Bruised & Broken

AU/MD Bellarke. Tension runs high with Clarke & Bellamy in the same house. What happens when Clarke's new relationship forces her to lie to Bellamy and drives a wedge in her friendship with Octavia. The one person she can't stand ends up being the one person she needs to help her fix the situation.


13. Chapter 12

Clarke and Bellamy entered the kitchen in a search for the coffee they could smell, Octavia and Raven sat at the table raised eyebrows and smirks.

"What?" Clarke asked innocently

"You woke the neighborhood" Raven answered taking a sip of her coffee.

Clarke could feel the blush across her face as she looked to Bellamy, he just stood pouring coffee with a grin plastered on his features.

"You were kind of loud princess, I'm glad I bring it out in you" he whispered to her walking over to the table. 'Unbelievable, is what they are, hell that pretty much sums up my morning unbelievable' a smirk came to her face thinking about the turn of events in her life.

She joined them at the table, everyone making small talk. "I have to run to town for some stuff, what do you say ladies? Sorry Bell, you are not invited." Octavia asked, sending him an apologetic look.

"I'm in" Raven piped up.

"Me too" Clarke answered, She felt him give her leg a squeeze under the table drawing her attention to him.

"You wouldn't happen to be birthday shopping, would you?" He asked her smiling.

"Nope, who's birthday is coming up?" she asked joking, he pretended to be shot in the heart.

"Alright you troublemakers, I have tons of yard work to do, so I'll go get started on that, let me know when you are leaving"

"Yes dad" Raven answered sarcastically, he just shook his head walking into the backyard with his coffee. Clarke watched him outside being brought back to the table by throat clearing.

"So, what's the deal?, spare me the details just let me in on the end result" Octavia looked at her eyebrows raised.

"We are moving forward, slowly, so a step up in our relationship, more exclusive time, maybe dating, a commitment to each other." Clarke answered the ladies staring at her.

"That's good Clarke, It's about time" Octavia commented as they all broke out in smiles.

Bellamy stood in the yard debating where he wanted to plant shrubs, he looked up at the house, all three girls deep in conversation. Whatever the topic was they were all smiles. Clarke looked out the window her eyes meeting his, He gave her a smile that she returned before going back to the conversation.

"Alright, I'm going to run upstairs and change" Clarke said headed for her room.

She grabbed a pair of tight blue jeans, and a nice fitted black low cut tank top. Some makeup, some perfume, hair up in a messy ponytail. Gave herself the once over, slipped sneakers on and headed down.

"Ready" she said stepping off the bottom step.

"Good, go let lover boy know" Raven laughed

"Meet you at the car" Octavia said closing the door.

Clarke walked out into the yard, Bellamy was moving mulch bags to the spot he decided on.

"Hey, we are gonna leave now" Clarke spoke, Bellamy turning around to look at her. His eyes raked over her body, she shifted feeling the blush creep up her neck.

"Nice outfit, I'll be a jealous mess planting shrubs" he said letting a sigh out.

"Bell, get real, Like anyone is going to compare to you" she smiled.

"Don't be a suck up" he said trying to hide his smile.

"I'll see you later" she smiled shaking her head.

"Have fun" He said kissing her cheek, she stood on her tip toes and kissed his lips.

"You too" she replied feeling his eyes follow her out of the yard.


They were out most the day, Clarke picked up her pictures that she needed for the scrap book, she finished the picture she was drawing. That was already wrapped with the other small stuff. They walked in the house, an amazing aroma hit them.

"Wow, what is that?" Raven asked.

"Lasagna, there's wine on the table, my treat for my favorite ladies, plus all those trees and shrubs are planted nicely in the yard also" Bellamy said walking from the kitchen over to Clarke. Resting a hand on her lower back, he pulled on the bags trying to peer inside.

"Nope, get out of here, nothing for you" she smirked pulling the bags away from him.

"That's not true, I get a kiss right?" he asked pouting

"I suppose" she answered as his lips captured hers.

"I'll put your bags in your room, go get a drink, O, give me your bags too" he said taking all the bags upstairs.

Raven dropped hers by the door and they all went to find the wine.

Dinner was excellent.

"Bellamy that was phenomenal, Thank you" Clarke said, the other girls agreeing wholeheartedly.

They polished the wine off and a few movies later they were all exhausted.

"Raven, you have had a few to drink, just take my bed I'll stay with Bell" Clarke said looking to Bellamy, he nodded smiling. They all had a few to drink.

