Am I that easy to forget?


2. High school sucks

Caroline pov. 


I just snoozed my alarm three times, so I don't have time to eat breakfast today. Pray for me. 

I went for this outfit today: 

I just want to get this day over with. 


At school: 

Me and Julia drove to school, and of course couldn't find our classes. Well this will suck! 


"Caroline, go ask that boy, if he can help us!!"

"No way, you know I can't do that!"

"Well, you are the cool twin - just do it!"

"ugh, fine"


"Hey fellow prison mate, can you help me find my cell?"

"uh, are you new?"

"Um yeah"

"cool, what's you're name?"


"Nice, mine's Matt, come sit with me at lunch!"

"You sure? I have a twin that really easy falls for cute boys"

"haha you're funny!" 

"Okay we will sit with you"

"Cool, cell G12 is down this way and to the left!"



I have never done anything like that before... Yikes.


Me and my twin, has the first two classes together and then we will separate to our own lanes. 


At lunch: 

I saw Matt in the corner of my eye, sitting with what looks like 10+ girls and the whole football team. He must be popular, why would he hang with us?

"Omg Caroline, loverboy to the left!"

"Stop Julia!"

"Let's go over there!"

She took my arm, and it felt like she flew over to him!

"Hey Caroline! how's school?"

"You sound like my dad! please don't"

(whole table laughing) "Well, sit down"

"Thanks, um this is Julia - my twin!"

And we sat there all the time during lunch, and socialized with jocks and stupid girls. 

Matt seemed nice, but i think likes this girl at the table named Francesca. 


Time to go home, and do homework for three hours.. i hate my life... But school was actually okay... 


hoped you like it... #Highschool hell 

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