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1. Finders keepers s g c

Billy’s Story Chapter 1 Finders keepers

   Billy nodded to Jack as he entered the room. Jack the barman greeted him with a knowing smile, then indicated with a pointed look to a table in the back where two young guys were noisily celebrating some big deal or other. Walking up to their table, Billy announced, “Hi, I’m Billy I understand from Jack one or both of you are looking for some boy action.”

   The red-haired guy looked him up and down and then laughingly declared, “You’re certainly a pretty one but its Simon over there that swings both ways. He’s the one who asked the barman, not me.”

   “Yeah, Henry, he sure is pretty. How about trying a slice of the action for a change?” Simon said looking at Billy.

   “He really is tempting but no thanks, I’ll stick to what I like best.” Henry answered.

   “Hey boy, turn around slowly and show me what you’ve got.” Simon told Billy.

   Billy was already sixteen. He had sandy hair, a fair complexion together with a pair of sparkling blue eyes set in a boyish face making him look younger than he really was.  He wore a pair of skinny jeans which certainly showed off everything he had on offer. After the inspection, Simon licking his lips said to Jack, the barman, who by then had join them, “Yeah he’ll do. So how much you asking?”

   The barman quoted, “Fifty bucks for a blow job, a hundred for all the way and two hundred for an all-night session.”

   Before Billy knew it Simon had paid for the full package, which included a hotel room for the night.

   Billy had run away from home after his mum had died leaving him to the heavy-handed son of a bitch his stepdad, who liked to hit out when he came home drunk. Adapting to street life hadn’t been easy for Billy.  He soon found selling his body for sex was the only way to survive. The problem he had with that was he wasn’t gay. So, the only way to make it tolerable was like most of the other boys on the streets, to take drugs every time just before having sex. Occasionally he got an all-night session where he could take a shower first and if he was lucky he would have another one before he was kicked out afterwards.

  Once inside the room there was no shower for Billy because Simon immediately took control. He sat on the only chair and ordered Billy to strip, but too do it slowly. Billy, who was getting high by then having taken something on the way up to the room, started to undress first he took off his T-shirt showing that his upper body was hairless. Next, he undid his belt and top button of his jeans. He was slowly pulling down the zipper of his jeans when Simon told him to stop and to turn around and then continue undressing. Billy now facing away from Simon watched himself in the dressing table mirror. Seductively he moved his hips until his jeans moved down from his waist totally exposing his naked self.

   He watched through the mirror Simon stand up and unzip his trousers. But what really scared him was the look of pure lust he could see in the young guy’s face. The next thing billy Knew he was being pushed forward face down onto the bed. Then feeling the pain of being fucked hard without mercy.        

   It must have been after the third or fourth time of the guy humping Billy’s arse that he suddenly stopped.  After making a strange noise, the guy had slumped forward pinning Billy to the bed. Apparently, he’d had a heart attack and had died. Thankfully, by then they both were totally naked. After wriggling free, Billy took a much-needed shower to remove all the dead guy’s bodily fluids. He then took the opportunity to searche the guy’s clothes. To his surprise, as well as money and a stash of drugs. Billy found a local bus station locker key, number twenty. This, strangely enough, was only two rows behind his own box where he kept all his personal belongings.

   It must have taken an hour for Billy to walk to the bus station and get back. On entering the room, Billy immediately contacted Jack and reported the death.

   Jack wasn’t too happy and blamed Billy as if it was his fault that the guy had snuffed it. He had refused to give him any of the two hundred already paid, saying it would pay for cleaning up the room.  This really pissed Billy off. Even though he swore a lot, there was no budging Jack, so eventually he had left empty handed.

All the way back to his cardboard box, which he called home, he couldn’t help but think about the bag of money he had removed from the dead guy’s locker.

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