Am I that easy to forget?


1. First day in my new life


I just moved to California. 

With my twin (Julia), my older brother (Jonathan) and my father. 

I have always lived in Orlando. Until my mother died 6 months ago. Luckily my father earns a fair amount of money, and we had the chance to move. And my father thought it would be a great idea to move to the west coast. 

I am not looking forward to going to a new high school, getting new friends, or leaving my friends...

At least I have my brother and my twin. 

This is going to be exciting...

BTW, my name is Caroline. 


Caroline pov. 

"Dad, i will not like this place"


Dad: "yes you will, we just don't have unlimited amount of space or time"


"Dad - I promise to you; this will suck"


I just saw my room. I guess it's okay, and I should perhaps not give my father a hard time right now. 

I helped Julia unpack her stuff as I was done with my room. 

She is looking forward to this, maybe I should too. 


I just want to sleep. 


Hope you enjoyed this short chapter, there will be longer chapters in the future.







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