Bruised & Broken

AU/MD Bellarke. Tension runs high with Clarke & Bellamy in the same house. What happens when Clarke's new relationship forces her to lie to Bellamy and drives a wedge in her friendship with Octavia. The one person she can't stand ends up being the one person she needs to help her fix the situation.


9. Chapter 8

Bellamy laid awake for awhile. He listened to Raven and Octavia cleaning and talking downstairs. He thought about Clarke clinging to him, about her body being so warm, her legs rubbing against his every now and then, He started to shift uncomfortably. 'Stop! don't go there, you are gonna make it awkward! she just got beat up idiot, you are only friends, focus' He smirked at scolding himself mentally, nothing could stop the thoughts but he could try and hold them off to a later date.

He felt her arms tighten around him drawing his attention to her face. She started to shake her head, obviously dreaming she spoke,

"Stop, please stop" Bellamy rubbed her neck trying to soothe what was bothering her.

"Bellamy, no, please, you can't let him take me" her voice came as a panic.

"Enough, Princess!" Bellamy said shaking her lightly. He couldn't bare to hear it.

He felt her arms loosen up a little.

"Come on, open your eyes, look at me, You are safe, I'm right here" Bellamy's voice was a low whisper.

He studied her face, slowly her eyes opened to meet his.

"There you are, beautiful as ever."

"Bellamy, don't be a suck up, we have a mirror" she laughed, he couldn't help but smirk. She really did look like hell, but she would always be beautiful to him.

She ran her leg up his stretching out. Smirking when she got high enough to feel his body react against hers. He saw her blush knowing she felt him.

"Listen friends or not, you keep rubbing up and down on me like that and we are gonna have a problem" He said poking her side.

"It sucks doesn't it?" she asked

"What sucks?"

"Having a hot best friend" she smiled.

"If anyone would know its you" he said mirroring her.

"oh, ego much?" she laughed

"yeah, must be contagious" he said stretching and throwing the blankets back.

She tried to sit up, the pain in the ribs instantaneously brought tears to her eyes.

"Easy, just lay there a minute, I want to look and see how bad it is, I can wrap your ribs to take pressure off them, if that's what's bothering you"

She nodded, sinking back into the bed. She watched him put his pants on and walk out to the bathroom. 'God this bed smells good' she inhaled , her face in the pillow.

"Do you normally smell my bed?" he asked clearly amused.

"That was quick" she changed the topic completely.

"Alright princess, let me see" he pulled the blankets down to her thighs. She felt her skin tingle when his fingers grazed her legs. 'For the love of God, I need to get laid, this is ridiculous'

Her eyes watched his every move, she was watching him study her body as he lifted her shirt slowly, his eyes traced every bruise, she could see his face change from anger, to pain, to concern.

His hand ran from the edge of her underwear pressing lightly up her stomach and along her rib cage, she winced at the light pressure.

"Sorry" he muttered, he eyes shot to her face as he heard her small gasp.

His strong hand ran up and down her rib cage feeling her ribs lightly.

"Put you hands above your head, so I can feel along your sides" he said.

She lifted her arms feeling his hands move up her sides, she could feel her breathing change. 'God Bellamy, this will be on my mind every night till I die"

He looked to meet her eyes but her's were closed, he let his thumbs graze the sides of her breasts and he pressed along side them, there was no bruise there, but if he wasn't mistaken she was enjoying this. He let his hands run along the bottom edge of her breasts, pressing lightly here and there. He could feel himself getting worked up. He ran her hands up along side them one more time. She let out a moan, surprising herself and him. Her eyes shot open, He could see the fire in them, and he was fairly sure his didn't look much different.

"Bellamy, wrap me already." she said he cheeks tinted pink from embarrassment.

"Your no fun" he replied smirking.

A soft knock came at the door

"Bellamy is everything okay?" Octavia's voice traveled through the closed door.

Clarke covered her face that was now bright red, he tried to hide his laughter, but it was unsuccessful.

He cleared his voice trying to contain himself.

"Yea, be down in a minute" he said

"Yea, okay" Octavia said sounding confused, they heard her walk away from the door.

"You suck"Clarke said playfully glaring at him.

"I could, If that's what you like" he retorted.

"Hurry up, being in this bed is apparently making me disoriented."

"In that case I think you need bed rest"

"Bellamy, I'm gonna go downstairs whether I'm wrapped or not" she teased.

He laughed standing her up. He wrapped her ribs tight, checked to make sure it wasn't hurting her.

"It feels good Bellamy, thank you" she smiled.

"No thanks necessary, your moan was appreciation enough" he gave her a cocky smile.

She just shook her head, a slight blush creeping up her neck as she slowly exited the room. She walked down the stairs with his help and he settled her on the couch with Octavia, Raven seated in the recliner.

"You look refreshed, got some color back" Raven said, Bellamy's laughter could be heard from the kitchen.

They both looked at her suspiciously,

"Don't ask, he's and idiot" she replied, he just laughed louder.

The girls sat watching the television and talking , Bellamy ordered pizza for everyone. Clarke faded in and out of sleep for the rest of the day.


She awoke to an alarm going off, she didn't have an alarm. Bellamy does, she stretched being reminded of previous events. Her leg hit something, her eyes shot open, she was in Bellamy's bed...again...'I know I left this bed for the couch yesterday' Last thing she remembered was eating pizza. Bellamy snaked his arm around her waist burying his head in her neck.

