A collection of poems for the emotional

This collection of poems was written throughout my teenage years. Throughout them you can feel the rawness of emotions that come with being a teenager.


7. Anger

Anger, anger.

Slowly risin

Killing braincells

Killing me.


Panic, panic,

Rising heartbeat

Replacing happy thoughts

It’s hard to think.


Coldness, coldness

Spilling over

Filling all emotions

Heat comes rising up.


Yelling, yelling

Whispering but shouting

Not wanting anyone to hear

But wanting to make them listen.


Shock, shock

At what you just said

Wanting to take it back

But knowing you never can.


Silence, silence

After the shouting is done

Wanting to run away

But your feet are glued to the ground.


Sadness, sadness

At the loss of a friend

As it’s going to be a while

Before you talk to each other again,


Anger, anger

Slowly rising

Killing brain cells

Killing me.

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