Bruised & Broken

AU/MD Bellarke. Tension runs high with Clarke & Bellamy in the same house. What happens when Clarke's new relationship forces her to lie to Bellamy and drives a wedge in her friendship with Octavia. The one person she can't stand ends up being the one person she needs to help her fix the situation.


8. Chapter 7

Bellamy dropped Octavia off at the college and was heading into work, his phone ringing in his pocket, he refused to look at it, still pissed off about yesterday's events.
'Whoever you are, fuck off' He just let it ring. There was a pause for a few minutes then it started ringing again. He took it out and looked to see who it was.
'Raven Reyes Incoming Call' Bellamy sighed, 'not in the mood' "Ignore" he muttered as he clicked the button.
Before he could slide it in his pocket it started ringing again. 'For the love of God'

"What is the emergency?" He half yelled in the phone

"Where's Clarke?" She sounded urgent.

" I don't know, she never came home last night"

"Bellamy, where else would she go?"

"Cage's house, I don't know, or care Raven, she's not my concern"

"Bellamy this is serious"

"Yea, I bet, You gonna tell me what the problem is?" His aggravation was evident in his voice. Raven paused,

"Nope, she's not your concern, I heard you loud and clear, I'll find her myself" she said hanging up. She wanted to tell Bellamy, but she knew he would go after Cage. Which was fine as far as she was concerned, but it would be Clarke who would suffer for it if she didn't find her first.

Bellamy pulled over, running his hands through his hair. A recap of the past twenty four hours on replay in his head. 'Something is going on, and I'm going to find out what it is.'

He turned the car around and headed back towards the house.


Octavia was walking to class when her phone vibrated in her pocket.
She looked to see who it was,

" Hey Bell, whats up?" She asked

"Have you seen Clarke?" He questioned.

"Nope, why?"

"Raven is looking for her."

" Good luck to her, If I know Clarke, she will avoid Raven"

A voice from behind her made her jump.

" Raven is looking for Clarke?"

" Oh, hey Cage, yea she is have you seen her?" Octavia said.

"Nope, she left right after you guys last night, she was acting weird, hasn't answered any texts" he replied walking away.

She went back to the phone,

"I don't know, Bell"

" He said she left after us, right?, but I didn't see her this morning, or hear her come in" She heard him sigh.

"I don't know, class is starting though, I have to go"

" Yea, I'll talk to you later" he said hanging up, a few more blocks to go,

"Maybe she is home, I didn't check her room" he said talking to himself


"Clarke!" Raven yelled banging on the front door. She stood for a few seconds listening, her patience wasn't lasting long, she then ran to the back patio. She was relieved to see the back door was open.

"Clarke!" she yelled again, heading for the stairs, she rounded the couch almost falling over the body on the floor. 'Please no' Raven dropped to her knees checking her pulse. She had a pulse and was breathing, just shallow. She was laying there, her hand cut open by the glass stuck to the picture frame, blood running out of her hand on to the floor next to her.

"Come on Clarke, I know you are in there, let's go, you have to wake up" she said shaking her lightly.

Clarke let out a groan. Raven sighed in relief hearing her response.

"Good girl, lets get you up" Raven said.

"Where's Bell?" Clarke asked barely audible.

"Right here" He stated loudly, Raven nearly dropped her, she never heard the door open.

"I got her, Start talking Raven." he said sternly, lifting Clarke up, pausing for Raven to walk in front of him, they headed up the stairs.

Raven stopped at her door.

"Keep going, I'll put her in my room" he said, she rushed down the hall opening the door for him.

He placed her on his bed and looked at Raven.

"I'll go get her some clothes, when I come back be ready to answer questions" He looked back to Clarke again before heading down the hallway.

He grabbed her a pair of shorts and underwear , 'I'll just give her one of my shirts' he turned to leave when the picture on her nightstand caught his eye. It was of all three of them at the fair on the ferris wheel, Clarke and Octavia were making goofy faces, and Bellamy was kissing Clarke's cheek. He heard her phone buzz snapping him back to reality.

*6 New Messages*

Cage (4)

Octavia (2)

He clicked Octavia's name first.

Octavia: Clarke where are you?

Octavia: Call me or Bellamy, Please!

Bellamy texted her back.

Clarke: Octavia, It's Bell, She's with me, Come home after class, I'll send Raven for you.

Octavia: OK!

He moved to Cage's name, wondering if he should be reading her private messages.

He sighed clicking the name.

Cage: Where the fuck are you?

Cage: I know Raven knows

Cage: Don't make me come for you.

Cage: Remember what happens when you run to Bellamy...

"Raven!" Bellamy yelled headed for his room, He could feel his blood pressure rising by the second.

She crashed into him rounding the doorway.

"What the fuck is this!" he said handing her the phone.

She sighed taking her phone out of her pocket, He watched her hands shake as she clicked open a file and handed it to him. A feeling of nausea washed over him seeing it titled'Clarke'.

"Push the center to play" she said staring at the floor.

Bellamy looked at Raven hesitating, then clicked the center.

He could see Clarke standing toe to toe with Cage, He wasn't prepared for what happened next, He watched Cage hit her in the face. Then knock her to the ground. Raven could hear his breathing change, he remained glued to the screen.

Her voice came loud and clear across the screen 'What do you want Cage? Why are you doing this?'

