Bruised & Broken

AU/MD Bellarke. Tension runs high with Clarke & Bellamy in the same house. What happens when Clarke's new relationship forces her to lie to Bellamy and drives a wedge in her friendship with Octavia. The one person she can't stand ends up being the one person she needs to help her fix the situation.


6. Chapter 5

"How about we throw a party at the bar?" Octavia suggested.

"We can have Trent call him in for Bouncer duty, and it will be a surprise" Clarke added

"That would work" Octavia smiled.

"I'll book now, it's a month away so we will secure our date and we can close it down to the public, invite only" Clarke spoke out loud as she wrote it down in a notebook.

" We need minimal decorating, and the bar can do appetizer trays, I'll book the DJ the bar uses on Fridays" she finished jotting ideas and closed her book.

"Now to figure out a gift" Octavia sighed falling back on the couch. Just then the door opened, Bellamy was really busy lately as the construction season started, he worked as a laborer during the day and the bar on nights he was needed.

"If it isn't my favorite ladies" he smiled as he walked over and sat on the edge of the couch.

"What do we have here?" He asked picking up the book,

"Don't!" Clarke shot up trying to grab it. She lost her balance grabbing his arm, she hit the floor and he landed on top of her. The book landing on Octavia.

"Get off me" she tried to push him off and he straddled her, holding her hands above her head.

"Bellamy don't even" she started but was taken over by laughter as he tickled her.
"God Bellamy, Don't, Stop, Alright , I give up!" She yelled.
The silence allowed them to hear a voice talking.

"Clarke!?" came from her phone that lay discarded on the floor.

"Shit, I layed on my phone,." She said looking at the screen.

"Cage?" she asked, running a hand over her face, Bellamy smirked down at her, obviously comfortable sitting on her.

"No, I was just goofing around" She said apologetically. Giving Bellamy a pretend glare.

"Cage, I" she stopped suddenly listening to the speech she was receiving from the other end.

Her eyes shot to Bellamy as he started to trace his fingers up her sides, she shook her head trying to warn him off, he smirked continuing to lightly tickle her.

She closed her eyes, biting her lip, trying to contain herself. 'God Bellamy, you need to stop' His fingers were so light, he would tickle, then caress, then tickle.

"Nope I'm listening" she responded to Cage, not able to hide her smile. 'I love being the reason she smiles, shes beautiful'

She sighed and tensed,

"No I don't think its funny, I'm not laughing" she smacked Bellamy's leg motioning for him to let her up.

He stood helping her up, she sat on the couch still deep in conversation and he walked into the kitchen. Octavia just smiled at him, she was sitting at the table with her phone and some juice.


"I decided to give you two some alone time, You looked like you were demanding her time"

"Doesn't matter what I want, she's happy where she is O"

"Bell, she doesn't act that way with him, your time will come, trust me, she gets just as hot and bothered by you as you do her"

"Octavia, shes my best friend, I don't think there's anyway to move past that and not lose what we have now"

"Sure there is, you aren't replacing what you have, you are taking your time to build on the the strong foundation that is already there" she finished.

Clarke walked in playfully shoving Bellamy. She obviously got changed at some point, because she was dressed in a revealing tank top and shorts.

"Hey, Dickhead, Thanks to you I have to run to meet Cage before work, are you two stopping by later?"

"I have a paper to write, sorry" Octavia answered shaking her head.

"I am probably gonna hang here unless I get called in, I'm dragging, time to let the body rest" Bellamy answered.

"Alright then, see you guys tomorrow" she replied smiling at them, turning to leave Bellamy grabbed her arm lightly.

"If you need me, call me, and sorry I stirred some trouble"

"No your not, Have a good night" she laughed kissing him on the cheek.

He watched her walk out closing the door behind her.

He turned back to Octavia who was watching him intently.

"You got it bad Bell, My homework's calling" she said leaving the table.

He sat for awhile looking out in the yard, 'I got it bad is right, so does she, for someone else'


Across town Clarke stopped by Cage's apartment.

He met her at the door, motioning for her to come in.

