Bruised & Broken

AU/MD Bellarke. Tension runs high with Clarke & Bellamy in the same house. What happens when Clarke's new relationship forces her to lie to Bellamy and drives a wedge in her friendship with Octavia. The one person she can't stand ends up being the one person she needs to help her fix the situation.


3. Chapter 2

Bellamy paced the bottom of the stairs waiting for Octavia.

"Now I know why Clarke gets pissed O! Lets move, I'm Starved!"

"I'll be right down, go start the car" she said, doing a mental check list.

'Phone, money, ID, Chapstick, Keys, Extra Hair tie, good to go, lights off, and lock the door'

She opened the car door, sat down and felt it start to move forcing her to shut the door.

"Nothing like patience bell"

"My patience was all used up waiting for you" he smiled.


Wing night was always busy, tonight people stood on line waiting to enter, lucky for Bellamy & Octavia, Clarke worked there for the past 3 yrs so all the bouncers were familiar with them. As they approached the bouncer on ID check, They realized it was Bellamy's friend John, he unhooked the rope to let them cut the line.

"Have a good night guys, Clarke's got her hands full tonight"

"I see that, whats the deal with all the people?" Octavia asked.

"Some weekend long concert across town, every place is booked and busy" John answered as they entered

He wasn't kidding the bar was stacked 3 deep, Clarke was all smiles talking and tending, raking in the tips.

Trent the head of security approached them from across the room.

"Bellamy, I had two guys call out, looking to make extra cash tonight?"

He asked. Bellamy would fill in from time to time, when they were in a bind, it was good money for minimal work.

Bellamy looked to Octavia

"Yeah bell go ahead, i'm going to grab a stool and sit on the inside end of the bar, out of the way but close to Clarke"

He nodded and watched her make her way over before following Trent to the back room, He changed into a staff shirt and put his shirt, wallet, and phone in Clarke's locker.

"Alright so the area I'm assigned?" He asked coming out the door.

" Clarke" Trent answered.

"What?" He wasn't sure he heard him correctly

"Clarke and the bar top, She's handling it well but we've had two fights up there and a bunch of loud demanding customers, some of whom are men who can't keep there hands to themselves"

Bellamy felt his anger rise listening to Trent describe her night. He nodded and headed in his sisters direction.

"Where will you be?" Octavia asked seeing him in the shirt.

"Right Here, Bar and Clarke Duty" He responded

"Bout damn time! I could use crowd control" Clarke said handing him a bottled water. 'Finally, Bellamy to the rescue'

"Thanks, and I heard" 'No one will touch you , Princess'

He surveyed the bar taking in all the customers, looking for potential problems. Before he got to the other end one made himself known.

" Hey beautiful, how about a drink?"

"Whats your poison?" Clarke answered looking at the customer.

"Whiskey & a side of you" Bellamy raised his eyebrows at the line.

"Sorry fresh out of me, got plenty of whiskey though" she smiled.

"Just a tease, huh?" He asked

"Not a tease, see that bouncer at the end"

She motioned in the direction Bellamy. The customer nodded giving him the once over and looking back to her.

"That's my boyfriend, & my bouncer, I assure you I'm well behaved and well looked after" she smiled as she let him down easy.

Bellamy felt a gentle elbow to the ribs from Octavia.

" Boyfriend huh?, you sure play the part well" she whispered.

He just shook his head watching the customers. He refused to entertain the idea, especially after today's argument.

He felt Octavia pull his arm, he turned to her,

"All hands at the other end" she said.

He glanced down the bar to an individual who was pulling Clarke by a belt loop.

" Alright, time to let go, I need to get back to work"

"The lady's had enough, let her go or I will escort you out"

His voice seemed to drown out the music. Clarke waited and the guy yanked her back to him. Bellamy unhooked his hand and walked him to the door in a quick fashion.

On his way back he heard the guy in front of him address another person by the name of Cage. He slowed to get a look, and to listen for a second.

"What are you doing here Cage?

"Here for the bartender, but aren't we all" he laughed

"She's definitely something to behold"

"I'd like to be holding her, on my dick" Cage answered

Bellamy could feel his anger rise as he clenched his fists, it was time to move away from them before he did something stupid.

