a boy life


8. 8

Chapter 8

   Andy was really enjoying the bike ride. He especially liked the sensation of power he was feeling pulsating between his legs. He also enjoyed snuggling up to the boy in front which certainly was turning him on. So preoccupied was he with this, that not until they stopped for food did he realise that Billy was no longer with them.

   Jimmy, the rider who Andy had cuddled up to, laughed when Andy pointed this out. Jimmy explained that he and his fellow bike brothers had been sent to collect a package for their leader, and not to worry about his friend Billy because the following morning they would meet up with the others at the bus station. Thankfully Andy was relieved to hear that he was the only one to share a bed with Jimmy.

   Andy was in love, he couldn’t wait to tell Billy. So, on arrival at the bus station and after discovering from the accommodations’ clerk where Billy was, he rushed over there followed by Jimmy.  Finding the door open, Andy bounded in, only to collided with Henry. There was a loud noise as Henry’s gun fired and Billy scream. Then all hell broke loose as Jimmy overpowered Henry.


  Billy awoke to the smell of disinfectant. He felt both week and sore. The last thing he remembered was hearing the gun go off and feeling pain then nothing until now. Opening his eyes, he could see Andy slumped in a chair, he had been crying. Billy moved his fingers sort of trying them out to see if they still worked. This movement alerted Andy to the fact that Billy was awake. Their eyes met and Billy smiled, the relief on Andy’s face said it all.



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