"hey, listen I promise it was nothing, not a big deal, you know how Bellamy is, we we're just having fun" She said walking past him.

He shut and locked the door behind her.

"Seeing as you are in the mood for apologies, come in the kitchen, there's someone I want you to meet" he said walking in front of her.

A guy sat at the table eyeing her suspiciously. Clarke just stood there slightly uncomfortable.

"You can apologize to my friend, on behalf of Bellamy, he would talk but his jaws still wired shut from where Bellamy broke it"

Clarke froze looking at Cage when realization hit her that it was the guy from the bar that hit her in the crossfire.

"I'm not apologizing for something I didn't do" she said standing up straighter. Cage grabbed her wrist and dragged her till she stood in front of him.

"Cage! Let go of me!" she tried to pull his hand off of her.

"Please stop, you are hurting me" she could feel the bruise starting.

"Apologize" he said, his voice deep through gritted teeth.

"I'm not" she was cut off by his free hand backhanding her before grabbing the back of her neck and forcing her down to his friends eye level.

"I'm sorry, okay, I'm sorry you got hurt" she said tears falling from her eyes as Cage's fingers dug into her neck.

"Good Girl" Cage led her to the chair.

"Sit" he said, Clarke searched his eyes but they were void of emotion.

She sat and looked at her arm, she could see the outline of his fingers.

"Listen baby, I'm sorry that happened, if you would've simply done as I asked none of this would of happened" he said rubbing his hand up her arm.

She nodded afraid to not respond. 'what the fuck happened to him, please God let me leave here asap'

"Which brings me to my next point, I don't share well Clarke, Stay away from Bellamy, I know you live together so I don't expect you to be able to avoid him, however all the extra time you spend together will be no more, make yourself busy" Cage stated.

"Cage, he will know somethings wrong" Clarke's voice was so low it was barely audible.

"You better make sure nothing looks wrong then, and take a look at our friend over here, if you suddenly become brave, hes going to do what Bellamy did to him, to Octavia. No better way to get back at her brother and you at the same time" his voice didn't even sound the same.

Clarke stood abruptly. She hit her breaking point.

"You fucking touch her and I'll fucking kill you" the words left her mouth before her mind registered what she was doing.

Cage grabbed her by the back of the neck pushing her back in the chair.

"Don't test me Clarke" he said evenly, He tugged her hair back making her look up at him, he leaned down forcing her to kiss him.

"Go to work, Don't forget this conversation, I'll send you a message later, Don't get any ideas and remember we have a date tomorrow" he said, she just nodded walking out.

She held her head high,walked to the car acting like nothing was weighing her down, her neck hurt, her arm hurt, her face stung. She made it all the way to work before breaking down in her car. She picked her phone up and placed it back down, the only person she needed right now she couldn't call. She wouldn't let Cage get the best of her, she'd protect Octavia at all costs. She cleaned herself up, reapplied makeup, let her hair down and put a light long sleeve zip up over her tank top.

She turned assessing her reflection in her car window.

"There, Perfect" she smiled.

That night she worked on auto-pilot, Her mind almost being more then she could bare replaying her day over and over. She felt trapped, she knew there was a way out, she just had to find it.

She pulled in the driveway of their house, questioning even getting out of the car, She could feel the tears threatening to start. She shook her head. 'Pull it together, once you get to your room you don't have to hold back'

She opened the house door, shutting it quietly, she could hear the t.v. on, Octavia must be upstairs, She could see Bellamy sleeping on the couch. She walked over turning off the television. She turned looking at him sleeping peacefully 'You always protect me, It's my turn to step up' she kissed his forehead. Stepping back she looked at him again, tears falling down her face. "I love you Bell, please don't hate me for pushing you away" she whispered laying a blanket over him. What she wouldn't give for him to take her in his arms and hold her through the night. Everything seemed like nothing when Bellamy was around, He made her feel like the three of them were all that mattered. She turned the light off and went upstairs. She grabbed a towel and went straight to the shower, She winced getting undressed, Her arm clearly had a hand print on it and her neck had a bruise where each fingertip sat. She stood in the shower hoping the hot water would rinse the feeling of his hands off, unfortunately that wasn't the case. She wrapped her towel around her and another around her hair. She nearly screamed when she opened the door and Octavia stood there.

