Bruised & Broken

AU/MD Bellarke. Tension runs high with Clarke & Bellamy in the same house. What happens when Clarke's new relationship forces her to lie to Bellamy and drives a wedge in her friendship with Octavia. The one person she can't stand ends up being the one person she needs to help her fix the situation.


19. Chapter 18

The guys piled out of Lincoln's car grabbing water and the gear they brought along.

Bellamy turned to Lincoln.

"So what's the deal with you and my sister?"

"We are seeing each other, the slow route, I really like her, Don't want to rush things" he replied.

"Good, You are a good friend and I wouldn't want to have to hurt you" Bellamy smirked.

"No worries here, I want what you and Clarke have"

"Don't we all" Wick threw in there.

"Guys, we are far from perfect" Bellamy replied smiling.

"That may be, but you are perfect for each other, you compliment each other."

"You support each other, you balance each other out, you need each other, thats important." Wick added

"She's the calm before the being her storm" Lincoln said laughing

"Gee thanks, can we play now?" Bellamy asked

They joked laughed and had a good time, a well needed good time at that.


The girls sat deciding on a movie, finally settling on a romantic comedy they have seen a million times.

"So ladies, Bell's Birthday party in a few days, how's that coming"

Octavia turned to look at her,

"We cancelled the party at Arkadia, moved it to here, figured friends and a BBQ would be a better scene then the Bar due to recent events. " Raven answered.

"That's great guys, thank you" she replied her eyes tearing up.

"What's wrong? Don't cry, we have it under control" Octavia replied.

"The summer dress I bought for it, it has and open back, I can't " she trailed off, sob's overtaking her.

"That's okay, hey pull yourself together, lets go get a new one, my treat" Raven said.

"I can't let you do that" Clarke said wiping tears from her cheeks.

"Yes you can and we are going, so unless you want to go in what you are wearing I suggest you get ready. "

Clarke looked up at the two girls sitting next to her.

"Thank you both for everything, Octavia you are like my sister and I don't know where I'd be without you. Raven, I'm sorry for the way I used to treat you, You are one of my best friends and I am thankful that you put up with me"

"Clarke, I didn't take it personal, I know you were jealous over Bellamy, It was obvious, to everyone but him and you, I am very glad we get along so well now." Raven smiled.

Clarke and Octavia stood running upstairs to get changed.


They arrived at the mall, a few stores in she finally found a Blue and White one that covered her back and she loved. They hit a few more places for Raven and Octavia to grab some stuff.

They went and grabbed some lunch at a nearby cafe.

"So how's everything with Wick?" Clarke asked Raven.

"Great, we are looking for somewhere to rent together, My lease is up and he has been staying with his cousin"

"Take Clarke's room, she doesn't use it" Raven smiled innocently.

Clarke blushed,

"I suppose that's true, If you were interested we could talk to Bell and see what his opinion is." Clarke answered looking to Octavia.

"Yea, that would be nice"Octavia replied

Raven smiled in return.

"I'll see what Wick thinks" she replied.

"And you and Lincoln?" Clarke asked Octavia

"Yeah, we are taking things slow, hes super nice and I really like him" she smiled.

The girls were talking among themselves, when Raven paused.

"Well look who it is" she smiled looking down the street.

The guys all walking towards the cafe, the girls watched them enter taking a table on the other side.

"I'd say they top the list of observant individuals" Clarke talked in a low voice, they all giggled quietly keeping there voices low so they would go unnoticed.

"They are so oblivious" The girls smiled watching the waitress flirt with them, the guys all smiles.

Clarke pulled her phone out. putting it on the table for the girls to see, she turned it to silent, prompting them to do the same.

They sent the guys each a text asking how there day was.

There replies popping up one by one. The girls scanning each others phones.

Bellamy: Good baby, how are you doing?

Wick: Hey babe, good, and yours?

Lincoln: Grabbing food, starving you?

"You and Lincoln sleeping together yet?" Clarke asked Octavia.

"Yeah, why?"

"It was important for the next text"

Clarke: We should have stayed in bed.

The girls smiled sending there own versions.

Clarke and Octavia watched Wick's blush match Raven's.

"Keep your phone to yourself, you obviously jumped ahead" Clarke laughed.

Octavia smiled shaking her head.

Bellamy: I would have liked that

Lincoln: I wish you were in my bed last night, and right now.

