a boy life


5. 5 s g c


Chapter 5

   Fuck Billy declared. He had just dumped his bag down and there was a ringing tone coming from it.  Searching around he discovered that the phone he had taken from the dead guy’s pocket had switched itself on after making contact with the floor.

  Instead of just switching if off, Billy stupidly answered it. They all froze when Kim’s voice came out loud and clear. “Wherever you are Billy I’ll find you and your two little friends and when I do you’ll be sorry. I’ll teach you to fuck with me. Running off like that without giving me my share of the dead guy’s money.”

   After the shock of the phone call wore off, Billy explained that Kim must have got the number from Jack, who always took the client’s contact details.

   Scot started crying Tom comforted him. Andy asked in a scared voice, “What can we do?” Billy told everyone to calm down and let him think.

Billy thought about what they could do. As far as he could tell, Kim only knew about the money that the dead guy Simon possibly had on him thanks to Jack. If they went back home to Kim with a few hundred dollars they might get away with it. But then there was Scott and no way could he not tell about the other money especially after helping count it. Then there was the other guy Henry who knew about the money and was looking for them. Oh, and yes there was the FBI man to consider. The problem was to decide which way they should go. Take the bus up the road or back down. However, there was another option. Billy had noticed there was a lorry park nearby the bus station using the same facilities. Maybe they could get a lift out of here.

 After buying backpacks for all of them including Tom. Big mouth Scott never one to keep a secret had told him about the stash of money, so naturally he wanted to come with them.

  At their first attempt they discovered that it was almost impossible to find anyone to take all four of them together. Thankfully Tom had hitched before and knew one of the long-distance lorry drivers who, just happened to be stopped in the lorry park, so was able to get them a ride.

  “Take your things and get out,” the driver said. They had only driven a few miles when he had parked in a layby. Billy started reaching down for the duffel bag containing the money, when Tom stopped him. “I’ll take that one,” he said pointing a gun at Billy’s head. Then he said to Scott, “You can stay if you want to.”   

   Both Andy and Scott were crying, Billy was fuming. That scumbag Tom, had fooled them all and now had the duffel bag with the money. Thankfully he had taken pity on poor Scott and had allowed them all to take their backpacks. Little did anyone know that Billy, as a safety precaution had already transferred some of the money into his and the boys’ packs.




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