a boy life


6. 6 s g c

Chapter 6

   Tom swore when he checked the money in the duffel bag and found only twenty thousand dollars, ten of which was in hundred-dollar bills. Scott had told him there was over fifty thousand in the bag.   

    It took forever for Peter, to find a place to turn the lorry around and head back to the layby. By the time they got there, Scott and the boys had gone and so had most of the money. Tom was especially annoyed with himself for both not checking the money bag before driving off and taking pity on Scott when he decided to stay with his friends.

   Peter put out a call to his fellow truckers to look out for the three boys. Naturally he didn’t mention the missing thirty thousand dollars.  

  Soon after the truck left them stranded in the middle of nowhere, a car towing a camper pulled into the layby. The driver was a boy. Almost before it stopped, out jumped a teenage girl about Billy’s age who, as she dashed past him to the toilet hut, he could see was already undoing the belt of her jeans.

   A few minutes later she re-emerged holding her nose saying out loud, “God it really stinks in there.”  Billy answered laughing, “What did you expect? It’s only a toilet seat over a hole in the ground above a cesspit.”

  She responded by saying, “I need to wash my hands,”.  looking around for a tap.

  “Ask your boyfriend in the car to hand you a bottle of water,” Billy suggested.

  “He’s not my boyfriend he’s my brother and we’ve run out of water.”

  “Okay,” Billy stated. “I’ll give you my water bottle if you give us a lift.”        

   Before answering the girl look around and then asked, “Where your car?”

The boys had joined them by then and, Scott answered, “We’ve been lorry-jacked and they’ve taken all our money. He then burst into tears and fell into Andy’s arms sobbing. 

  “Oh no, that’s terrible,” the girl exclaimed.

   Billy just shrugged and pulled out his bottle of water and asked her to hold out her hands. He then poured a small amount of water over them. She rubbed her hands together and wiped them dry on her sleeves, before introducing herself. Her name was Jill and her brother, who by then had got out the car, was named Jed. After the introductions and a conversation, it was agreed that they would give Billy and the boys a lift as far as the next bus station. But not the one they had started out from that morning.

  Tom urged Peter to drive faster. Maybe they could catch up with Billy and the boys. No way was he letting thirty thousand dollars get away from him.

  They caught up with a couple of lorries whose drivers acknowledged they were not carrying any passengers. They drove passed the lorry park after checking by radio that the boys weren’t there.   

   Little did Tom know but Billy and the boys were already there. Jed needed to get gas and after that Jill wanted to get some supplies, especially water. They ended up parked near the facilities and the boys had all the while stayed hidden in the camper. The only problem with that of course was Scott needed to go badly. So, of course he made a dash across open ground to the toilets.  

    Billy was getting worried it had been at least half an hour since Scott had left the camper. He told Andy to stay put.

    When Billy got to the toilets there was a board in its entrance stating it was closed for cleaning. No wonder Scot wasn’t back yet. Billy didn’t know if there were any other public toilets around. To save time he decided to pop in and ask directions from the cleaning guy.

  At first, he thought the place was empty. It was only when he walked to the back section where the toilet stalls were, did he find Scot in the far end one, servicing this older guy, the cleaner.

  “Fuck Billy!” thought. They were back at the camper. He should have told the boys about the money stashed in their backpacks, Scott had just handed over the thirty bucks he had got from the cleaner.

   Several hours later they arrive at their next main bus stop.  By then it was already getting dark and Jed was tired of driving. Jill decided that they should stop over for the night. Naturally the camper was too small for five of them, so Billy got a room for himself and the boys. As a thank you for rescuing them from the layby Billy asked if he and the boys could take Jill and Jed to supper.

  While Billy was having a shower, he could hear shouting coming from the bedroom. Worried that something was amiss he immediately grabbed a towel and wrapping it around his still dripping wet body. He then rushed out to see what wrong. Apparently, Scot, who was rummaging through his backpack for a change of clothes had discovered the money Billy had hidden there for safe keeping.

   After the excitement of Scott finding the money Billy, before returning to his shower, explained that he had stashed money in all their bags. It was only then that Scott admitted there could be a problem for he had told Tom there was fifty thousand dollars in the duffel bag.

  “Omg!” Billy thought now they had to watch out for Tom, as well as Henry and the FBI. This meant going by bus was no longer an option at least for the time being. Maybe going with Jill and Jed would be the safer bet.

   Scott insisted that he would stay in the room and guard the money while Billy and Andy took Jill and Jed for the thankyou supper.  

  After an enjoyable meal and conversation where it had been agreed that the boys could travel in the camper. Billy and Andy had returned to their room to find it locked as agreed but received no answer to their usual prearranged knocking code. Eventually Billy had been forced to bust open the door. Only to find Scott lying on the floor dead. 

  Andy couldn’t stop crying, Billy cursed his own stupidity for not thinking to remove the bag of drugs hidden in his backpack. Those he had got from the dead guy’s jacket pocket. Apparently, Scot had found the stash of drugs while searching Billy’s backpack and had over dosed on them.

   Billy transferred the money from Scott’s pack together with an envelope containing his personal details.

   Later when they joined up with Jill and her brother at the camper. Billy told them Scott had decided to travel alone and had already taken the bus.


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