They turned everything off and headed upstairs. Clarke borrowed one of Bellamy's shirts and slipped into bed with him. There was nothing better then having him pull her into his arms, She kissed him lightly and laid her head on his chest.


She sat waiting for him to continue.

"Thank you for giving me a chance" he finished.

"Bellamy, Thank you for waiting for me" she smiled as his grip tightened.

"I'll always be by your side princess" he kissed the top of her head.

"That's good, I wouldn't want it any other way"she replied as they drifted off to sleep.


A few days of classes and work went by, everyone on a constant run, waving to each other in the passing. Luckily it was Friday, the one night Bellamy, Clarke, and Octavia got to work together and Raven always stopped in to hang out. She practically moved in with them on the weekends, and thankfully her and Clarke were getting along very well. The girls went out to eat, bringing lunch to the construction site for Bellamy and Lincoln. Octavia and Lincoln have been talking a lot lately, and Wick has stopped by the house to see Raven a few times in the past week. The girls were all talking as they pulled up the site.

"Only a few more weeks of school, left, Bell's party is exactly a week away and we have..." Octavia and Raven looked at Clarke who stopped talking suddenly, watching the guys in the yard. One guy in particular stopped working staring at her.

"Do you know him?" Raven asked taking in Clarke's behavior. She knew him, she was forced to apologize to him, to protect Octavia.

"Clarke?" Octavia grabbed her arm.

"Yea?, yea I ran into him a time or two" she said averting her eyes, She could feel her hands start to shake, her heartbeat in her ears.

"You don't look good, how do you know him?"

"Not important , lets get these guys there food." Clarke said opening her door. Octavia was already headed to the guys.

She rounded the truck, Bellamy looking past her for Clarke.

"She's somewhere back there, Somethings wrong with her, As soon as we pulled in one of the new workers was watching her and you can just tell it made her uneasy"

Bellamy nodded headed to find Clarke, Raven walked up to him,

"She's in the bathroom, apparently her lunch doesn't want to stay down, I'd give her a second" she said headed to Octavia.

Bellamy could hear her in the bathroom, he leaned against the side waiting.

The door opened, She was pale, her hands still shaking.

"Hey, mind telling me whats going on?" Bellamy said making her jump.

"Stomach wasn't happy with lunch" she said smiling as she popped some gum in her mouth.

"I meant with one our new workers" he said grabbing her hand, intertwining there fingers.

"Nothing Bell, It's no big deal"

"No, Clarke, it seems like a big deal" he said as she sighed.

"Remember that guy who hit me in the bar and you took him outside for a Bellamy lecture"

"Yeah, well hes a friend of Cage, I've met him before in a situation I'd rather not talk about"

"What kind of situation?" Bellamy asked, His jaw clenched.

"Cage, he forced me to apologize to him"

"For what?" he asked rage filling him.

"For what you did to him" she said

"Point him out to me Clarke"

"Bellamy, let's not cause a scene"

"Clarke..." His voice low and demanding.

She walked way from him over to the others, avoiding his eyes. He was obviously pissed, no one dared to ask why.

He stood next to her his hand around her waist scanning the new guys trying to figure out who it was. The new group was just starting lunch all walking over to join them. Clarke was talking to Octavia and Lincoln when someone tapped her shoulder. She tensed instantly stepping into Bellamy. He whipped around to see her, her eyes locked on the person.

"Clarke right?, from Arkadia?" the worker asked.

"Nope, sorry" She replied

"Who are you?" Bellamy asked

"An old friend" he replied

"Of who? Cage?" the guy turned locking eyes with Bellamy. Bellamy moved Clarke to the side stepping up to him.

"She's my girlfriend, If you want to avoid your jaw being wired shut again you better stay away from her" Bellamy's fists clenching at his side. His voice low, calm, and dangerous. He could feel Clarke's hand on his forearm. Lincoln, Roan, and Emerson all standing between the newbie and the girls. He turned walking away without a word, the guys all exchanging looks.

"Alright ladies, time to go, we have work to do" Lincoln said

"C'mon we will walk you to the Car" Bellamy said nodding to Lincoln

The girls got in the car talking to Lincoln through the window, Bellamy and Clarke stood next to her door.

"We are gonna talk about that when I get home" Bellamy stated.

"I figured" she replied kissing him gently,

"And Bellamy, Don't make it a big deal" she said watching him intently.

"Don't worry, We save murder for days we pour concrete" he smirked, causing her to laugh.

"Behave" she smiled sitting in the car.

The guys stood on the curb watching them pull away.

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