Bruised & Broken

AU/MD Bellarke. Tension runs high with Clarke & Bellamy in the same house. What happens when Clarke's new relationship forces her to lie to Bellamy and drives a wedge in her friendship with Octavia. The one person she can't stand ends up being the one person she needs to help her fix the situation.


11. Chapter 10

Octavia and Clarke were crowding the coffee pot, Bellamy must have turned a fresh pot on before he left, the smell pulling them from there sleep.

"Friday, finally" Clarke was excited to be going back to work.

"At least tonight we tend together, you have some help so it's a good night to go back" Octavia smiled.

"So what are you getting your brother for his birthday?"

"I ordered some books online, a dvd he wanted, I don't know, maybe a shirt or two, sisterly things" she laughed

"I'm still lost on what to get, do you want to go into town with me in a bit? , check out the mall see if something jumps out at me."

"I am not one to turn down the mall"

"I'll take that as a yes " Clarke smiled.


They walked the mall, Clarke picking up small stuff for Bellamy. She grabbed a book, his favorite cologne, some car air fresheners, and a card, but was still stumped as they walked along the store fronts.

Then it hit her.

"O, lets go to the art supply, I'm going to do a scrapbook, and I need a frame for the one picture I'm drawing."

They grabbed everything they needed and headed to the car.

Clarke put her stuff in the trunk, they walked to Panera and ordered lunch. Before they left Clarke ordered Bellamy a sandwhich.

"We will drop this off on the way home. "

"Who doesn't love hunky construction workers" Octavia said checking her make up.

Clarke gave herself the once over and headed to where she knew Bellamy would be. It just turned noon so they should have just started lunch. The girls parked at the end of the road. Clarke grabbed a water, a Gatorade, and some napkins, placing them in his bag with the sandwhich. Octavia stood waiting for her in the front of the car. They walked together scanning the guys hoping his dark curls would grab their attention.

They heard a few whistle's as they approached a large group.

"What can we do for you ladies?" One of the guys asked.

" We are looking for Bellamy" Clarke said smiling sweetly.

"Bellamy" he yelled loudly.

"Yea!" They heard the response as he rounded the truck. His eyes met Clarkes and a wide grin spread across his face.

'Damn' Clarke thought watching him come towards her. He was dirty from work, his shirt soaked through with sweat causing it to stick to him in all the right places. His smile was just the thing to throw her over the edge. She suddenly felt over heated herself.

'My princess' Bellamy was beyond pleased to see Clarke. She looked beautiful as always and he didn't fail to notice all the surrounding men were circling like wolves. The girls obviously loving the attention.

"What's going on ladies?" He asked.

"Brought you lunch" Clarke smiled handing him the bag.

"Thanks" he said kissing her cheek, he placed a hand on her lower back leading her to the picnic table. He wanted Clarke to himself, but he still kept a close eye on Octavia who was standing by one of the trucks holding a conversation with Lincoln.

"What are you two up to today?"

"We went shopping, you know someones birthday is coming up"

"Yeah, I heard he wants new car"

"Haha, in that case he should expect to be disappointed"

"You never disappoint me" his words causing her to blush.

"I doubt that, how's the sandwich?"

"Great, thank you, you didn't have to do this"

"I know, but in Octavia's words, who could resist some hunky construction workers" she said looking around.

She could see his muscles tense in his arms.

"Especially the ones that are really tan, one with dark eyes, and dark curly hair too, the one I was looking for even has a dusting of freckles across his cheeks" she said.

She looked back to him smiling.

"It's a good thing you found him then huh?"

"I'd say" she responded.

"You coming to the bar tonight?"

"Yea, Trent called me an hour ago, I'm on Clarke duty"

"Don't you mean Clarke and Octavia duty?" the voice sounded from behind him.

"Nope, gonna let you fend for yourself" he answered playfully.

"Alright you two, We should go, we have some cleaning to do and we need to get ready for work soon" Clarke said reluctantly standing.

"I'll walk you to the car" Bellamy said following them, they stopped to say bye to the crowd momentarily, then continued on their way.

He opened Clarke's door for her.

"See you later Bell" She kissed his cheek and got in.

"See you later princess" He said stepping away for them to pull out of the spot.

"You two are unreal, just date already"

"Shut up O" Clarke shook her head.

"So Lincoln's nice, got his number"

"That's good Octavia, Just don't tell Bellamy until you are at the dating step, poor guy will never know what's coming"

"Please, he said Bellamy only declared you off limits, not me"

"Did he now?"

"It's not something to be mad about Clarke"

"Oh I know, It's flattering" she answered blushing again.


Bellamy walked back to the crowd from Clarke's car.

"Your best friend huh?" Roan asked.

"Yea, we have been pretty close all our lives"

"Your girlfriend you mean?" Emerson asked.

"No, just friends"

"Just friends don't act like that" Lincoln stated.

"Well we do, It's our thing"

"Well maybe I want a shot at a friendship like that" Roan asked testing the waters.

"You so much as look at her wrong and I'll fucking kill you"

"Yea just friends" Roan said laughing, Bellamy relaxed a little seeing they were just trying to get him going.

"Alright alright, So I like her" he admitted

"You love her, you are so far gone you don't even know it" Lincoln said

"The whole yard knows when she texts you, you walk around smiling all day, and there is nothing about digging holes that makes us smile" Emerson laughed.

