Bruised & Broken

AU/MD Bellarke. Tension runs high with Clarke & Bellamy in the same house. What happens when Clarke's new relationship forces her to lie to Bellamy and drives a wedge in her friendship with Octavia. The one person she can't stand ends up being the one person she needs to help her fix the situation.


17. Chapter 16

"Bellamy Blake?" He jumped at the sound of his name, he must have fallen asleep momentarily. He looked to Clarke quickly making sure she was still okay and nothing had changed. He saw a doctor on the other side of her bed.

"That's me" he replied looking at him.

"Good, I'm Dr. Green your fiance's vitals are still great, in a few hours someone will be up to get her so we can run tests, and check the swelling, didn't want to just come and take her without seeing you first" She said

"Yea, thanks for that, if it comes back that the swelling is down, then what?"

"We will start to lessen the amount of sedatives till she's off completely, we want her to sleep, if she wakes up and starts to get upset it increases brain activity, it's a big problem when shes already suffering a brain trauma." Bellamy nodded, Looking to his princess.

"She will be okay, She's lucky to have you" She said laying a hand on his shoulder as she walked past him to the door.

"I'm the lucky one" he whispered caressing Clarke's cheek.

He sat back in his chair using the remote to find something to create background noise in the room.


They came back and got Clarke hours later, good news was that the swelling had gone down, which meant the sedatives would be lessened. He sent a mass text, everyone sending back encouraging words. He spent most his day reading magazines, Octavia stopped, bringing him coffee and more stuff to read.


The next day started the same, more tests, less sedatives, more magazines. Octavia brought Bellamy food and some drinks. He was sitting thinking about his relationship with Clarke and how 3 days in the hospital was making him a nervous wreck. He laid his forehead on the bed next to her, tears falling from his eyes.

"Clarke, I can't lose you, I need you by my side, I love you" He was thinking out loud, no one to hear him but himself, which is why when Clarke's hand ran through his curls he flew back in his seat, His eyes shot to her face, and there she lay eyes glued to him and a smirk on her face.

"hey, didn't mean to scare you" she spoke her voice hoarse from not being used for days.

He took her hand bringing it to his lips before giving her a gentle kiss on her lips.

"What are the tears for? " she asked concerned.

"Nothing baby, everything's fine, and getting better by the second." he replied his fingers trailing down her arm.

"For the record, I love you too" she said searching his eyes. He leaned in kissing her again, smiling as he pulled away. He pushed the nurses button letting them know she was awake. They came inside taking vitals and asking her some questions. He took that time to send a quick mass text.

Bellamy: Clarke is awake!

She was half listening to the nurse, half watching Bellamy. He was texting, seconds later his phone was beeping non-stop with replies.

"The doctor will be in a while, just sit tight, any questions you can think of before then, save to ask him" The nurse smiled leaving them alone.

"You are pretty popular huh?" Clarke asked

"More like you are pretty popular, Had a mass text sent to everyone who filled the waiting room the first night we were here, figured they wanted to know you are awake" he smiled.

Seconds later the door flew open and Octavia and Raven came rushing in. Followed by a pale colored Lincoln. The girls fussing over Clarke instantly.

"Jesus, were you in the waiting room?"Bellamy looked at Lincoln slightly concerned.

"No, we were in the driveway of your house, Raven needs defensive driving lessons, the woman's crazy, we did 80 through town, I didn't know what to do, figured it wouldn't matter much, didn't think we were going to survive, just kept checking to make sure my seat belt was tight" He said sitting in one of the chairs. Bellamy couldn't help but laugh. He shook his head at the three girls, Clarke lay there watching them as they talked non-stop and animatedly with there hands. He sat in the chair next to her, sliding it parallel to the bed so he could face Lincoln, She let her hand drop to his shoulder, rubbing small circles through the fabric.

The girls visited for awhile before letting her sleep. Octavia and Raven sat with Clarke, Lincoln ran Bellamy home so he could shower and change. They made it back before she woke up. Bellamy walked in carrying flowers in a vase he set on her table. The girls stood whispering goodbyes as they followed Lincoln out to the car. Bellamy brought back his tablet so he could read and she could rest without worrying about what he was doing. He sat flipping through pictures on his tablet, lots of him and Clarke, he felt her hand caress his neck causing him to smirk.

"Look at those, who would've guessed we would be where we are today? those pictures are from 9 years ago" Clarke said quietly.

"I wouldn't change what we have for anything" He turned looking at her.

"Oh and I don't know how long I've been asleep but I was informed by some paperwork that I signed earlier that you are my fiance?" she asked amused as the blush crept up his face.

"I needed to be immediate family, Lincoln was the one with quick thinking" he answered meeting her eyes.

She smiled brightly, her eyes locked on his.

"You are my family, regardless of titles, I love you Bellamy"

"I love you too baby" he replied. They spent that night in the hospital, Clarke was taken for tests the next morning, at lunch time they got the results back, with promises for rest and no work for a few days, she was released to go home.

She walked in the door Bellamy trailing her with her flowers. No one was home, it was nice and quiet. She went upstairs grabbing shorts, underwear and one of Bellamy's shirts. She left them on the corner of his bed, grabbed a towel and headed to the shower. She longed for a shower since her eyes opened. She started the shower closing the bathroom door, she slowly undressed, examining her sore wrists, she looked at her reflection, a greenish yellow tint to her face where Brian hit her, a series of cuts on her body. She turned in the mirror seeing the cuts and the message scraped into her back. She hoped the water running over her body would wash away the feeling of his hands on her. She turned it up as hot as she could take it, tears pouring down her face, no amount of scrubbing made her feel better. She leaned her head against the shower wall. A light knock and the sound of the door opening made her jump slightly.

"You okay?" Bellamy's voice was soft and soothing.

"Yea Bell, I'll be fine, how about you?" she said pulling the curtain back slightly so she could see him.

"Yea, I'm good now, you scared me Clarke, I couldn't wake you up, I didn't know if you were ever going to wake up" he said his voice cracking. Her eyes shot to his as she turned the shower off. She stepped out grabbing her towel, wrapping it around her she grabbed her lotion to minimize scarring and his hand pulling him to the bedroom and shutting the door.

"I never meant to scare you, I couldn't have thought of a better way to wake up then hearing you tell me you love me" she whispered. He wrapped his arms around her waist kissing her lightly. She handed him the lotion, dropped her towel and stretched out on her stomach so he could place it over her cuts. His hands moved slow and gentle over her skin. When he finished tending to her injuries she got dressed for bed and slipped under the covers. He slipped his jeans off and slid in next to her, he pulled her close breathing a sigh of relief, the emotional week catching up with them. They were beyond content laying in each others arms.

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