Bruised & Broken

AU/MD Bellarke. Tension runs high with Clarke & Bellamy in the same house. What happens when Clarke's new relationship forces her to lie to Bellamy and drives a wedge in her friendship with Octavia. The one person she can't stand ends up being the one person she needs to help her fix the situation.


14. Chapter 13

Bellamy watched them pull away anger bursting at the seems, as soon as they were out of site he approached the new worker.

"Hey!, What's your name?"

"Brian" he replied

"Well Brian, here's a little bit of advice, steer clear from my girlfriend and my sister, or suffer the consequences, and I assure you it will be far worse then the last time" Bellamy threatened, his fists clenching at his sides, his voice low and dangerous.

"You know, you should be thankful, it could have been a lot worse" Brian said stepping up to the much taller foreman.

Bellamy didn't grant him the satisfaction of a response, his fist collided with his right cheek.

"Go home Brian, your work here is done, and just remember, it could have been a lot worse" Bellamy said turning back to the crew.

"Nothing to see, let's finish this job so we can go home"


The girls were home getting ready for the night at work. All three getting dressed in some new outfits they bought this past week. They all matched for the most part, Dark blue jeans and Black V cut tank tops that were made to look like corsets with red ribbons, Raven in a red one with black ribbons. They braided each others hair, all shared the bathroom doing makeup, laughing and talking, and having a great time. A knock on the door frame brought there attention to the intruder. Bellamy stood there wearing his trademark smile.

"Can I take a shower please?" he asked holding a towel. Receiving a series of nods as they cleared out the bathroom. He grabbed Clarke's arm as she went to walk out.

"Not you, we are gonna talk quick before I get ready" He whispered, she just nodded stepping back into the bathroom. He closed the door behind him, she sat on the closed toilet seat and he sat on the edge of the bathtub facing her.

"Okay spill, What happened with Brian?" He asked taking her hand and running his thumb over her knuckles. She looked at the floor studying the design of the tiles.

"I stopped there that one afternoon after You pinned me to the floor and we called him by accident, When I got there he told me he had someone he wanted to introduce me to, it was Brian, although then, he couldn't speak, his jaw was still wired shut" she shifted uncomfortably, her eyes meeting his momentarily before she averted her attention back to the floor

"Cage made me apologize to him, I refused a few times, hence the bruises I wore the next day, Then he threatened to do to Octavia what you did to him, I gave in, I apologized" she finished her voice above a whisper. She looked up at him, he leaned in kissing her lightly.

"Clarke you are an amazing woman, and no matter what happens, nothing will change my opinion of you, you can tell me anything, don't hold back, I don't need to be protected" He tilted her head kissing her again, she smiled deepening it.

"Get out before you end up in the shower with me" He smirked standing.

"You sure are cocky" she shot back arms crossed.

"Is that outfit something that drys quickly?" he asked going to grab her. She screeched leaping out the door.

"Nice try Blake" she said headed for the stairs. She could hear him laughing as he shut the door.

The girls all sat on the back porch snacking on pretzels waiting for Bellamy. Clarke looked up at the doorway hearing him clear his throat, He was in a tight black security shirt, Dark Blue jeans and his dark curls wet and falling in his face, his dark eyes locked with her crystal blue ones. The sight of him had her mind reeling different scenarios in her mind about things they could be doing on this very porch. The thought caused a blush to creep up her neck, he smirked noticing the change in her.

Clearing of throats made her jump, resulting in laughter from the two girls standing at the edge of the yard.

"Are you two coming?" Octavia asked amused by the scene unfolding in front of her.

Clarke stood meeting Bellamy halfway across the yard, placing a kiss to his cheek as they headed to the car.


Arkadia was busier then the normal Friday. Octavia and Clarke were mixing drinks quickly, keeping the customers at bay. Bellamy walked the floor keeping his eyes on the girls and the crowd. He watched Clarke and Raven share a look and followed there eyes to Finn who sat at the other end of the bar.

'He's got balls, I'll give him that, letting his ex mix his drink' Bellamy shook his head not able to fight the smirk. He walked over to Finn's end of the bar. He couldn't stand the man but he was civil for Clarke.

"Bellamy" Finn said with a nod.

"Finn, you brave soul" Bellamy said looking down the bar and then back to him, and amused look crossing his features.

"I see Raven's got a new man?" He inquired .

"Yeah, he's local P.D., a real good guy" Bellamy replied.

"What about Clarke?" He looked to Bellamy

"Yup, she's got a new man too" he smiled.

"Good guy?" Finn asked just as Clarke walked to them.

"That drink still good or need another?" She asked Finn.

" Good Thanks" replied with a smile.

She handed Bellamy a water bottle and stood on her tip toes for a quick kiss before going back to tending.

"That answered that" Finn said taking a swig of his beverage.

"Answers what?"

" You have always been her end game, you guys never noticed it, but everyone else did, when you two are in the same room no one else matters, good job , and good luck to you both" Finn stood shaking his hand.

"Thanks, you leaving?"

"Nope gonna mingle, see what I can find" he smirked heading into the crowd.

He turned to watch the girls seeing that Lincoln snuck in at some point sitting next to Raven, stealing glances at his sister. For once he didn't mind, if Octavia was going to date anyone Lincoln was a good choice. He looked at Clarke, she was mixing a drink for the guy standing in front of her, obviously undressing her with his eyes. Bellamy could feel his blood pressure climbing, he handed her his number, she smilled slipping it in the small garbage can under the counter out of sight. She looked at Bellamy smiling innocently. He just smiled shaking his head walking to her.

"I saw that" he whispered

"I saw you getting all worked up" he sighed

"He was undressing you with his eyes"

"Take it as a compliment, you are the only one who gets to undress me in person, no matter what they say or do, it will always be you I go home too" she said leaning back onto him. He snaked an arm around her waist, kissing her neck before making the rounds through the crowd again. Clarke looked to the door way, there stood Brian, sporting a black eye he didn't have earlier today, and two others, 'The Filmmakers'She looked to Raven who met her eyes knowingly and was whispering to Wick. Lincoln locked eyes with Bellamy nodding to the door. Bellamy took in the individuals and nodded a thanks to Lincoln before looking to Clarke. She gave him a weak smile, he returned it, patrolling the bar and keeping an eye on the three new arrivals. There was a argument outside in front of the door Bellamy was handling.

"O, gonna use the bathroom quick, I'll be right back" Octavia nodded turning her attention back to Lincoln. Clarke used the rest room, touched up her make up and opened the door to head back to the bar, she was just stepping out as she was shoved back in, the three men pushing there way in, locking the door behind them. The lock clicking sending a wave of fear through her.


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