a boy life


7. 7 s g c

Chapter 7

   Henry wasn’t happy when he had found out Billy had bought tickets for the greyhound bus and had told the clerk in San Francisco he was heading towards Province town, New York State some two thousand miles away. Henry had been traveling several days now and at every stop had made inquiries about Simon or Billy and the boys. With no luck.

   Again, FBI Agent Thomson was advised that some of the marked dollar bills were in circulation. He also noted that the boys seen on the coach had not yet been picked up. Apparently, they had gone missing. He cursed the agent who had first seen them on the bus for not checking them out moneywise. Now he had to waste more time and resources following the new lead.

   The follow up report informed Agent Thomson. That the money had been traced to a room maintenance guy, apparently one of the boys had oded on drugs.

   According to a surveillance camera the other boys has left in car pulling a camper. The agent on site had advised highway patrol to look out and apprehend.  

  Tom and his friend the driver, were still looking for Billy and the thirty thousand dollars. They were monitoring the highway patrol wave bands when the call came through about Billy and the camper.

“Fuck.” Tom swore out loud They were gaining on the camper when almost from nowhere a highway patrol car overtook the truck and with flashing lights had stopped the camper.

 Tom couldn’t believe his ears when the officer reported that the boys weren’t there.

   Unknown to Tom and the Highway patrol officer, Andy at the very last minute as they were driving out passed the bus station had insisted to be let out. He whispered to Billy that he wanted to say goodbye to Scott again. Billy couldn’t admit in front of Jill and her brother that Scott hadn’t left earlier by bus but was at that moment lying on the bed in the room dead from having Oded on drugs. So, naturally he too had got out with Andy.

   Andy wanted to go straight to the room where they had left Scott. Thankfully Billy had suggested a more careful approach because when they arrived at the corner of the adjacent block, they could see a maintenance guy replacing the busted lock of their old room. This meant only one thing, Scott’s body had been discovered.

   Billy could see Andy was upset at not seeing his friend one last time. Billy dug into his trouser pocket and produced his own bag of tablets and gave one to Andy. Unfortunately, there was only now five left, meaning they had to score soon or suffer withdrawal symptoms. The immediate problem for Billy was what to do next. Take the bus or chance another hitch?

    First, they had to eat it was either the bus station food or the transport café. Thankfully they chose the café where they met up with some bikers, who supplied them both with drugs and a ride onwards.

   Billy found being a passenger on a motorbike was both frightening and exhilarating at the same time. He found he had to hang on tightly to the boy sitting in front of him trying not to fall off. Now and then he could see Andy on another bike also hanging on for dear life. Thankfully they both had taken a pill before moving off.

      They had been travelling only a few miles when all of a sudden three of the bikers split off using an up ramp. Unfortunately Andy was a passenger on one of them. Billy tried desperately to get the attention of the boy he was riding with but due to the noise and speed the bike was doing he got no response.

   Eventually a few hours later Billy found himself at the next bus station feeling upset and lost. He was all alone again for the first time in almost three years.

   That evening Billy rented a room. He needed time to think about what to do next.

   In the morning Billy was rudely awoken by the sound of loud banging on his room door. Half asleep he got out of bed and not thinking to look to see who it was through the big window he unlocked the door. Before he knew it, the door was being forced open knocking him backwards into the room and down on to the floor. Billy, wide awake now stared up at the gun pointing at his head. Holding the gun was the red-haired guy named Henry.

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