Bruised & Broken

AU/MD Bellarke. Tension runs high with Clarke & Bellamy in the same house. What happens when Clarke's new relationship forces her to lie to Bellamy and drives a wedge in her friendship with Octavia. The one person she can't stand ends up being the one person she needs to help her fix the situation.


4. Chapter 3

Bellamy was looking for something to watch on TV as Clarke came through the door.

"Here's some food, gonna get changed, be right back" she said as the dropped the bag on the coffee table.

Octavia sat in the recliner with her food container in her lap, watching whatever was on history that Bellamy chose.

Clarke got changed into purple plaid pajama pants and a light purple tank top, she looked in the mirror, her cheek a dark purple and the corner of her eye slightly swollen. She shook her head thinking of Bellamy's hand and what the guy must look like.

She threw her hair up in a loose pony tail and headed to the kitchen, opened the freezer grabbed two bags of frozen veggies and two dish towels. She wrapped each bag in a towel, holding one to her face lightly and walking into the living room.

Bellamy looked up at her as she came in, She could see the regret in his eyes. She smiled gently and sat next to him.

"Let me see your hand" she said placing her makeshift ice pack on the table. He placed his hand in hers. She heard his sharp intake of breath as she put some pressure on the ice pack. 'You always have to be the protector, getting yourself hurt in the process' She used the towel to tie it around his hand. His hand still layed flat in hers as she placed her other one over the ice pack, her eyes met his.

"Thank You Bellamy" His concerned eyes moved to her bruised face, 'how could I let that happen to her' she sighed spoke again

"Stop don't look at me like that, it could've been alot worse." She felt his hand come to her face, he ran his thumb over her bruised cheek.

"It's bad enough" he replied with a disappointing sigh, she reached up and took his hand in hers.

"I'll be fine, stop fussing over me, your letting dinner get cold" she smirked turning to the food, handing him a container and grabbing one for herself.

Octavia clearing her throat bringing their attention to her.

"Just wanted to make sure everyone knew I was still here, and trying to keep my food down while listening to you two" she said smirking at them.

"Nice O" Bellamy said, while Clarke stuck her tongue out at her. They settled in there seats to watch TV.

The roman empire finally fell and Octavia and Clarke were happy about it.

"Octavia pick a good movie and I'll clean up quick" Clarke spoke picking up containers and wiping the table down.

"How about 'The Lucky One'?" Octavia asked.

"Perfect" Clarke answered as Bellamy groaned.

"Hush it, who doesn't love romance?" Clarke said poking him in the side as she sat next to him.

"Me, real life doesn't work like these fairytales" he responded.

"It will when it's the right person" Octavia jumped in.

" You two are hopeless" he said shaking his head.

He leaned back on the couch with his arm across the back, Clarke leaned back with her head on his shoulder. The smell of her coconut shampoo surrounding him. He shifted pulling her closer. He didn't realize he was holding his breath till she snuggled closer and he sighed in relief that she didn't pull away. They sat comfortably watching the movie. Vibration on the arm of the couch caught Bellamy's attention, Clarke's phone was the source, he nudged her handing it over.

Clarke unlocked her phone

* 1 new message* Flashed across the center.

Bellamy watched her click it. 'Of course it would be him'

Cage: Hey Beautiful, how's your cheek?

Clarke could feel Bellamy tense behind her. 'Always the protector' she thought as she placed her hand on his injured one rubbing small circles on it, while texting with her other hand.

Clarke: Hey! Cheek is good as new, a little bruised, no big deal.

Cage: I can't believe Bellamy would let that happen, Must not feel to safe with him as a bouncer.

Bellamy looked down at the message when he felt her tense. 'Of course, show her what a fuck up I am' he let his head lay back staring at the ceiling. The circles she was rubbing were increasingly getting harder as she texted a response.

Clarke: Bellamy is not at fault, and hes the only person I trust %100, If you have a problem with that now is the time for me to let you know that my friendship with Bellamy will always come first. Same goes for Octavia.

Bellamy smirked to himself reading her response 'Take that'

All of a sudden her phone buzzed rapidly.

Cage: I'm Sorry, I have no problem

Cage: Didn't Mean to Offend You

Cage: Didn't know you guys were that close, Glad to see you are loyal to your friends, says alot about your character :)

Clarke, clicked out of her messages from Cage and clicked on Bellamy's name. He was pleased to see his picture was a selfie they took together when they went hiking a few months ago.

She held her phone out of his site so he couldn't see what she was doing. All of a sudden his phone buzzed.

He touched the screen

* 1 New Message *

He clicked the notice.

