Bruised & Broken

AU/MD Bellarke. Tension runs high with Clarke & Bellamy in the same house. What happens when Clarke's new relationship forces her to lie to Bellamy and drives a wedge in her friendship with Octavia. The one person she can't stand ends up being the one person she needs to help her fix the situation.


20. Chapter 19



The next two days Bellamy went back to work, Clarke was hardly sleeping, every time she shut her eyes she would feel him or see him. The next day was Bellamy's Birthday, she needed to get her act together. She spent the morning cleaning the empty house, then took a nap on the couch for a few hours. She awoke to someones hand running down her face. She jumped knocking the lamp off the end table as she quickly hit the other end of the couch.

"It's me, Clarke, It's me" Bellamy said as the pure fear stared back at him. He watched her relax sinking into the cushion grabbing the lamp.

"Sorry" she mumbled setting the lamp back up.

"I'm sorry, I wasn't even thinking" Bellamy responded reaching a hand out and pulling her up to him.

"Let's go upstairs, I got you something"

"For what?" She questioned.

"Because I can, now let's go"

He followed her up the stairs to his room, He sat her down on the bed turning to his dresser. He pulled out a small gift bag handing it to her.

He watched her take out a wrapped box, slowly unwrapping it. She pulled the lid off of it revealing a very nice charm bracelet with various charms on it, Her finger traced the bracelet stopping at every charm. She could feel tears welling in her eyes,

"It's beautiful Bellamy"

"That's a Heart with a key, obviously you hold the key" he guided her hand to the next one.

"The infinity symbol, What we have, It lasts forever" she slid her fingers to the next one.

"A Crown, you will always be my princess, the next one is the symbol of strength. You will always be by strength, no matter the situation."

"The house?" she asked looking at him.

"Home, my home is where ever you are" his eyes met hers.

"It's beautiful, I love it, and I love you" She stood sliding it on the dresser before turning to wrap her arms around him. She kissed him full of passion. He ran his hands down her sides squeezing her hips. He felt her tense and pulled away.

"Sorry, I'll go downstairs, If I stay up here I may not be able to be trusted" he smirked.

She walked to the door closing it, clicking the lock as she turned to him.

"Bellamy, help me forget, every time I close my eyes I think of that moment, I want to close my eyes and see only you" she said running her hand up his chest.

"Clarke, I'm not sure that is going to help" he replied fighting an internal battle.

"I'm not sure either but I want to try" She smiled as her fingers slipped under his shirt.

"You promise to stop me if you need to?" he asked

"I promise" she replied kissing him as her hand sat under his shirt on his waist. He laid her back on the bed, removing his shirt before capturing her lips again. His hands moved on the bottom of her shirt lifting it slightly, she leaned forward to assist in removal. He pulled it over her head and threw it on the floor with his. He kissed her again, trailing kisses down her neck and across her chest. He slid a hand underneath her, unclasping her bra. He felt her tense slightly as he removed the bra, his eyes locked with hers running a hand gently over her breast, she tensed slightly closing her eyes.

"Open your eyes Clarke, watch me" He spoke huskily, her eyes opened watching him run his hand back over her breast, being replaced by his lips leaving gentle kisses until he reached her nipple, gently sucking it into his mouth, he heard a slight moan escape her lip, his eyes met hers, that was his Clarke, her eyes burned with passion. He moved his hand to her other breast, his lips moved to her neck as his fingers teased her untouched nipple, her moan filled the room. She could feel him smirk against her neck.

"Bellamy, I'm not gonna last long at this rate" Her voice was low, her breath was shaky.

"Who says it can't happen more then once?" he smiled trailing kisses down her body. His fingers trailed gently over healing marks of cuts down her sides. His lips coming to rest at her waistband of her pants. He eyed her as he unbuttoned her pants. His rough hands sliding down her legs with her pants. He stood taking his jeans off and dropping them alongside hers. He knelt at the end of the bed pulling her underwear down and sliding her down to the edge. He felt her legs tense, he ran his hands up them encouraging her to relax.

"Bell, maybe now's a good time to tell you, I've never experienced this particular sexual occurrence" He looked up at her grinning.

"Just sit back and relax, I promise you won't regret it" he placed her one knee over his shoulder. He ran a finger down her slit, blowing gently on her, the cooling sensation letting her feel how wet she really was. He leaned into her, running his tongue up her slit in replacement of his finger. He ran his one hand up her leg holding her leg in place on his shoulder. The taste of her on his tongue was driving him closer to the edge, he ran his tongue up her slit slowly, letting it push in and flick over her clit. He felt her twitch, his name released from her mouth in a moan. He pushed one finger in her, pumping in and out of her as his tongue drew circles around her clit, he could feel her legs start to tremble and he could see her breathing increasing. He removed his finger resulting in a slight moan of protest before he dove his tongue in to her, she was dangerously close. He ran his hand up her inner thigh resting it there before reaching his thumb out and letting it move over her clit lightly. Her body shook violently, Bellamy kept his tongue movements steady letting her ride out her orgasm. He placed her leg down sliding her up the bed as he climbed over her, She pulled him down to her kissing him, he parted his lips allowing her tongue to invade his mouth. She could taste herself on his lips, she reached down to the edge of his boxers slowly pushing them down. He kicked them off the bed, she pushed him on to his back sliding down his legs. He watched her intently as she gripped his hard cock, running her hand up and down at a slow pace. He had his eyes closed , his breathing erratic. She slowly brought her hand up switching to her mouth never breaking the rhythm. The second he felt himself hit the back of her throat he moaned slightly thrusting up. She felt him grab her arm pulling her up to him.

"Hey, I wasn't done"

"I'm about to be though" he replied, She smirked in response straddling him, she rocked forward letting his throbbing shaft feel her heat.

"Clarke..." It was a warning, his hands gripping her thighs. She lifted slightly taking him in her hand guiding him to where she wanted him, She locked eyes with him before slowly taking all of him inside of her. His eyes telling her all she needed to know, he loved her and that was all that mattered. He held her hips as she rode him momentarily before he wanted control, flipping them over. He leaned down kissing her, his thrust's starting off slow, her hands digging at his back.

"Bellamy, you feel so good, God, go faster" her words were just what he needed speeding up his pace, he watched her throw her head back, he moved his lips to her neck biting and sucking a trail along her skin, saving her favorite spot till last. He could feel her getting closer, he moved his lips to that spot sucking hard she screamed out his name, her walls clenching around him causing him to fall over the edge with her. They laid there breathless, Bellamy rolled to her side, pushing her hair out of her face.

"I love you princess"

"I love you too and that was amazing, thank you"

"Don't thank me, I will always give you what you want" he smiled watching her. Her eyes slowly closing, he laid there watching her, her breathing evening out, evidence of her sleep deprived body taking over. He slipped out of bed throwing on shorts and a t-shirt before heading downstairs. He reached the bottom step hearing voices in the kitchen. He walked in to all the usual house guests sitting at the table with his sister.

"Didn't know anyone was here, Hows it going?" he asked grabbing a glass.

"We wish we weren't here to witness sound effects of the 45 mins of Bellamy loving " Raven said eyes raised. Octavia choking on her drink. Bellamy just smiled turning on the faucet.

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