'Because you can't seem to listen, you belong with me Clarke, and I won't have you running to him every chance you get' His answer sent rage through Bellamy instantly. He watched her stand back up 'for the record, he's my best friend and if I had the option to go home to him, I would, He's ten times the man you could ever amount too' He was going to hit her again and Bellamy saw her spit in his face, he watched her get dragged down the beach.

He looked up at Raven, she was leaning against the wall head tilted up towards the ceiling, her eyes closed.

He heard Clarke choking and looked back to the screen, Cage was shoving her head under water. Bellamy moved to the edge of the bed sitting down, He watched him use Octavia as a threat, He was lost in his own thoughts when he heard his name come from the screen. 'Tell Bellamy How this is his fault!, Tell him who you belong to' he could see the tears falling down her face. 'Tell him you don't wan't him in your life, Tell him you don't need him' he kicked her. 'Come on, look at the camera and tell him something' Cages voice was enough to make Bellamy murderous at this point. 'Bellamy if you see this, I'm sorry. They will come for Octavia' Clarke said receiving a few more blows before she fell unconscious.

He couldn't help but feel responsible for Clarke, 'You let him do this to her, you told her she wasn't worth your time'

"Shit, Raven, Octavia, She will be waiting in the next 20 minutes, can you go get her from the college?" Raven nodded, not trusting her voice, she took her phone back and headed towards the stairs.

She only made it half way when she heard Octavia's voice travel up the stairway.

"Where is everyone?" Octavia yelled

"Upstairs" Raven answered.

Bellamy could hear his sister talking to Raven, He stood kneeling next to Clarke. 'Oh princess you look awful, how could anyone do this to you, never again, I'll never turn my back on you again'

"Clarke too? Cage wanted to see her before he left" Octavia said heading up the stairs.

"He's here?" Bellamy asked clearly pissed as he entered the hallway.

Octavia just nodded before Raven could register what they said Bellamy pushed past them headed downstairs.

Octavia went to follow and Raven grabbed her arm.

"Let him handle it, come help me get Clarke cleaned up." Raven said. She sent Wick a message letting him know Cage was here. They entered Bellamy's room. Octavia's gasp echoed through Raven, it reflected the way she felt every time she saw Clarke. Raven explained everything as they got some wet cloth's together and a first aid kit.


Cage sat on the couch, never expecting Bellamy to be the one to come down the stairs.

Cage stood up quick only to be knocked back down, he spit blood on the floor.

"What the fuck Bellamy" Cage said shocked, Bellamy grabbed him by the shirt hitting him again.

"You wanted a fight right, I saw the video, you fucking her hit and kicked her till she passed out, fucking stand up" Bellamy said through clenched teeth.

"Bellamy, its not what it looks like" he replied, fear obvious in his eyes.

"It's exactly what it looks like" Clarke's voice carried across the room, Bellamy felt like a weight was lifted off his shoulder just knowing she was awake, she stood at the bottom of the stairs with Raven and Octavia.

"Whats wrong Cage, your not as brave when it's another man, you only hit women" Bellamy hit him again.

"Answer me!" His voice boomed, his fist crashing with Cage's face again.

"You fucking hit her the other day too, I should've known it was you" he landed a few more punches.

He felt a hand on his arm. "Bell, don't drop to his level" Clarke's voice pulled his attention to her.

"Fucking slut, you deserved what you got" Cage said shoving Bellamy over the coffee table, he swung and hit Clarke, she flinced, it took all she had but she hit him back.

" You will never contol me, and you will never measure up to Bellamy" Bellamy pushed past her.

He turned to Cage, hit him again then grabbed him by the neck pinning him to the wall. His eyes burning into him, he watched as he gasped for air, unable to breathe, and his face was turning red quickly.

"Be thankful I didn't kill you, come near Clarke, Octavia, or Raven again and I will" he said in a low voice. He let Cage fall to the floor looking at Raven who was watching the door.

He gave her a nod and she opened the door. Wick came in with two other officers. "Jasper, Monty, Grab him, take him to the station, I'll come back for questioning tomorrow, get some rest" He said to Raven. She nodded closing and locking the door.

Bellamy turned to Clarke who stood in the middle of the room, his eyes searched hers, they were void of emotion, she looked tired and lost. He opened his arms to her and she walked into them. That was all it took, she started crying, soaking his shirt in no time. He lifted her up taking her upstairs.

He paused in front of her room, then continued to his. He set her down handing her the clothes he grabbed earlier and one of his t-shirts.

Bellamy, you are going to need to help me" she blushed,

" Of course, lets change into the shirt first " he said lifting her shirt over her head.

His breath caught in his throat, her ribs were bruised in different shades of purple, her neck the same. He stood behind her, untying her top. Letting it fall, he ran his hands over her back before assisting her with the clean shirt. He hooked his fingers in her belt loops pulling her pants down as she stepped out of them. He ran his hands up her legs in a gentle caress. Hooking his fingers in the bikini bottom, he pulled those off also. He helped her step in the clean underwear, she pulled them up, he went to hand her shorts, She just shook her head climbing in bed like that.

"I'm going to grab some clothes, and head downstairs" Bellamy said walking to the dresser.

"Stay with me, please" she asked. 'whatever you want'. Bellamy nodded.

He stripped off his shirt and pants, leaving him in boxers. He slipped under the covers, she wrapped her arms around him, and tangled her bare legs with his. He ran his fingers through her hair, being near him is just what she needed to be comfortable, she was asleep within seconds.

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