Bruised & Broken

AU/MD Bellarke. Tension runs high with Clarke & Bellamy in the same house. What happens when Clarke's new relationship forces her to lie to Bellamy and drives a wedge in her friendship with Octavia. The one person she can't stand ends up being the one person she needs to help her fix the situation.


16. Chapter 15

Rated M


Octavia ran to the bar, she crashed into Lincoln tears streaming down her face. Raven and Wick jumping up to approach her.

"Lincoln please, where's Bellamy, Clarke's in the bathroom, she needs help now" she sobbed, Lincoln and Wick heading towards the back as Raven pulled Octavia in to her arms.

Lincoln caught movement in the corner of his eye.

"Where are the girls?" Bellamy said grabbing his arm.

"Octavia and Raven are at the bar, Clarke is in the bathroom, Octavia said she is in trouble" Lincoln said pushing the crowd aside with Bellamy behind him.

"Clarke's in trouble?" A voice asked, Bellamy turned to Finn,

"Yeah, c'mon"

The four guys approaching the bathroom door could hear Clarke screaming, and other voices.

"Clarke, baby?" Bellamy's voice was muffled by the door, she heard him check the handle.


'Thank you God'

She screamed through the gag, It was muffled but they could still hear her. Brian ran his hands up her back, around to the front giving her breasts a squeeze.

"Open this fucking door" Bellamy's voice boomed as they heard him bang on it a few times.

She watched Brian glance at the door, a slight relief flooding her body, the assault on the door from the other side was about to let Bellamy and whoever else was out there in. Brian pulled her head back.

"This isn't over" he said slamming her head against the sink. She was knocked unconscious, her hands being tied holding her up from falling to the floor. Brian took his blade out, he ran it down her sides, leaving a few deep cuts down her sides before moving to her back. He used the blade to write slut across her back, the blood running from the cuts to pool on the floor. He was on her way to her legs when the door flew open. Bellamy's eyes falling to Clarke immediately. The concern turned to anger in seconds. He had Brian on the floor, no one knows how many times he hit him, they weren't even sure he was still alive. Bellamy crawled over him, Finn untied Clarke letting her lifeless body fall into Bellamy's arms. Adam and Caleb were escorted by Wick and Lincoln, outside to the waiting cops. Raven cleared the bar out, with the help of additional bouncers, you could hear her voice from the bathroom.

"Closing early tonight, Everyone suck the drink you have in your hand down and get out"

Ems came in checking Brian and Clarke, She was still unconscious. They prepped them both for transport to the hospital. Bellamy sat frozen on the floor. A Detective entered the room speaking to Wick.

"Alright what's the story? "

"We have Clarke Griffin who was assaulted, possible sexual assault. When we came through the door Brian attacked us and Bellamy took him down, complete self defense, he had a knife, we didn't have any weapons." Wick placed a hand on Bellamy's shoulder.

"C'mon, get up, Lincoln is going to follow the ambulance, Go be with Clarke, She needs you" Bellamy looked at him.

"Thank you" he said, his voice barely above a whisper, Wick nodded in response as Bellamy went to look for Clarke. He met Lincoln at the door, both girls in the car. He watch EMS load her in the back of the ambulance. He followed Lincoln to his car. They followed the lights of the ambulance to Polis Medical Center. Everyone rode in absolute silence. The tension in the air felt like it was suffocating them. They pulled in and Bellamy was out of the car before they could park.

Raven, Octavia, and Lincoln approached the nurses desk.

"We are here for Clarke Griffin " Octavia spoke.

"Have a seat, When we know, you will know, The young man who completely ignored me, I'm assuming he is family?"

"Yes, he's her fiance" Lincoln answered, quickly covering for him. The hospital wasn't prepared for what would happen if they tried to get Bellamy out of her room.

"His name please?"

"Bellamy Blake, I'm his sister Octavia, do you have any papers that need to be filled out"

"I sure do" the nurse handed her a stack of forms on a clip board with a pen. The three of them made there way to the seating area.


Bellamy sat next to Clarke's bed, his hand holding hers. His eyes travelled over her swollen face, the bite marks and cuts all over her made tears come to his eyes. His eyes moved to her wrists, rubbed raw from trying to get out of the restraint. The only sound in the room was the beeping of the heart monitor, if it wasn't for that you would've thought she was gone. She was extremely pale, he could see her chest rise slowly, every now and then he would feel her fingers twitch in his hand.

" Hello, are you Mr. Bellamy Blake, her fiance?"

Bellamy nodded.

"I'm Dr. St. Clair, It appears her vitals are good, no broken bones, she has some swelling on the brain, she took a good hit, we have her sedated now. Within 24 hours we will take her off the sedatives, we want to give the swelling time to go down before she wakes up"

"Thank You" Bellamy's voice was low, almost as if he was afraid it would wake her.

"We have to do a rape kit, so if you could step out, I know the lobby is full of your friends waiting for an answer, we will come get you when we are finished."

Bellamy stood walking to the waiting room.

Octavia stood seeing him come through the doors.

"Bell? Is she okay?"

He met her eyes, his full of tears threatening to fall, he pulled her into a hug taking that time to look around the room. There sat Lincoln, Roan, Emerson, Raven, Wick, Finn, and Trent.

"She's doing alright, she has swelling on the brain, they are keeping her sedated until the swelling goes down, at least twenty four hours, So there is no need for all of you to stay, I'll send a mass text with updates for everyone, once they call me back in I'm not leaving her side" His voice wavered as he spoke, all his friends there for Clarke staring at him for confidence that she would be okay and he couldn't give it to them. He needed her to open her eyes, needed her to tell him it was okay, she was okay, he needed her to give him the strength to hold his head up, he just plain needed her.

"Before I go, we need to talk" Wick stood walking to the side. The group stood hugging Bellamy and saying goodbye, headed out to there cars. Raven and Octavia stepped over next to Wick waiting for him to finish up with everyone.

"Whats up?" Bellamy asked turning to Wick.

"There was video they took for Cage, I didn't know if you wanted to see it before I submit it to evidence, Brian is on life support, they don't know if he's going to make it."

Bellamy put his hand out for the phone, sitting in a nearby chair. He hesitated pushing play, took a deep breathe and pressed the button. Her eye already bruised in the video, he watched her be violated, fight back, he watched her do what Brian asked to keep Octavia safe. He watched them tie her up and he cringed seeing what was about to happen. He heard his own voice and let out a breath he didn't even realize he was holding, once he saw Brian avert his attention to the door. He watched her head slammed against the sink, she sunk down unconscious making him want to find Brian's room and pull the plug on the life support machine. He watched Brian carve words in her back, no words could describe the emotions running through him. He handed it back to Wick running his hand over his face.

"We got them all, It's over Bellamy" Wick said assuring him the nightmare would end.

"I'm looking for Bellamy Blake" a nurse approached them.

"That's me" he said standing.

"You are more then welcome to join your fiance again" she smiled.

"Thank you" He said as she walked back towards the desk.

"How did I end up engaged?" he whispered to Octavia.

"You have to be family, Lincoln improvised" she smiled.

"Thanks guys, I couldn't ask for better family & friends" she said hugging the girls, shaking Wicks hand and heading back to Clarke's room.

He walked in looking her over.

"My Princess, Sleeping Beauty" he said kissing her lips gently.

"If only it was a fairy tale and my kiss could wake you" he sat next to her holding her hand in his, His head resting against her side. The sound of the heart monitor creating a consistent lull, slowly assisting in his drowsiness.

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