He moved back next to Octavia keeping an eye on things when the guy they called Cage from earlier approached Octavia.

"Hey, Octavia. I didn't know you would be here" he greeted

" Yup, almost always with Clarke, This is my brother Bellamy" she motioned to the bouncer behind her.

"Bellamy this is Cage"

Bellamy could sense she was uncomfortable. He just nodded at the stranger, looking him over once.

"Man of many words I see" Cage joked.

'I'm not going to waste my breath, just gets me in trouble' Bellamy wasn't giving him the satisfaction, just continued to watch Clarke and the Bar Front.

Clarke saw cage and smiled as she approached.

" Hey, what can I get you to drink?"

"Jack and coke, busy tonight?"

" Yeah, no time to stop and talk tonight, sorry, if I would've known it was gonna be this busy I wouldn't have invited you" she looked at him apologetically

" I still would've came, just to watch you work" he said picking up his drink and taking it to a table with some other guys.

Blush tinted Clarke's Cheeks

Bellamy assessed the table Cage walked to, no one he recognized.

"Bellamy, a little help!"

Clarke's shout brought his attention to her. 'Shit! Pay Attention' He scolded himself.

Two guys were in a shoving match, Clarke tried to intervene as Bellamy was making his way through the crowd. He was just in arms reach when one of the guys threw a punch, missed the target and hit Clarke.

Instantaneously his body was taken over by rage, he grabbed the guy by the shirt dragging him through the bar. Other bouncers opened the door as he took him outside.

Clarke's vision blurred slightly then returned to normal, she wrapped some ice in a towel and held it to her cheek, still taking drink orders just at a slower pace. Octavia started to help her tend when she felt a hand on her waist. Before she could turn around she heard his voice.

"How's your eye?"

"I'll be alright Bellamy" she looked down to his hand on her side, his touch felt like he was burning her alive, his knuckles were swollen and cut open.

She sighed as her eyes met his,

"Bell, what did you do?, does it hurt?" Her hand covered his bruised one.

"Not as much as seeing your eye, I should've been paying attention, I'm Sorry"

Clarke shook her head

"Don't let it get to you, it happens." she gave him a weak smile and squeezed his hand.

"Get back to work Blake" she joked shoving him lightly. He smirked and returned to his position behind the bar.

Over the next two hours the more rowdy of the group started to disperse, letting Clarke, Octavia, and Bellamy slow down a little bit.

Clarke scanned the bar and saw Cage and his friends over in the corner.

"O, I'm gonna take a quick break, watch the bar a second please"

"Yea go ahead, you earned it" she answered as she restocked the cooler under the bar.

Clarke slid out behind Bellamy touching his side lightly as she passed. He could feel her touch through his shirt, like she set him on fire, he watched her walk across the bar and slide in a booth next to Cage. He was glued to the scene in front of him, Clarke laughing, Cage acting concerned and checking her eye. He averted his attention to his hands and the bar top.

"So what do you think Bell?, I don't like him, he creeps me out, acts like shes a piece of meat and hes a lion" Octavia said nudging him.

"I overheard a conversation earlier and it took all I had not to end him then, just a piece of ass, that's all it is to him" He said snapping a tooth pic in half. He could feel Octavia's eyes on him.

"I'm not telling you what it was, and I'm not getting involved because then I become the bad guy, I'll intervene if the need presents itself, as of now shes got the ball in her court" He said stretching before he stood.

"They are the last ones in here so I'll get ready to leave, Once Clarke takes back over the bar we will head out, okay?"

"Yeah Bell sounds good" Octavia replied

Clarke stood and headed for Octavia stopping by the kitchen quick and placing an order.

"They are leaving now, so once our orders up I'll be home, I ordered 3 appetizer samplers for us and Bell. So don't fall asleep before I get there" she laughed

"We will be awake and waiting" Octavia said meeting Bellamy at the door.

"See you at home princess" He called to Clarke as they left.

She shook her head smiling to herself, Cleaned up, Grabbed the order and headed home.

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