Bruised & Broken

AU/MD Bellarke. Tension runs high with Clarke & Bellamy in the same house. What happens when Clarke's new relationship forces her to lie to Bellamy and drives a wedge in her friendship with Octavia. The one person she can't stand ends up being the one person she needs to help her fix the situation.


5. Chapter 4

We pulled into a parking spot at the beach, Bellamy in his swim shorts and white T-shirt had the attention of all the nearby females. Clarke and Octavia shared knowing looks before getting out and grabbing there towels to follow him across the sand.

He saw them look at each other, nodded to the girls watching him, and knew what was coming.

"Bellamy Honey, can you put sun tan lotion on me please" Clarke yelled, looking at the girls with raised eyebrows. Octavia smirked watching them all disperse.

"Of course sweetheart" Bellamy said turning towards her, 'Poor girls never had a chance' He lowered his sunglasses to look at her, she was smiling awfully happy with herself. He looked to the group of women who were all watching her and whispers were happening like rapid fire. He waited for her to catch up slipping her arm in his on the right side while Octavia took his left arm.

"That wasn't nice ladies" he started.

"What do you mean ladies, I don't get involved in your possessive games" Octavia stated.

"Which is strange for two friends to do, by the way!" she finished as she stopped to put her towel down.

Bellamy lifted his white shirt off his body leaving him in navy blue swim trunks, Clarke glanced his way then unbuttoned her pants, dropping them to the ground and throwing them in the pile with the other clothes. She pulled her shirt up and off, she had a new black bikini on, that matched Octavia's red one. She handed Bellamy sun screen and put her hair up in high pony tail, as he applied sun screen to her, Octavia moved in front of her, and Clarke applied some to Octavia's back. Bellamy was moving at an excruciating slow pace, he did her back, her neck, and just as she was about to turn he stilled her.

"I'm not done, and we have an audience, its time for payback" He whispered to her. She heard him close the lotion and rub his hands together, she expected to feel them on her back any second, but when his hands caressed the back of her thighs she nearly jumped forward.

"Easy sweetheart" he said sweetly. His hands felt like magic, Her face felt like it was on fire, along with her body. Octavia shook her head scanning the crowd, she paused slightly and Clarke saw her eyes widen. As soon as Bellamy removed his hands she turned to see what had her attention.


'Damn Bellamy, he fucking knew he was there'
He stood with his friends, arms crossed, watching Clarke get a rub down from Bellamy. She turned to face Bellamy and he looked at her innocently.

"Couldn't have you get sun burnt princess" he smirked heading for the water.

Octavia met his eyes,
"That was low" she said

"All is fair in love and war O, She would have done the same thing" he replied

"I suppose that's true" she looked apologetically at Clarke and followed her brother down the beach.


Clarke turned walking to Cage, her hands clasped in front of her.

"Fancy seeing you here" she said smiling.

"Imagine my surprise witnessing what I just did" he spit back obviously upset.

"Cage that's just Bellamy fooling around" she said trying to lighten the mood.

"Tell me your not more than friends"

"We're not I promise, I wouldn't have invited you to the bar if Bellamy and I were together"

Cage stood there looking at her like he wasn't sure what to believe.

"I'll see you at 12:30" he said then turned away back to his friends without another word.

Clarke avoided telling him that was a dick head move and chalked it up to him being mad about Bellamy.

She turned and walked down to the water, once she spotted Bellamy and Octavia she swam out to them.


They had a good uneventful morning in the water after that. They all went home at 11, leaving Clarke time for changing quick, and getting ready for lunch. Bellamy and Octavia sat at the kitchen table when Clarke rushed in

"Okay, so rate me one to ten, how do I look?"

They both gave her a once over, from her strapped sandal heels , tight black jeans, up to her white peasant top ad braided hair.

"10" Octavia smiled.
"6" Bellamy said

Clarke sighed and Octavia whacked him on the arm.