"Fuck me! You scared me half to death" Clarke whispered.

Octavia followed her into her room, Clarke closed the door as Octavia grabbed her arm.

"What the fuck happened to you?" she asked loudly.

"Keep your voice down damn it! Bar patrons were a little rowdy tonight, and keep it to yourself, no sense getting Bellamy worked up!" Clarke snapped letting her hair fall from the towel to avoid more questioning.

"Alright point taken" Octavia snapped back, she caught herself and her voice softened.

"If you were in trouble Clarke, you would tell me right"

"Yes, O , If I thought I was in trouble I would tell you" She met her eyes, She could see Octavia relax a little 'That's not completely a lie'

"Good, Then yes I'll keep it to myself, better not let Bellamy see it" she could hear her brother now.

The girl's sat and talked a bit,while Clarke was at work she took care of all the date and food accommodations for Bellamy's Party, She filled Octavia in writing down any info she missed.

After a bit Octavia went back to her room just in time for Clarke's phone to buzz.

She opened the incoming message.

Cage: Hey Babe, How was your night?

Clarke: Fine

Cage: Don't be mad at me, I love you Clarke and the thought of someone else loving you too upsets me.

Clarke: What are you talking about? You know damn well I'm not the type of person to lead you on if I had someone else I was interested in

Cage: I just wanted to assure myself that you know what you mean to me.

Clarke: I know what I mean to you Cage.

Cage: That's good, I'll pick you up at 8 tomorrow, We are going to the beach with my friends so wear something to swim in.

Clarke: you know I can't cover that bruise

Cage: That's alright, you are a bartender no one needs to know who grabbed you.

Clarke: see you tomorrow

Cage: Invite Bellamy & Octavia

Clarke: For what?

Cage: Because they are our friends and I want to see you diffuse the situation

Clarke: I'm not doing that

Cage: You will do that

Clarke: Goodnight

Cage: Goodnight Sweetie

Rage filled her reading his messages, she didn't know if she wanted to cry or scream.

She didn't sleep much, tossed and turned, thought about Bellamy and how he would never hit her, no matter how mad he was at her, 'what drives someone to do that'.


Her alarm went off at 9am waking her from the only sleep she managed to obtain. She got dressed, finding a light long sleeve shirt, 'eighty fucking degrees, and I have to be in a long sleeve, nothing like drawing attention to myself'She put foundation on some of the marks on her neck before brushing her hair out and letting it fall freely to cover them up the rest of the way. She applied makeup, glanced at her phone, deciding to leave it charging and headed down stairs for something to eat.

She walked in the kitchen greeted by Bellamy and Octavia's smiles. She returned the smile.

"Good morning" She said pouring coffee

"Morning Princess" Bellamy answered pulling the chair next to him out for her to sit.

"Thanks Bell" she said slipping into the seat.

At the same time both the phones on the table vibrated.

"What is it?" Clarke asked as they both grabbed there phones

"Cage, inviting us to the beach tonight, sounds fun" Octavia said

"Who am I to turn down time with you two" Bellamy smiled.

Clarke forced a smile

"sounds great guys" she replied.

Bellamy left for work and Octavia and Clarke cleaned the house, mowed the lawn and ran to the bar to pick up pay checks quick.

Clarke left her share of rent and bill money in an envelope on Bellamy's bed, she took his one light long sleeved fox racing pull over off his computer chair. It would work perfect for the cool breeze off the water tonight.

She checked her phone quick

Cage: I invited them for you

She sighed responding to his text.

Clarke: I'm aware, I'll see you there, going to ride with them.

Cage: Fine

He answered, she left her phone there on the charger , no need for it, not like she could use it to call for help if she needed it.


Octavia and Clarke grabbed dinner for themselves and Bellamy. They got back to the house around the time Bellamy did, everyone ate, got changed, and climbed in Bellamy's car.

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