Bruised & Broken

AU/MD Bellarke. Tension runs high with Clarke & Bellamy in the same house. What happens when Clarke's new relationship forces her to lie to Bellamy and drives a wedge in her friendship with Octavia. The one person she can't stand ends up being the one person she needs to help her fix the situation.


7. Chapter 6

Once they arrived they joined Cage and his friends on the beach.

"Hey sweetie" Cage greeted kissing Clarke, She flinched returning the kiss, her lips still felt bruised from yesterday. She sat in the sand with Octavia, Bellamy shook Cage's hand before sitting next to Clarke.

"Nice sweatshirt" Bellamy whispered.

" Thanks" her smile fell hearing Cage clear his throat.

"Lets go for a swim quick, before it gets dark" Cage suggested. Octavia's eyes met Clarke's in a hurry.

Clarke stood taking her pants and shirts off. She was trying to angle herself away from Bellamy, Without thinking she put her hair up. A sharp intake of breath caught her attention. Before she could turn, she felt his fingers on her bruised neck. He was extremely silent, she was afraid to look at him.

"Who the fuck did that to you?" Bellamy's voice was so loud and demanding that she jumped in surprise.

"Some guy, as I was leaving the bar last night, no big deal, I handled it" she said turning towards him. "God Clarke, look at your arm. Why didn't you call me? you should have at least woke me up and told me." As he spoke she could see him clenching his jaw.

"I'm sorry Bellamy, but I'm not a little kid and I don't need protecting. I handled it, I'm not your concern" she stated fiercely pulling her arm out of his grasp. 'Don't back down, you need to do this'

" You are my concern Clarke." he said matching her tone evenly.

"Bellamy, we all have seen you protect me, I'm better off on my own" she snapped. Anger flashed in his eyes. Octavia turned looking at her like she was crazy.

"Right, well I see you did a great job on your own" he said motioning to her arm.

Octavia stepped in between them.

"Clarke, lets just go home, this isn't the place for this" she said in a low voice.

"You go O, and take Bellamy with you" Clarke responded, she could see the hurt in Octavia's eyes.

"Clarke, what the hell are you doing? we are practically family, let's go, you need to talk to us, more specifically Bellamy"

"Your wrong, I don't need to talk to you, I have plenty of friends here I can talk to, and Bellamy could care less"

"She's right O, let's go, I could care less, She's obviously got it under control, If she doesn't deem it worth her time to talk to me then she's not worth my time" Bellamy's words cut straight through Clarke, Her eyes burning. ' Walk away before you cry'

"Clarke, please" Octavia pleaded her eyes tearing up too as Bellamy walked away to the car.

"I'm sorry" Clarke's voice was a whisper, she turned walking over to Cage and leaving Octavia standing there.

The rest of the night she sat on the log next to Cage drawing design's in the sand with a stick.

' They didn't deserve that, Bellamy's never going to talk to me again, might even be a stretch if Octavia does'

Clarke just wanted to go home...not that it was going to feel like home anymore.


Across town Bellamy pulled in to Arkadia.

"Stay Here O" he said before getting out.

He went in search of Trent finding him in the security office. Before Trent could say hello Bellamy flew off the handle.

"Who was here last night? Clarke got fucking attacked in the parking lot and no one could stop it, shes bruised all over the fucking place!"

"Hello to you too, and I was here last night, I walked her to her car and watched her leave, no one was near her, she was kinda off last night, running on auto pilot, she didn't smile, didn't really talk, Wore a long sleeve shirt, the sweat was pouring off of her, when I asked her she just said she was cold, I figured maybe she was getting the flu or sweating out a hangover"

" You have parking lot footage from before her shift?"

"Yeah, here lets look, she comes in at 6, so 5:30" he said rewinding to the time.

They sat there for a second watching her pull in,When she finally got out of the car, she grabbed a sweat shirt, you could tell she was in pain putting it on. She twirled in the reflection and headed for the building.

"Nothing man, sorry, I'll keep extra watch on her for awhile, who ever it was obviously got away with it, who knows if they will try it again" Trent said

Bellamy just nodded a thanks and headed back to the car.

"Well?" Octavia asked as he got in.

"Nothing, she fucking lied to me, right to my face"

They rode home in silence. Octavia didn't know what to do, she wanted to tell Bellamy it would be okay, but Clarke has never pushed them away before. Something was wrong, that girl on the beach wasn't Clarke.

He put the car in park and headed for the house before Octavia could even get out she heard glass break. She hurried through the door. Bellamy obviously pissed took his anger out on the table behind the couch that a few minutes prior held dozens of framed photos of them. He was bent down holding one of him and Clarke from Senior Prom. Octavia took the picture, 'Finn cheated on her two weeks before prom, leaving her dateless. Bellamy jumped to the rescue and went and rented a tux, a limo, and bought the most beautiful flowers for her. She cried so much we reapplied her make up twice before they even left the house, all because she was so happy and couldn't believe what he did for her.' Octavia was shook from her thoughts by glass breaking again, Bellamy threw the picture at the wall, Glass shattering everywhere.

