Bruised & Broken

AU/MD Bellarke. Tension runs high with Clarke & Bellamy in the same house. What happens when Clarke's new relationship forces her to lie to Bellamy and drives a wedge in her friendship with Octavia. The one person she can't stand ends up being the one person she needs to help her fix the situation.


2. Chapter 1

"Octavia! Lets go!" Clarke yells up the stairs,

She's been pacing and checking her watch for the last 15 minutes.

Bellamy try's not to smirk at the obvious aggravation his sister is causing. He can't help but put his two cents in,

"Hey if you keep pacing in that same spot we are going to need to replace the flooring"

Her icy blue eyes meet his dark ones, he can't help but notice how good she looks this morning.

'Nothing better then making her feisty this early in the day'

"Shut It Bellamy", Hearing her response shakes him from his thoughts.

Before he can respond Octavia comes running down the stairs,

"I'm ready, lets go" She announces. Clarke is already out the door as Octavia yells

"bye bell" Followed by the slam of the door.

"Bye, not that anyone waits for a reply in this house"

He mutters to himself as he sits down on the couch.


"What takes you so long to get ready O?"

Clarke asks as they are putting seat belts on,

"Geeze, keep your pants on, Whats up with you today?"

Octavia asks suspiciously, as she speeds off.

"Nothing I just have to go to the library before class and at the rate I'm going I'll be lucky if

I make class"

"This has nothing to do with that guy that we saw in the library yesterday does it?"

"He was cute right?" Clarke Smiles.

"Actually he creeped me out" Octavia shot back recalling the library encounter from the day before,

She still got chills thinking about it.

"He looked at you like you were a piece of meat clarke, nothing flattering about it" She heard Clarke sigh but pressed on

"He has bad news written all over him, stay away, Bellamy will lose it!"

Clarke laughed out loud, 'How could Bellamy live without having something to be pissed at me about' she thought to herself.

"O, I could care less about what Bell will think, hes your brother not mine and it doesn't matter who we bring home,

he will never like them"

"It's because he cares about you Clarke, Open your eyes"

"They are open, Wide open in fact and he will never see me as anything other then your friend, and another little sister"

"Sounds like that bothers you, Don't fool yourself though, he doesn't look at me like he looks at you"

"O, enough, I feel like I've had this conversation a million times"

"Because we have, usually, right after one of you does something ruining each others relationships by acting like jealous

idiots instead of the sibling like relationship you both claim to have"

Octavia shook her head as Clarke turned the radio up, Good thing the college wasn't that far of a drive.

Octavia felt her phone vibrate in her pocket, as she unlocked the screen she saw she has one new message.

Bellamy: What's her problem this morning?

Octavia smirked to herself, They were going to drive her crazy, they needed to just take this "sibling" relationship to the next level already.

She searched her mind trying to think of something to say that wouldn't result in a million questions.

Octavia: She needed to go the library before class

Bellamy: For what?

Octavia: I'm assuming a book ?

Bellamy: She was in the bathroom for 2 hours O...all that getting ready for a book?

Octavia: I'm not her keeper Bell ask her if you are that concerned

Bellamy: Who is he?

Octavia: I'm not doing this... Have a good day :)

Bellamy: I'll find out, She can't hide him forever

Octavia just shook her head in amusement closing the message, Just in time for them to park and head to the library quick.

She spent the whole trip silently hoping that this guy wasn't there, so much for luck, he was the first one she saw as Clarke opened the door.

She returned the book she had taken out for research the day before as Clarke walked over to the table he was seated at.

They sat and talked a few minutes, When Octavia interrupted,

"Hey, sorry to butt in, but we have class in ten minutes"

"Okay, Cage this is my best friend Octavia, Octavia meet Cage" Clarke said as she stood

"Hey, nice to meet you" Octavia nodded in response to his greeting.

"Clarke, I'll send you a message later, see what your up to"

"Sounds great, Have a good day cage!" she replied grabbing her books and following O out of the library to class.


By there last class Octavia was never so happy to see the car, that meant only 20 more minutes of having to listen to Clarke talk about Cage.

As they pulled in the driveway Bellamy's friend Raven was headed to her car, They had a 'thing' for a short period of time and Clarke

did not approve. Aside from that Clarke's last serious relationship ended upon finding out Raven was sleeping with her boyfriend.

