Bruised & Broken

AU/MD Bellarke. Tension runs high with Clarke & Bellamy in the same house. What happens when Clarke's new relationship forces her to lie to Bellamy and drives a wedge in her friendship with Octavia. The one person she can't stand ends up being the one person she needs to help her fix the situation.


12. Chapter 11

*Rated M* Sexual scenes

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Bellamy laid there awhile, thinking about Clarke, thinking about what could be and if it was a chance he wanted to take, he could hear her across the hallway, it sounded like she was talking to someone, her voice growing louder.

"Bellamy please, Cage I'll do anything you want , just let him go"

He heard that loud and clear, he hurried into her room, not bothering to knock. She was laying in bed, her arms moving around. Her sleep obviously overrun by nightmares, tears were streaming down her face. He shook her lightly, speaking low, trying to pull her from sleep.

"I'm right here Clarke, you are okay" he whispered.

"Bellamy, whatever happens, just know, I love you"

He froze, his eyes searching her face for any movement. She was still asleep. He shook his head as if it would free him from his thoughts. He sat there a second watching her, It seemed that peaceful sleep overtook her. He stood heading for the shower.
Clarke woke up scared to death. She took in her surroundings quickly, once she saw she was home, she relaxed a little. She could hear the shower running, knowing Octavia only takes showers in the morning, which meant it had to be Bellamy, the one place she felt safe was free at the moment. Her feet hit the floor and led her to his room. She climbed into his bed sinking down under the covers, letting his scent envelope her. She fell asleep long before he was done in the shower.

He got dried off and found a pair of boxers before heading to his bed. He slid into bed hitting made him jump back turning the light on the nightstand on.

'My Princess' he smiled at the sight of her, he switched the light off and slid in next to her, she turned wrapping her arm around his stomach, her bare legs tangling in his. His mouth suddenly dry.

'She will be the death of me' He kissed the top of her head falling into a deep sleep alongside her.

He woke up to the feel of someone half laying on top of him, their breath on his neck, his vision coming into focus seeing blonde curls draped over his arm.

He sighed wrapping his arms around her, pulling her tighter to him. A soft moan escaping her lips, drawing a smirk from his. He felt her start to wake, her eyes met his they didn't speak just laid there looking at each other. He noticed a blush hit her cheeks.

"What?" His voice was low and hoarse.

"Thank you, for sharing your bed, I wasn't sleeping to well, this is the only place I feel safe sometimes"

"Don't thank me, that's what I'm here for" he answered.

She watched his face intently, her bare leg moving up his legs, his breathing changing slightly. She slid it back down allowing her hand to run over his abs resting at the top of his boxers. He closed his eyes, not sure if he was dreaming, knowing he was dangerously close to crossing the line. She ran her index finger just under the elastic of the boxers. She couldn't help but smile, he was beyond handsome. If she didn't know she was torturing him, watching him hold his breath was clue enough. She brought her leg back up, feeling his body react to her. She raised her leg higher, hearing him let out a shaky breath. She pushed herself up, assisting her in a smooth transition to straddling him. His eyes flew open meeting hers. His hard and noticeable excitement resting against her thigh. His eyes burned for her and she was at the verge of losing control of the situation. She slid forward enough to grab the hair tie off the nightstand, he let out a low moan.

"God Clarke, you need to stop moving around" His hands moved to the top of her thighs, holding her still as he watched her put her hair up. She smirked at him, sliding forward a small amount, far enough where he could feel her heat through there clothes. He groaned.

"Let's talk about this wanting more" her words were quiet, or the feel of her dragging her fingers lightly across his chest was deafening.

He slid his hands further up his legs letting his thumbs rest on the inside of her thighs. He started to rub her legs gently and watched as her eyes met his, the fire inside matching his.

"okay, I want more of this, more of you waking up next me, more time spent together, a commitment to one another" He searched her face for a reaction.

"You want more of this?" she said edging her body forward. His grip on her legs tightening.

"Clarke, you are playing with fire" his voice dangerously low and sexy.

Her eyes flashed back to his, she ran her hands over his.

"I want more of this" she said sliding his hand up her legs further. He began to gently rub her legs watching her close her eyes long enough to take a shaky breath. He felt the satisfaction of not being the only one tortured at the moment.

His hands moved to her waist, the release from her thighs was just what she was waiting for as she rocked forward again.

"Clarke, the line" he said, not even sure how he found his voice.

Her eyes locked with his.

"What line?" He smirked knowing it was her moving forward.

"The one we stop at, you need to be sure you want to jump over it before we move forward." He said caressing her sides.

"I'm sure I want to move forward, I'm also sure I want to move at a very slow pace, No room for fault in this, we screw up, then we screw everything up" she rocked forward again. Before she could asses his features he flipped them over, Now he was the one on top and she wasn't going anywhere.

"In order for this conversation to continue, I had to gain control" he smiled down at her.

"Your no fun" she pouted

"Oh I am plenty fun, but just how much fun is moving at our current very slow pace?" He leaned down stopping mere inches from her face, "For instance can I kiss you or is that too fast moving" he raised his eyebrows at her. She brought her hand up behind his head pulling him to her. Their lips met, sending their hearts racing, the passion they felt for each other all being put into that one kiss, they fought for control, Bellamy pulling back to breathe. He could feel Clarke's hands run along his back, lightly caressing, then dragging her nails, then caressing again.