"Alright let me have it" she said turning around in front of him.
He eyed her, acting like he was assessing her outfit.

"Honestly, I think you look fine, the 6 is due to personal preference, I like your hair down, white's not my favorite color on you, and I don't like the shoes" he stated

"But in general its not bad right?

"Yea, you look alright" he answered

Octavia shook her head in disbelief. 'What an idiot'

"Okay, I'll see you guys later" she smiled grabbing her keys.


She arrived at Polis and Cage was standing by the door. He offered his arm which she took on the way inside.

"How about we eat quick, then my friends are having a small get together, we could go stop by."

"That sounds great" she replied ordering a salad, as he ordered a burger.

"I'm sorry for yesterday and this morning, I like you and I felt like Bellamy was competition, I was stupid" he apologized. He wouldn't look at her. She was pretty sure he was straight put lying. 'Maybe he is still pissed'

"It's okay, Bell and I are pretty close, it's easy to get the wrong impression"

They finished eating, then went and hung out with his friends for awhile. His friends were really nice.

She had a good time, some of the girls gave her a weird feeling, almost like they felt bad for her, she just shook it off ' probably ex- girlfriends'

As they were leaving she saw Raven pull up.

"Hey Reyes" Cage Called
Clarke rolled her eyes 'Of course another Raven fan'

"Hey Cage, what's up?" She replied.
At that moment he stepped aside revealing Clarke.

"Meet the new woman in my life" he smiled motioning to her.

Clarke's eyes met Raven's

"What? Clarke?" Raven asked, in disbelief

" What is that supposed to mean?, You look at me like I'm not worth his time" Clarke stated fire in her eyes.

Raven backed down.
"Just surprised is all." she responded

Clarke never saw her back away, normally she jumped at the opportunity to argue.

"You guys have a good day" She said as she headed for the house. Clarke's eyes, following her 'what the fuck was that about?'


Bellamy and Octavia were sitting in the backyard when they heard a car, Raven entered the back yard.

"Hey, I could hear you two talking from the front of the house" she smiled

"Hey Raven, whats up?"
Bellamy gave her a kiss on the cheek and Octavia waved from across the yard where she was sun tanning.

She sat on the stone wall next in front of Bellamy, He looked at her waiting for her to speak, obviously something was wrong.

"I saw Clarke today, I didn't know she was seeing Cage" she said quietly.

" Yea, I think he's not worth the time but I know better then to speak up"

Raven placed a hand on his arm
"Bellamy any other time I would agree, but now I'm telling you to speak up" her tone extremely serious brought Octavia's attention to them as she rose from her seat and moved next to Raven.

They both looked at her questionably.

"Listen, he's bad news, I work on some of his friends cars, I've seen him be abusive in all aspects, he will hit her, call her names, threaten her friends to get her to comply. She will be a possession not a person." Raven said quietly.

Octavia's hand covered her mouth and Bellamy shook his head.

"She couldn't be that stupid" he said looking up at the sky.

" Bellamy just don't do anything rash, let her come to you, she tells you everything, you push her and she will stay with him to spite you" Raven said quietly.

Bellamy nodded in understanding
'If he touches her, I will kill him, so help me God'

Octavia looked to Bellamy standing to hug him,

"She will be okay Bell, shes smarter then that, I bet she gets out of his reach before he knows what happened. She reads people really well." Her reassuring words causing him to nod.

Just then Clarke walked out of the house into the backyard 'Nothing like feeling like everyone was just talking about you'

"I was just leaving, I'll talk to you later" Raven stood speaking to Bellamy, then walked out of the yard.

Bellamy and Octavia agreed not to say anything, knowing Clarke would just accuse Raven of being jealous.


The next few weeks went by quick, Bellamy and Octavia wondered if Raven lied to them a few weeks ago, as Cage was with Clarke frequently, and most of the time they were at the house, they seemed happy and had no problems.

Bellamy's Birthday was coming up soon and Clarke and Octavia were throwing around ideas for a surprise.

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