Clarke met her gaze

What the fuck is she doing here?

You could see the anger radiating off of Clarke.

"Down Girl" Octavia laughed as she got out of the car.

"Octavia, Clarke" Raven greeted

"Hey Raven hows it going?" Octavia spoke up as Clarke walked right past her like she wasn't even there.

Raven shook her head looking at Octavia

"They ever gonna figure it out or what?"

"I ask myself the same question, I Hope its soon if they do, they are unbearable some days"

As if they needed proof of being unbearable, they could hear raised voices from inside carrying out into the driveway.


"Raven, Hold up don't forget your sweatshirt, Clarke will be..."


And that's what she was when Bellamy rounded the corner at a rapid pace and slammed into her.

"Clarke will be what?"

"Home any second... and It's not what it looks like"

"Really, because it looks like Raven, the same girl who Finn cheated on me with, was here with you, after you told me you wouldn't be

that stupid to get involved with her again"

Bellamy shifted, needing to turn this conversation around.

"What does it matter, I hear you have a new interest that frequents the library" His voice slightly raised.

Clarke's Eyes met his in a fiery rage. If I didn't think Octavia would be upset, I'd choke the life out of him.

"I do, his name is Cage Wallace and he's everything your not Bellamy, Making him perfect"

She watched his eyes, flash from hurt to anger is seconds,

"That's good because its obvious your perfection is rare, like your some fucking princess, no ones good enough for you!"

"You would know, you make sure to let every person who walks through that door know that they will never measure up, Just because you don't measure up doesn't mean Cage won't" Wait, what?, did I say that out loud...shit.

"That's okay Raven takes care of me just fine, but then again you must already know that, seeing as Finn left you for her. " He yelled at her, He saw her wince and instantly felt bad. That was was too far, idiot!

Her teary eyes met his and she turned running up the stairs.

"Clarke! Wait!" was all he got out before the slamming door shook the windows below her bedroom.

He turned to the opening door as Octavia peeked around the corner and walked in.

"Bellamy, what the hell was that?" Octavia asked

"Nothing, It will work itself out" I hope.

"That's what i always here, but it just gets worse" She rested a hand on his shoulder.

"Bell, I know you like her, Hell even Raven knows, everyone but you and her see it. One day its not gonna work itself out"

Bellamy let out a sigh and walked outside into the back yard. He could hear Clarke's music traveling out the bedroom window. All of a sudden it went silent, he could hear her phone ring once before she began to speak ..


"Hey Cage, Hows it Going?"

"Tonight? I work Bar tending at Arkadia, Bar & Grill on Elm st. 7 till close"

"Yea stop in and say hey!"

"See you then"

Bellamy laid across the bench on the porch eavesdropping on her conversation.

He just didn't understand what was happening, they rarely got along anymore, and he couldn't stand the thought of any other guys talking to her.

I'm jealous...great...she made it perfectly clear i'm not in her league, I should've kissed her instead of yelling at her, I thought about telling Raven she wasn't welcome here, but if she can meet up with Cage then I'm not gonna wait for something that's not going to happen.

The porch door opened, he must have been lost in thought awhile, as Clarke came out showered and dressed for work. Wearing a shirt that was far to low cut and made Bellamy's mouth run dry. He averted his gaze down, that was a mistake, her painted on light blue jeans weren't helping his situation. If he could just find his voice..Talk you idiot...Talk!

"Clarke...I'm Sorry"

"I'm sorry too, We got carried away" She said walking towards him. I hate fighting with him, I'm glad we rebound quick.

He stood opening his arms, She walked into them wrapping her arms around his middle as he enclosed her in a hug. She reached up kissing his cheek, reaching into her pocket she handed him money.

"I have to go to work, that's rent and half the electric, We can talk when I get home if you want, or you can come see me if you're bored, It's wing night"

"There's food so I'll be there, and you of course"

"I'll see you then, bring O too!" she smiled walking off the porch and around the house to her car.

Bellamy stood walking into the house receiving a warm smile from his sister on the couch,

"how's that 'sibling bond' going?" Let me hear you lie, like I didn't just see you fumble for words at the sight of her.

"It's good, we are fine, I told you" he said starting up the steps.

"O, get ready, we are going to Arkadia to get some dinner" he yelled down before entering his room.

"Of course we are" she laughed to herself, standing and heading to get ready.

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