Clarke ran her hands up Bellamy's back, loving the feel of the muscles tensing under her touch. She felt his breath on her neck as he trailed light kisses down the side to her collar bone. He bit her gently causing her to jump and laugh.

"Do you like that?" he asked smirking.

"I do, I like everything you do to me, I've never felt so alive, Every nerve in my body is on fire, I can't focus on anything but your touch, I feel like everywhere your hands or lips go leave a tingling sensation. It's like nothing I have every experienced" her voice low, like it was a secret.

"That's what it is supposed to feel like every time princess" He smirked, lower his head to her neck again, he would gently bite different spots, running his tongue over the spot to soothe the skin. Her hand in his hair, her breathing taking it up a notch, he hit one spot and her body betrayed her, she arched into him letting a slight moan out. He pulled back to look at her, she was trying to hide a smile by biting her lip. He leaned in for a kiss sliding off of her so they could lay facing one another. She moved closer to him, her one leg coming up to rest over his hip, pulling him even closer, closer to her, closer to the edge.

"Clarke, how far do you want to go today? I need a boundary" Bellamy was trying to find something anything to focus on, other then the warmth between her legs being pressed up against his hard erection.

"Kissing and hands only. No sex if that's okay?" she asked.

"Can I do what ever I'd like with my hands?" he pleaded.

She answered with a nod, still biting her lip. His hands immediately finding her legs.

"If it is too much, stop me" he said locking his eyes with hers.

"Okay" she said barely above a whisper.

Her lips crashed into his, her hands laying on his chest. His one hand in her hair holding her lips to his and the other resting on her thigh, slowly inching higher up her leg. She was all too aware of the direction he was headed. He gently moved her to her back, his hand sitting on her inner thigh, his thumb sliding under her edge of her underwear in a teasing motion. He moved his hand to the top of the underwear, he met her eyes for approval, she nodded then closed them tilting her head back, his lips met her neck as his hand slid in her underwear. He let his hand just rest over her warmth, the power of knowing it was there was leaving her breathless. He found the spot on her neck causing her to moan, just as the sound left her mouth he ran one finger over the slit before caressing her clit lightly, another moan escaping her lips.

"God Clarke, Your so wet, let me take care of you? please?" his voice low in her ear, his breath hot on her neck. His finger moved to her clit again rubbing it gently.

"Bellamy, I, it, God I can't even think" He laughed.

"Shhhh, you just relax, no thinking just feel" he nudged her thighs so she would spread her legs further apart. His thumb rubbing gentle circles around her clit as his fingers entered her one by one, giving slow long thrusts, was about to drive her over the edge, she was getting close. His lips finding her neck again. He kissed her gently, till he hit her spot, she arched a throaty moan releasing , his fingers sped up inside her and he hit the spot again with a slight nibble, her body arching. He could feel her getting closer to it's climax, he slowed down trying to draw it out.

"Bellamy, that feels so good, please don't stop" His lips dipped to her neck, finding her sweet spot. He could hear her breathing become shaky. Feel her start to clench around his fingers.

"C'mon princess, let go, come for me" he whispered,

"God Bellamy"she moaned loudly riding her orgasm out.

She turned to look at him, her eyes fixed on his face, she looked beautiful. She tilted her face to meet his lips. The kiss sweet and gentle at first but growing with need quickly. He could feel her hand trail down his neck, then his chest, over his abs. She paused momentarily running her fingers over the elastic band of the boxers, before slipping her hand in to them. She ran her fingers over his hard shaft lightly suppressing a groan from him. She pulled back to look at him.

"Princess, I've been waiting for your touch for so long, this will be a quick show" he smirked, slight blush climbing his neck.

"Well then, let's make it a really good quick show" she smirked. She ran her hand over him again.

"Bellamy take these off" she said pulling her hand out.

"Princess, we drew a line"

"I know, lips and hands, I remember" she said as he threw his boxers to the floor.

She touched him gently, wrapping her hand around him, slowly moving up and down, running her thumb over the tip, spreading pre-cum down the shaft with every movement. She touched her lips to his neck, listening to his breathing change. She trailed kisses down his neck, to his collarbone, her hand speeding up, she kissed across his chest, and slowly working her way down, slowing her hand again. She looked up at him, he had his eyes closed and head thrown back. She kissed down to his hips and stopped her hand movement. She looked up again seeing him watching her now. She moved above him sliding down slowly. His erection sliding along her leg as she moved further down, his eyes never leaving her, the fire was raging. She placed one hand on his throbbing cock, slowly she stroked him lowering her head and pressing a kiss to the tip, never breaking eye contact. She could see the effect it had instantly.

"Bellamy, relax, don't think, just feel, Let me taste you" Her voice like something hes never heard from her before, it was a sultry version of Clarke, one he couldn't imagine his life without now that he has seen it. Her lips lowered again kissing the tip and slowly kissing down the side, running her tongue back up, she reached the top and took his entirety in her mouth, keeping the same slow pace. The passion in her eyes fueling her to continue.

"Clarke, baby that feels amazing" Bellamy's voice was shaky, She could feel his legs twitch slightly, she watched his hands stretch out and fist the sheets, she took that as her cue to speed up her pace. He threw his head back, her name leaving his lips as he filled her mouth. He pulled her up level to him kissing her with force.

"That wasn't fair" Bellamy whispered.

"Why not, lips and hands, remember"

"You said kisses and hands, Lips is a different story"

"You can tell me that story next time" she smiled kissing him again.

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