Clarke raised her eyebrows at Octavia who picked her phone up for her own viewing purposes only.

Clarke watched Octavia and Raven text away, each text causing the guys to smile, every now and then there would be a blush or you would see them shift in there seat.

The girls looked at her just sitting there.

"You just gonna leave Bellamy hanging?" Octavia asked bringing her back to the task at hand. She shook her head 'no' focusing on the screen.

Clarke: Me too, I live for mornings in your arms

She looked up hearing his phone chime, he smirked answering quickly

Bellamy: That's good , I love having you in my arms.

The waitress came with there food.

"Can we pay for that table over there, the one with the three guys?" Clarke asked.

"Yup, I'll let there waitress know"

"Thanks and can we keep it between us till its time for them to pay?"

"You bet" she replied.

The girls put the phones down, eating and having a good time.

The girls just finished there dessert and paying the bill, when they heard Lincoln ask for three separate checks.

The waitress came back handing him one check.

"Wait, Ma'am by who?"Wick asked. She motioned to the three girls who were headed for the door, They all smiled watching the guys look over to see it was them.

"I should've known" Bellamy said shaking his head. The guys stood following them out to the sidewalk.

"How long were you three there?" Wick asked.

"Like twenty minutes before you" Octavia answered smiling at Lincoln.

"Sneaky, Sneaky" Bellamy whispered in Clarke's ear, he stood behind her wrapping his arms around her mid section.

"We weren't sneaky, you guys just don't pay attention" She smiled leaning her head back on his shoulder.

"What are you up to?"

"We just got done at the mall, Nothing now, home I guess" Octavia replied

"How about come watch us play? you can leave you car, we are only over there, plenty of shade trees for you three to sit and talk under" Wick suggested

The girls looked to each other and nodded.

They walked hand in hand with the significant other over to the courts. They sat under one of the trees talking for awhile as the guys played ball. Three other guys approached asking if they wanted to play three on three. The guys agreed, a crowd forming to watch for awhile. Some girls crowding the next tree over.

Octavia, Raven, and Clarke laid on there stomach on the grass watching the guys play, talking quietly to each other.

"I'm rooting for the three shooting at our side, they are gorgeous" The girls smiled listening to the girls conversation next to them.

"Us too" Raven said. Smiling at them. She received a glare in response.

"We weren't talking to you and if it came down to it, you don't stand a chance with us as competition." The girl replied, nose in the air.

Clarke could feel herself tense and Octavia placed a hand on her arm forcing her to stay put. Raven's laughter was loud, she just laid back down shaking her head.

The girls going back to there conversation. Ravens laughter causing Clarke and Octavia to smile.

Everything was quiet for a bit as they played, until the loud mouth next to them started talking.

"The really tan one with the dark eyes, and the dark curly hair, I'd take him in a heartbeat"

"He's probably got a girlfriend, they probably all do, have you looked at them" one of the smarter ones in there group spoke.

"I don't give a fuck, I'd rape him if I had too" Raven and Octavia looked over at her in disgust, then turned to look at Clarke. Both girls shooting up to there feet seeing she wasn't there. They breathed a sigh of relief seeing her at the water table filling a cup, she walked towards them smiling, taking a sip as she walked past them.

"That's my boyfriend, you know the one you are describing to the world over here, seeing as you are all hot and bothered, here's a tip, cool off!" Clarke said throwing the contents of the cup in her face.

"Way to contain her" The girls jumped at Bellamy's voice as he rushed past them, walking up behind Clarke.

"He must be so proud to have a girlfriend like you, stupid bitch"

"I am, and you couldn't pay me to be with someone like you" His voice deep and loud, Clarke could feel his hand on her back.

The girl looked to Clarke then to Bellamy, turning and walking away. She turned looking at Bellamy.

"Hi sweetie, you played a good game, I love you" She smiled innocently.

He crossed his arms eyebrows raised. He looked at the girls behind him and then Clarke, all wearing the same innocent grin.

"What was that? do I dare ask?" he asked as the other guys approached.

"I was proving a point" Clarke replied smiling.

"And the point being?"

"Stay hydrated, you become delusional if you are too hot."

"She was delusional?" Bellamy asked trying to hide his smirk.

"I'd freaking say" She replied the other girls burst out laughing. She patted his arm walking towards them, the guys shooting Bellamy an amused look.

They all returned to the house just as the rain started, forcing them all to the living room for movies.

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