Bruised & Broken

AU/MD Bellarke. Tension runs high with Clarke & Bellamy in the same house. What happens when Clarke's new relationship forces her to lie to Bellamy and drives a wedge in her friendship with Octavia. The one person she can't stand ends up being the one person she needs to help her fix the situation.


21. Chapter 20

Clarke caught up on sleep, waking up in time for Lincoln to arrive with pizza.

"Princess, have a good nap?" Bellamy asked as she entered the kitchen.

"Yeah, thanks to you" she smirked, Raven's mock gagging could be heard from the living room causing a series of laughter to follow.

Clarke grabbed a glass of water and walked to where Bellamy sat placing her hand in on his shoulder.

"So tomorrow, can I steal you for the day?" she asked.

"Free until 3 and then Lincoln and I are heading into town for a bit, we are gonna meet Roan and Emerson for a few drinks, I promised O I'd be back by 6 for dinner" He smiled.

"So I can claim everything from waking up till 3?" she ran her hand to the back of his neck.

"You bet" he replied leaning into kiss her. She leaned in to him letting her lips hover above his.

"What if we don't get out of bed till 3" she smirked letting her lips meet his.

"I wouldn't complain" he answered running a hand up her side, pulling her closer to him. Everyone filed in the kitchen grabbing paper plates and pizza before heading outside to the porch. Lincoln and Octavia sitting on the swing, Wick and Raven side by side in lawn chairs and Bellamy and Clarke sitting on the steps that lead to the grass.

"So I heard you guys might be open to some roommates" Raven asked.

"Yeah, Clarke was gonna move in my room with me" Bellamy answered

"Well, we would move in if you would have us" Wick piped up.

"Sure, when are you thinking?" Clarke answered

"The first"

"That's good, I can move across the hall by then" Clarke answered.

"Rent is $250 a person" Bellamy chimed in.

They both nodded in response.

"That settles it then, welcome home" Octavia smiled.


The next morning Bellamy woke to Clarke putting coffee and a few gift bags on his night stand. She was concentrating on positioning it right, not even noticing he was awake till he grabbed her bare leg causing her scream out.

"Dammit Bellamy, you scared me half to death" she said placing her hand over her racing heart. He pulled her down on top of him.

"Happy Birthday" she whispered in his ear before trailing kisses down his neck.

"Thank you" he said, she sucked the spot on his neck she knew would cause a reaction, smiling when she heard the moan escape his throat.

"So what do I get for my birthday?" he asked flipping them over.

"Whatever you want" she replied her eyes moving from his lips to his eyes.

"Well in that case" he kissed her hungrily, his hand sliding up her thigh pushing the t-shirt she stole from him up to her hip. She pulled back smiling at him.

"Open your presents" she averted her eyes to the bags.

"Clarke I can already tell you over did it"

"There's no such thing. Open them already!"

He grabbed the smaller bag first, it had cologne , car air fresheners, a book, a movie, and a CD mix that she made him. He smirked at the thought of her taking time to pick out songs for them.

"See that was plenty, then you have two more bags , that's crazy" he smiled kissing her again, tugging on her hair lightly to tilt her head back, before he turned his lips loose on her neck.

"Bell, the bags" she said pushing him lightly. He shook his head grabbing the next one. This one was carefully wrapped in bubble wrap, obviously a picture frame from what he could feel. He unwrapped it carefully, eyes glued to the gift as he uncovered it. It was a picture of him, Clarke and Octavia. Not just any picture, but a hand drawn picture, something he knew Clarke spent hours on, something that beautiful didn't happen over night. He was speechless, he couldn't tear his eyes away, he couldn't believe she would put that much time into something for him. It was so detailed, so mind blowing, so intense, so thoughtful. He heard her clear her throat obviously waiting for a response.

"Clarke, I, I Love it. It's beautiful. You put all that work into something for me and I just can't get over the detail, Thank you so much, I do really love it, and I love you"

"Thank you Bellamy, It means a lot to me that you love it, you deserve it, you deserve everything I can give you, you have been an amazing friend all my life, we didn't get along all the time but no one gets along all the time, I love you too."

He stood from the bed going over to his dresser clearing a spot to sit the picture for the time being until he could hang it up. He turned and looked at her laying on the bed holding the last bag.

"Clarke, this is too much, I can't accept anymore"

"I didn't ask, this is the last of it I swear" she smiled placing it in his lap as he sat next to her.

He took out a leather bound book, He opened the cover revealing a scrap book, the first page a note.


Happy Birthday! I wanted to do something special for you and I figured capturing our memories would be a great way. I hope you like it. I am beyond blessed to have you as a friend and lucky comes nowhere near the word I need to describe how fortunate I am to have you as a boyfriend. I don't know where I'd be without you and I don't intend to find out. I am forever yours.

I Love You Now & Always Will,


He turned the page revealing the original copy of the photo Clarke drew, as he flipped through the book he saw pictures from when they were kids, pictures with her dad and his mom in them, pictures of Octavia and Clarke spraying him with a hose, many years of Halloweens and Christmas'. He looked up at her eyes slightly teary.