"Bellamy...this isn't my room"

"I know that, however you are still in pain, and I am going to take care of you"

"Only pain I have is one in my ass, and it's you" she mumbled.

He grabbed her ass causing her to jump.

"I was going to massage it out" he smirked.

"Like hell" she said sitting up, unable to stop the groan that escaped her lips revealing her pain.

"You have to take it easy, want to me to look at it?" he asked

"She stood up, no I'll come see you when I get out of the shower"

He laid there awake listening to the water, 'I could wake up like this every morning' the thought made him smirk.

The water turned off, he heard her walk into her room, he could hear the drawers of the dresser open and close, then she returned to him, towel wrapped snugly around her, hair left down, water still dripping from some ends . She handed him the bandage to wrap her. Then let the towel fall. He looked at the towel on the floor taking his time, letting his eyes trail her body, she had a matching black lace underwear and bra on, he could feel his mouth run dry. She smirked at him when he met her eyes, he just got played and she knew she had him.

"You are playing with fire" he said, his voice slightly hoarse.

"A cold shower will put it out" she said laughing. They have always been like this, everyone swore they were together in high school, most the time they were single because no significant other could deal with the friendship. They never crossed the line, a little teasing here and there but the thought of a failed relationship ruining a strong friendship kept them at bay. They both enjoyed the tension to a certain extent, other days the tension caused too much frustration and all they did was fight.

She sat on the edge of the bed, He started wrapping her, his touch so light she could barely feel it.

"Lay down" he instructed sliding over to give her room. He checked the tightness of the wrap. His hand moved down, and spread along her stomach,

"Does this hurt?" he asked lightly applying pressure to a bruise above her hip. She shook her head biting her lip.

"This?" he said moving to a bruise at the edge of her underwear. She shook her head again, not trusting her voice, eyes closed enjoying his touch, his hand suddenly frozen.

"Clarke, Your all set" he said, his voice took a serious turn.

She met his eyes, his expression guarded.

"Bell, talk to me" she said turning towards him, She pulled the blankets up over both of them resting her hand on his side and her head on his pillow.

She gave him a slight pinch, he looked at her again sighing.

"Clarke, I can't get that video out of my head, I just keep seeing him hit you, I keep hearing him tell you it was my fault, he told you to tell me you didn't need me you could've listened but you didn't, I got you hurt." He said, his last words barely audible.

"Bellamy I would've died before I told him, or anyone, that I don't need you in my life, Without you I would be lost, At that point in time, I thought there was a good chance that would be the last words you heard from me, and I refused to lie" She looked at him lifting his chin to meet her eyes.

"Don't do this to yourself, We are fine and here together, that's all that matters" She spoke softly.

He nodded, but didn't look relieved.

"We need each other Bellamy, I'm not going anywhere"

There it was, he let the wall down and pulled her to him in an embrace.

"Guys, I know you are awake, can I come in?" Octavia asked.

"Yes" they said in unison.

She looked at them eyebrows raised.

"Geeze Bell, if you two are gonna sleep so close to one another, I'll take the King size bed and you can have my twin, by the looks of it you would still have plenty of room"

"Was there something you needed?" he asked dryly, Clarke laughed in his pillow next to him.

"Yup, we want to know if you two are a thing now?" she asked.

"we?" Clarke asked

"yea, we weren't sure if we should interrupt you or not, but then we figured you needed to breathe eventually" Raven said from the doorway.

Bellamy just pulled the pillow out from under Clarke's head and placed it over his head.

"Our status is the same as always, but our friendship is stronger then before. We definitely appreciate having each other around more. "

Clarke could feel Bellamy's hand on her leg as she spoke to the audience in the doorway. He gave her a little pinch causing her to blush slightly. She could see him peeking out from under the pillow at her.

"Do you guys have to work today?" Octavia asked

"Nope, you?" Clarke answered.

"Nope, we were thinking of stopping at the pd then maybe going to do something, you feeling up to it?"

The whole time Octavia was talking Bellamy was running his fingers up her thigh, Her hands being on top of the blankets were leaving her helpless with Raven and Octavia talking to her.

"Yea that sounds good" she barely got out, her speech slowing, when she felt Bellamy's hook his finger under the edge of her underwear. He's never been this brazen before and she was halfway between panic and an orgasm, she was dying for him to touch her at this point, but praying he didn't take them to that level.

She looked at Octavia getting ready to talk again 'Oh my god shut up already, if I don't get out of this bed I'm going to explode, there will be no going back'

She looked at Bellamy, his eyes were purely on fire, he was going to burn right along side her,

She looked back to Octavia and Raven, who were clearly to much into the conversation to notice anything thankfully.

"Do you think the beach? or the mall? or the park out on sunset? Maybe just do one of the walking trails?"

He rubbed small circles working his way closer and closer to her center.

"Trails sound good, right?" Raven added

"Yup that sounds perfect" Clarke responded.

"Alright we will go start breakfast see you in a bit" Octavia closed the door.

Clarke was afraid to move. She was dripping wet and couldn't even think straight enough to address the situation.

"Did they say breakfast?" he perked up taking his hand back, and throwing the covers off.

"I hate you" she sighed, she was so tense she could scream, every nerve in her body was tingling.

"I can tell" he gave her a wicked grin and dressed quickly.

"Karma, you wait" she smiled sweetly and made it a purpose to make the walk to her room slowly, knowing she had his attention.

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