Bruised & Broken

AU/MD Bellarke. Tension runs high with Clarke & Bellamy in the same house. What happens when Clarke's new relationship forces her to lie to Bellamy and drives a wedge in her friendship with Octavia. The one person she can't stand ends up being the one person she needs to help her fix the situation.


15. Chapter 14



'This can't be happening' Was all that came to Clarke's mind. This situation was not good and she felt like she was about to pass out.

"Well, well, well, What do we have here, big bad Bellamy's Princess, See my face, some new marks from your new boyfriend, new marks I didn't deserve" Brian said walking towards her, she backed up till she hit the wall.

"Speaking of boyfriends, Cage sends his regards" one of the others spoke up.

"Clarke meet Caleb and Adam" he said motioning to the two men.

"We've met" she responds, her eyes never leaving Brian.

"So Clarke, How long do you think my friends can keep Bellamy busy outside?" he asked

"Not long enough to save you" she replied spitting at him.

He hit her hard, the same way Bellamy hit him earlier that day, her head slamming the wall behind her, the double impact made her see stars and she could feel the instant headache. ''Fuck, that's a concussion' she paused trying to center herself and keep from falling. She squeezed her eyes shut forcing her body to focus, she reached up to her eye feeling the warm liquid, Her cheek was split open, and not a small one either, She would need stitches. She heard him step closer her eyes shooting open. He grabbed her by her hair forcing her over the sink, yanking her head up to see her reflection in the mirror.

He motioned to Adam, she watched him take a phone out and put her in focus.

"Sorry, but Cage want's proof" she spit in the sink, Brian yanking her head back up forcefully.

"You really are beautiful Clarke, that must be where the princess name comes from, although you dress like a slut at work" He said leaning down to her ear. She tried to pull away from him, his grip tightening on her.

"Are you a little slut?" he asked pressing his lips to her neck.

"You son of a bitch, don't you fucking touch me" she screamed, standing and pushing him. Caleb grabbed her from behind, She screamed loud and repetitively. Stopping when she felt the cold blade against her throat.

"Now Now, Princess, Keep it down, I came here to deliver a message, not to kill you, I will if I have too, but I'd rather not" She nodded, he moved the blade back down.

"You might not like the message, but you will remember it, take off your jeans" Her eyes widened, tears filling her eyes. Her head shaking.

"No, no, you can't do this" she cried Caleb held her arms back as Brian stepped closer,

"You take your jeans off willingly or I will do it" her eyes met his, daring her to defy him.

A soft knock echoed through the bathroom.

"Clarke are you in there?" 'God no' The blade pressed against her skin instantly.

"Octavia, I'll be out in a few minutes" Clarke answered.

"Raven is watching the bar, let me in, you sound like you have been crying"

"Octavia, No, just go, please"

"If I go, It's going to be to get Bellamy, although I think he's still outside"

Brian motioned to Adam, he reached over unlocking the door as he stepped behind it. She walked in the door being closed behind her and locked made her jump. She looked at Clarke.

"Octavia, don't scream, don't do it, they are here for me, you are safe, just do what they say." Clarke pleaded, Octavia just nodded tears welling in her eyes.

"Sit under the sink in the corner, so we can all see you" Adam directed her, she slid down the wall and under the sink.

Caleb tightened his grip on Clarke bringing her attention to Brian.

"I'm not repeating myself Clarke, do it now, or we will do it for you, If we do it for you, we will be forced to do it to her too" He said motioning to Octavia.

"Okay, okay, just leave her out of it" The tears ran freely down her cheeks, all she could think of was Bellamy, Her hands were shaking so bad she wasn't even sure she could take her pants off.

Octavia noting they were all watching Clarke slipped her phone from her pocket and under her leg. She pressed #2 'thank God for speed dial.'

She felt it vibrate against her leg, 'Damn him' no answer. Clarke unbuttoned her pants, Brian shoving them down to the floor.

"Shirt now!"

"Please" She pleaded, If it wasn't for Caleb holding her up, She would've fell to the floor.

She stood pulling it over her head. She watched his eyes rake over her body, even with the bra and underwear on, the way he looked at her made her feel naked. Dread washed over her, she gagged once, they moved the trash can to her. She threw up what felt like days of food. Nothing was going to cure that nausea. She stood, Caleb holding her arms again. Brian placed his hands on her shoulders, he pushed her hair over her shoulder, he bit down on her neck causing her to scream.

"Quiet or We try Octavia instead" Brian said through clenched teeth. He continued his assault on her body, leaving bite marks on her neck and legs, her body shook uncontrollably with sobs, Caleb held her weight fully, she couldn't stand if she wanted to. Octavia glancing at her phone pushing redial.

He pulled her underwear down, then removed her bra, she tried to fight his hands off, she got one good kick in, he came back at her grabbing her by the neck. He hit her, pulled back and hit her again. Octavia couldn't control her voice.

"Stop, please stop!" she screamed. She looked down at the phone. 'Thank God' it was counting the seconds of the open line, he's been on the phone for :14 seconds and counting.

"What do we have here?" Adam said grabbing the phone.

He handed it to Brian.

"Bellamy, is that you?"

"Who is this?" Bellamy's voice was loud enough for the room to hear.

"A better question would be where is Octavia and Clarke" he smiled hanging the phone up.

He reached down, his finger pushing up inside of her roughly. She kicked him again.

"Alright the hard way then" Brian said grabbing her hair and bending her over the sink again. Brian holding her one hand tight to the sink. Caleb holding the other.

"You both get to watch it all" he smiled running a hand over her ass. She pressed her eyes closed, 'Please someone find us'

"Open your eyes" he growled tightening his grip on her hair.

She heard him undoing his belt, She shoved back hard knocking him off balance, turning and punching Caleb in the mouth. Octavia scrambled for the door, able to get out before Adam could get her, he quickly locked the door. Turning back to Clarke. She was being held against the wall by her throat. Brian running the blade down her body, every now and then he'd put some pressure on the blade, causing her to wince with each little cut.

"Bitch, won't be able to get back in time" Brian assured Clarke with a smile,

"Now that I know we will have company, I'm going to make it worth the time I will have to serve" his smile instantly turning her stomach. She couldn't fight the nausea, whether it was the concussion or the anxiety of the situation, either way it was taking over. She gagged once, he shoved her head down to the garbage can, letting her throw up. The second her breathing returned to normal she stood, Long enough for him to take our a handkerchief, he tied her hands to the faucet.

"Keep her head looking up, I want to see her face" Brian directed Caleb to the side of the sink.

She screamed and she screamed loud, at this point, she would rather be dead. She was met with another handkerchief being pulled tight to her mouth, they tied it tight, muffling her screams. She looked in the mirror, her face bright red, tear stained, mascara all over the place, her right eye swollen, blood still trickled from the split cheek. She pulled on the restraints continuously. 'Bellamy, hurry up' She hung her head thoughts of him crossing her mind, The thoughts dispersed upon the firm grip on her hair yanking her head back up, She heard the unbuckling of his belt. The sobs uncontrollably shaking her again.

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