"Yeah, Don't worry about us, we see it, and we feel your pain in the friend zone, we see it on both of you, you will figure it out eventually" Roan stated as they were all grabbing there tools to get back to work.

"Thanks guys" He said happy to have someone to talk to about her.


The girls showed up to work at five o'clock making sure the bar was stocked for the night, they had plenty of ice, and all the kegs for draft were full. The place started filling up.

Seven thirty rolled around and Bellamy walked in the now very crowded establishment. He glanced at the bar seeing his sister and Clarke hard at work. Both dressed way to provocatively for his liking. A battle he would never win. 'It brings Tips, Tips, Tips Bell' He could hear the voices already, 'All it brings is trouble' he thought shaking his head.

He shared the locker out back with Clarke, changed into his security shirt and headed to the bar area.

Clarke could sense someone watching her, Glancing over her shoulder she saw Bellamy. She smiled warmly at him, watching him check her out, he nodded a smirk crossing his face. She just shook her head going back to work.

Octavia and Clarke were raking in the tips tonight, tons of customers, everyone behaving well which was always a plus, a genuinely smooth night.

Clarke watched a tall blonde approach Bellamy. She was talking low enough that he had to lean in her direction to hear her. Clarke could feel the jealousy rising.

"Clarke!, Earth to Clarke, bar full of people, Bell isn't the only one in here" Octavia stated snapping her fingers in Clarke's face. The girl talking to Bellamy stopped to give her a pitiful glance.

"Can I get you a drink?" she asked the stranger, refusing to look at Bellamy.

"Yea, I'll take a vodka and cranberry" she had a snippy tone to her voice, like Clarke was interrupting her.

Clarke filled her glass turning to hand it to her, The blonde was running a finger down Bellamy's chest, her lips inches from his, the distraction caused Clarke to catch the bar edge with the glass spilling it all over the customer. She shot up from her seat.

"You fucking bitch, pay attention to what you are doing"

"That ones on me, and I was paying attention, to what you were doing to my boyfriend, would you like another drink?" Clarke asked loudly. The blonde turned and walked away.

"Clarke, I"

"Bell, don't even, you told the guys you work with I'm off limits? why?"

"Because I don't share well"

"That makes two of us"

"How can you call me off limits when you just want to be friends Clarke?

"I thought we agreed that's what worked"

Octavia took that time to interrupt.

"I think that's a conversation to be had at home, seeing as you both have jobs to do"

They both glared at her.

"Just saying" she shrugged.

The rest of the night went quick, Clarke took a seat on the other side of the bar with Bellamy for the last hour, they sat and drank in silence, still mad at each other. Octavia trying not to laugh at them,

"Okay you two, this makes no sense, you both don't want the other to date anyone else, you two are just friends, not even friends with benefits and you expect each other to treat your friendship like a full fledged relationship, with out the relationship." They both nodded.

"Alright then, just wanted to make sure I was clear" Octavia shook her head.

By the time they were empty and closing up Clarke and Bellamy had more than enough to drink and were feeling pretty good.

"Clarke, I'll drive your car, go get in it, Bellamy go lock yours up, you will ride with us" He nodded following Clarke towards the door.

Octavia finished cleaning the bar top and turning lights off.


Clarke went over to her car trying to unlock the door, It was harder then it looked at that point in time. Bellamy was trying not to laugh as he walked up behind her. He watched her drop the keys again leaning against the car. He bent down and picked them up, slightly losing his balance stepping forward into her. She felt his chest against her back and could feel his breathing on her neck. His hand came up to sit on her waist, the other hand sweeping her hair to the opposite side of her neck. The cool air and his hot breath mingled on her now newly exposed skin.

"Clarke, I want more than what we have" he whispered, letting his lips graze her neck.

"Mmmm" she moaned lightly, feeling his lips on her neck again.

"Bellamy, you have to stop" she said quietly.

"why's that?" he said kissing behind her ear, his hand under the edge of her shirt.

"You are about to cross the line, If you get past that point, I won't want to stop you" she said leaning into him.

"You are making it hard for me to decide what side of the line I want to reside on" he said feeling her hand on his.

She turned in his arms, now facing him. Her eyes looking up into his, he started to lean down to her when a door slamming brought them crashing into reality.

Octavia shut the door to Arkadia, locking everything up. Clarke pulled the keys from Bellamy's hand unlocking the door and sitting in the passenger seat. Bellamy sighed climbing in the back.

They arrived home and all got out of their work clothes, Clarke was in the shower, Bellamy was laying on his bed listening to the water run, thinking about her. He heard the water shut off, she came out towel wrapped tightly around her. She stepped in his room,

"Bell, I'm gonna head to sleep, I'm sorry about tonight"

"I'm not Clarke, I was serious, I want more."

"I was serious too, If we cross that line, we won't be able to go back" she replied walking towards him.

She leaned down and kissed him lightly on the lips. Enough to make his body burn with intensity he has never experienced before.

"Sleep on it, we will talk tomorrow" she said as she walked out of his room to her own. He heard her door click shut and he sighed.

"what the hell was that?" he asked out loud to himself

"That was you two slowly figuring it out" Octavia called passing the doorway quickly headed to her own room.

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