"Bellamy stop! Just go upstairs,Cool off, I'll clean all this up." Octavia said loudly on the verge of tears again. He just strode up the steps followed by his bedroom door slamming.

She sighed in relief, 'at least he listened, this is gonna take awhile' she carefully picked up the frames and pictures stacking them on the table, before going to get the broom.


Clarke stood up, the crowd dwindled down, just Cage and two other guys and her.

"Cage, I'm gonna head home" Clarke said

"I'm not ready to leave" he replied

"I'll walk"

"You'll leave when I tell you" He said walking towards her.

"I'm not your fucking toy, I just lied to my two best friends, and pushed them away for you, I'm done Cage."

She felt the impact, Cage hit her, She could taste the blood. She pressed her lips together feeling the split instantly, she spit blood at his feet, standing up straight, looking him in the eyes.

"You are a strong bitch, I like that" he smiled.

"Fuck you" she said wiping her mouth.

He hit her again, she fell to her knees.

"Cage, enough" one of his friends called. She started to push herself up.

She screamed in pain as he kicked her in the ribs.

"Stay down" he yelled.

"we will wait over here" his friends called moving away.

He just nodded as acknowledgement. His eyes not leaving Clarke, she looked up at him.

"What do you want Cage? Why are you doing this?" she asked, she could feel the blood run down her face.

"Because you can't seem to listen, you belong with me Clarke, and I won't have you running to him every chance you get"

"I live there, it's not like I'm running to him, I'm fucking going home." She said standing.

"And for the record, he's my best friend and if I had the option to go home to him, I would, He's ten times the man you could ever amount too." She stated loudly.

He raised his hand to hit her just as she spit in his face.

"You little slut" he said wiping his face off, He grabbed her by the hair at the base of her neck dragging her down the beach at such a fast pace that she couldn't get her feet under her.

He dragged her right into the water shoving her head under and holding it there a few seconds, he pulled her up just above the water, letting her choke, cough, and start to breathe.

"That's good, let's rinse your mouth out, no reason to spit then" he said before shoving her back under. Just as he pulled her back up a wave crashed into them loosening his grip. She got out of the water and collapsed on the beach. She felt his hand in her hair.

"Get up, you want to be tough right, so stand up" he said pulling her to her feet.

"If you are gonna kill me, just do it, I already lost everything important to me"

"If I killed you, then we would have to get Octavia to come out and play." he smiled

"You son of a bitch" she said through gritted teeth.

The loud crack of his hand meeting her cheek echoed through her

"You don't talk back."

"Guys!" he called

Clarke could feel fear taking over her as the other guys appeared from the shadows with a phone recording her.

"You get everything so far?" Cage asked

They nodded in response.

He grabbed her by the neck pushing her towards them.

"Look in the camera" he instructed. She did as she was told.

"Tell Bellamy How this is his fault!, Tell him who you belong to" Clarke shook her head tears falling freely.

"Fuck you, it's not his fault" she cried. He shoved her to ground.

"Tell him you don't wan't him in your life, Tell him you don't need him" he said kicking her.

"Come on, look at the camera and tell him something"

"Bellamy if you see this I'm sorry. They will come for Octavia" She said in a hurry, resulting in a hit to the face. Everything was starting to get blurry.

"C'mon your not done" she could hear Cage's voice fading out, she felt another kick to the stomach and then everything faded, their voices, the pain, her fear.


Raven awoke to her phone buzzing along the dresser.


"Hey, Raven this is Caleb from shop, sorry its so late, we sent you a video by accident, It was supposed to go to someone else, you need to delete it immediately"

"Yea, alright, doing it now" she responded half asleep.

She checked her messages, found the new attachment at the top titled "Clarke", She paused slightly, her heart sank, she closed it out to watch later.

"alright, it's deleted" she said

"Good, sorry again, good night"

"Night" she answered.

She sat up and turned the light on, She found the attachment and clicked play watching the events of Clarke's night. 'Oh my God' . She ran to the bathroom unable to stop her body from throwing up. She quickly got dressed and drove to the beach hoping she was there. She called a friend on the way there. Wick pulled in the same time she did, they hung out from time to time and he was a detective on the local P.D.

"I got the video" Wick said walking towards her.

"She's got to be here somewhere" Raven said taking off towards the shore.

They looked till the sun came up but couldn't find her anywhere.

"Wick we need to keep this quiet till we find her, they know I got that video, They can't know I watched it." Raven said , Wick nodded in compliance.


Clarke leaned against the side of the house waiting for Bellamy to leave for work and Octavia to head to class.

She heard them both get in his car and she went to the back door as they pulled out. She unlocked the door and walked into the living room pausing at the sight of all the broken picture frames stacked on the table.

She picked the one up off the top, the same one Bellamy held the night before. Her body couldn't hold her up anymore, she gripped the photo tighter as the room started to spin. She collapsed right there, darkness taking hold of her.

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