home do you? I just want to lay down" Clarke asked as they started the car.

"Home it is" Raven smiled.


The girls dropped Bellamy and Clarke off at the house on the way to the walking trails.

"How about you pick a movie and I'll grab some drinks and some popcorn" Bellamy handed her the remote. She grabbed a blanket and searched through the movies 'on demand' from the couch.

"'The Proposal' or 'How to Lose a Guy in 10 days'?" She asked.

"'The Proposal' " he answered from the. Kitchen. Clarke could hear the popcorn popping. Once he gathered all the snacks they laid on the couch watching movies all day.

The next two days following suit. Finally her bruises were starting to fade, It was time for Bellamy to go back to work, and Clarke got one last day off before work the next night.

She woke up in her own bed for the first time in days, as she stretched she heard something crumple. She lifted her head seeing a piece of paper. She slid it over to her so she could read it.


I hope you get to sleep in, there's some pastry's in the box on the counter. If you need anything call me! Have a good day,


She smiled shaking her head, she folded the note putting it on her nightstand.

Stretching once more she started her day, by noon she was back upstairs laying down for a bit. She cleaned the entire downstairs in an attempt to stay busy. It ended up being a mistake, her ribs hurt, her neck was sore and she was just plain tired.

She lay on her bed, the absence of Bellamy and the inability to push her body further at the moment gave her no emotional distraction. She thought about the events of the past month, tears filling her eyes. The thought of Bellamy seeing that video was heartbreaking to her, it bothered her more than what had happened to her.

She thought about waking up in Bellamy's bed, How much has changed between them, how much they need and depend on one another.

She was shook from her thought's when she saw Octavia round the corner into her room.

"Hey, class let out early, hows your day going? Judging by downstairs you have been busy."

"Yea, cleaned a bit, over did it a bit" clarke laughed

"You wouldn't be Clarke if you didn't over do it." Octavia layed next to her on the bed. Clarke could feel her bed vibrate from Octavia's phone.

Octavia checked her phone turning it so Clarke could read it

Bellamy: Hows my princess?

Clarke just shook her head, they snapped a selfie of them together and sent it to him.

Octavia: I'm safe in my tower- Clarke


Bellamy sat on the tailgate of the work truck with a few other guys standing around, everyone on lunch.

He sent his sister a message and was waiting patiently for one in return.

His phone chirped drawing his attention.

A picture of Clarke and Octavia came across the screen, the most important people in his life.

He smirked moving to the next message

Octavia: I'm safe in my tower- clarke

He shook his head, laughing.

" whats got you in a good mood" Lincoln, one of his co-workers asked.

Bellamy clicked the picture and turned it towards them for them to see. It received a series of whistles.

"Alright alright, It's my sister and my best friend"

"What does that mean? It's not your girlfriend or your wife" Roan piped up.

"The blonde one? Thats your friend?" Emerson asked.

"Yep" Bellamy snapped.

"She single?"

"She's off limits, now let's get back to work" he said obviously becoming pissed, he jumped off the tailgate grabbing a shovel.

His afternoon went by quickly, he stopped at the store to grab some stuff for dinner, and grabbed two bouquets of flowers.

When he walked in the house the girls were occupying the couch looking at magazines.

They both looked up giving a wave and continuing there conversation.

He put groceries away quickly grabbing the flowers and heading for the living room.

" Ooooh flowers" Octavia said

"Got a date?" Clarke asked

"No, they are for you two, the princess and even the sister, deserve a reminder that they are important sometimes" he smiled.

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