"Clarke, no one has ever put this much thought in to something for me or that much time, he said motioning to the picture, I feel like just saying thank you isn't enough" he said taking her hand.

"Oh, it's enough sweetie, you do everything for me and I love you unconditionally for it, it never seems like enough" she smiled

"It's enough" he said returning the smile, he placed the book on the nightstand and turned his attention back to her. He kissed her lightly at first gradually getting more demanding, her hands ran up and down his back as he laid her down. His hands traveled her body gently caressing every inch of her, slowly ridding her of her clothes, before he slowly removed his boxers, there was no rush, they wanted each other bad, there was no denying that but Bellamy was setting the pace, and he planned on taking his time.

He moved his lips down her jaw to her neck, slowly kissing, and nibbling as he moved further down. She let out a moan as he hit her sweet spot, taking an extra few seconds to hit it again, causing her body to involuntarily arch up into his. His lips moved down her body to her breast, he pulled one nipple in his mouth, sucking on it gently as his one hand caressed her other breast gently rolling her nipple between his fingers. He moved his mouth to the one waiting for his attention, continuing the torture on the one he just abandoned with his other hand. Her breathing was erratic and he couldn't help but run his hand down her stomach slowly. She let out a moan as he rested his hand on her lower stomach. He smirked knowing the anticipation was driving her crazy. He scooted up a little, meeting her eyes. She watched him intently the intensity of him watching her while his hand traveled further south was making her hotter then she thought imaginable. He ran a finger up her the center of her heat, the fire flashed in her eyes, the blue slowly becoming darker.

"Clarke, God, you are so wet" he slipped a finger in her slowly her eyes locked on his, her body thrusting up, she was aching for his touch. She felt like she needed it. He needed her, she could feel his hard erection on her leg and she wanted it in her, now. She reached down gently gripping him, she ran her hand up and down his length letting her thumb swipe over his tip slowly, rubbing gently, before bringing her hand back down his length and repeating it. His eyes were still locked on hers, she could see his breathing speed up.

"Bellamy, I want you inside of me, Now" Her voice was low and sexy. He positioned himself above her, she spread her legs for him to settle between. He slowly sank into her wet heat letting a moan out into her neck. He kept his pace slow and steady, he kept his eyes on her when his lips weren't attach to her neck. Her pleas for him to move faster were being ignored.

"Bellamy please, faster, God baby, make me come for you" She begged and he let out a low growl, speeding up slightly. He could feel her walls start to clench around him he dropped his head to her neck, his lips against her ear.

"Come for me Clarke, let me take you over the edge, come on baby, let me feel you come for me" His deep voice barely a whisper in her ear, he was pushing her closer and he knew it.

"God Bellamy, don't stop, I wan't to feel you come inside me, baby please give it to me" her voice trailing off into a moan, her nails digging in his back as he felt her tense, get tighter, her walls tightening around him, he didn't stop he was so close, forcing her to ride out her orgasm.

"Bellamy give it to me, please give it to me" she pleaded, pulling him over the edge, his arms tightened holding him above her, he could feel her small convulsions still shooting through her body, causing him to let out a low moan as he pulled out and laid next to her. they faced each other completely out of breath, completely spent, and completely in love.

They spent all day in his room until he had to go with the guys. The girls had the place all set up for there return, the party went off without a hitch. It was the best birthday he could remember. He helped Clarke take the last of the trash bags out front. They walked back to the house. All his friends sitting in the living room, they brought a small cake out on the coffee table, he knelt down, listening to them singing happy birthday and blowing out the few candles they had.

"What did you wish for?" Clarke asked standing, getting ready to head to the kitchen for plates. Bellamy grabbed her hand.

"I wished you would want to spend the rest of your life with me"

"That's silly, pick something better, I'm not going anywhere" she replied.

"I wished you would love me every day as much as you do today if not more"

"Bellamy, of course I will love you always" she said watching him suspiciously.

"I guess I'll pick something else then" She watched him as he paused pulling a box out of his pocket, releasing his grip on her hand

"I wished you would say yes" He said smiling brightly as he opened the box, his hands with a slight tremor to them. Clarke's eyes were wide, her hands covered her mouth, Raven and Octavia doing the exact same, you would swear there was a mental connection.

"Bellamy, I, Yes, oh my god yes" she answered. He stood and she threw her arms around his neck, tears falling down her cheeks. He took the ring out sliding it on her finger.

"Clarke the past few weeks have been crazy, and I've known my whole life I wanted you to be part of mine permanently, however watching you lay in a hospital bed with the fear of never getting to look into your eyes again scarred the death out of me, I realized not only did I not want to, but I can't live without you, you are my everything, and if you will have me, I will surely give you everything I can" He brought her hand up to his lips, gently placing a kiss on it. She tilted her head back slightly smirking at him as his lips gently moved over hers. The room erupted in screeching and hand shakes or congratulations.

They only dated a short bit of time, but they had known forever that they belonged together, they were each others strength, weakness, hope, and support. They held the key to each others hearts, it's where they called home and that's where they belonged. Together.


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