Clarke: Since I know you are eavesdropping, i figured I'd let you know that's rude :p

Before he could respond she put her phone back on the arm of the couch and his phone buzzed two more times.

Clarke: Bellamy our friendship is something I wouldn't change for the world, you have always been there for me and took time out of your day to be my protector and look after me. I trust you %100, if something or someone ever comes between us then somethings really wrong and we need to remove ourselves from that situation. I'm blessed to have you in my life and don't ever let anyone tell you any different

Clarke: I was mad earlier and told you that you didn't measure up, truth is I set my standards of a man based on you, They don't measure up to you. Thanks for being you bell , I don't know what I'd do without you xoxoxo

He turned his phone off and placed it on top of hers, he lifted her lightly so he could put his one leg behind her along the couch, he turned slightly sitting her between his legs and pulling her back again his chest. Her legs ran parallel to his, one stretched on the couch and one bent to the floor

He kissed the top of her head and they went, back to the movie.

The credits rolled down the screen and Octavia stood and stretched, turning to speak, but stopping herself when seeing them asleep on the couch. Bellamy spread across the couch Clarke had rolled at some point with her arms around his middle and her head on his chest sleeping soundly. Octavia got her phone out and snapped a picture before throwing a blanket over them, snapping another picture and turning the light off.


The next morning Clarke snuggled deeper into her pillow, until she heard her pillow mumble.

"Mornin" Her head shot up looking at the source.

"You scared me half to death bell" she answered laying her head back down. He laughed lightly his hand twirling her blonde curls.

"Coffee's ready, and I plugged your phones in" Octavia said grabbing a sweatshirt, "Gonna go for a run, you guys have work today?"

"Nope" they replied in unison Clarke closing her eyes.

" You going back to sleep?" Bellamy asked 'I could lay like this all day'

Clarke just nodded holding on to him tighter. 'He's so warm, I don't want to move'

The more Bellamy thought about the blonde laying on him the more his body started to react.

" I'm gonna go take a shower"

he said rolling her off him, he silently hoped he moved her in time.

"Make it a cold one" she smiled.

Blush crept up his neck 'Of course she couldn't miss that'

"Consider it a compliment, my body doesn't respond that way to just anyone" he shot back with a cocky grin.

He could see her cheeks tint with blush as he turned and headed upstairs.

She shook her head getting up to retrieve coffee. She checked her phone.

*2 new messages*

She clicked Octavia's Name first.

Octavia: This was too cute to pass up...

The message was followed by 3 pictures of Bellamy and Clarke, two from last night sleeping soundly, and one from this morning Clarke was laying on Bellamy with her eyes closed and he had his hand in her hair watching her sleep. Clarke's heart clenched. 'If only that could work, Our friendship would be shot to Hell.'

Clarke: Thanks O :)

She'd be a liar if she said she never thought about Bellamy like that, although shes %100 honest when she says their friendship means everything to her. She won't let anything ruin that.

'Next Message'

Cage: You awake yet? Want to grab some lunch? I'd like to apologize in person.

'At least hes going to apologize'

Clarke: Sure, what time? & where?

She poured coffee and heard it vibrate across the counter.

She checked it quick on her way to the table.

Cage: 12:30 Polis, Its the new cafe on the corner of Johnson ave.

Clarke: Ok, I'll meet you there, talk to you then.

She responded setting her phone back on the charger. She heard the shower turn off and got up to pour Bellamy coffee, setting his mug across from her.

He walked in the kitchen with dark blue jeans on, his dark curly hair still wet, drops of water running down his bare chest. Clarke's eyes raked over his body till she met his. She looked away, all of a sudden it was awful hot in the kitchen.

"I poured you coffee, I have a lunch date, Im gonna go take a shower, wait for me, we will do something this morning. It's only 8, don't have to meet Cage till 12:30." She smiled.

She drank the last of her coffee.

"And find a shirt" she said walking past him.

His deep voice returned with

"Enjoy your cold shower" followed by a laugh. 'Payback's a bitch'

She shook her head "I'll need more then a cold shower" she mumbled grabbing a towel.


Bellamy checked his phone quick

*1 new message*

He clicked to open it.

Octavia: Shes your little sister my ass!

Followed by the same 3 pictures Clarke received, Bellamy stood smiling looking over the pictures.

Bellamy: Jealousy is not flattering lol

He responded then closed his messages.

Clarke returned from her shower in shorts and a tank top, she grabbed two bowls, milk and a few cereal boxes.

"Let's eat, by then O should be back, we can go to the beach for a bit."

Bellamy nodded pouring cereal, "Good Idea"

Just as they finished breakfast Octavia got home.

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