a boy life


4. 4 s g c

Chapter 4

   Some six hours later when the bus pulled in for its breakfast stop, Billy had the boys ready with their things for a quick exit telling the driver that they wouldn’t be coming back so not to hold the bus for them. Thanking his good fortune for having opted ten-day discovery passes, which enabled them to hop on and hop off the buses wherever they liked. The first thing Billy did after they had eating breakfast was to get a room.

   He got Scot and Andy then to help him count out the money. To his surprise there was over fifty thousand dollars. Unfortunately, over ten thousand dollars was in new one hundred-dollar bills. Billy couldn’t bring himself to destroy that much money. So, he stashed them in the bottom of the bag first thinking they might come in handy when buying drugs.

  Still not quite trusting the boys with the money, he left them to watch tv in the room. While he, carrying the duffel bag slung over his shoulder, went out to find a lockup unit. Once that was done, he looked around at the stores selling everything from clothes, suitcases and camping gear.

   Scott and Andy as soon as Billy had left stripped down to their underpants and jumped into bed and just lay their cuddling for a while. Scott was the first to speak, “How come Billy has all that money?” he asked. “I don’t know, maybe he robbed a bank? Andy replied. “I know what I would do if it was my money.” Scott announced. “What?” Andy asked. “Buy lots of drugs and stay in bed with you forever.” That made them both laugh. Just then they heard someone at the door trying the handle.

   Billy had arrived at the door and was pleased to find it still locked. He then gave the door three quick taps, which was the signal to be let him in.

  Scott followed by Andy got out of bed and approached the door. Andy looked through the spy hole “It’s Billy,” he whispered. Scott whispered back, “Is he alone?” “I can’t see.” Andy said giving the door three slow taps, which was acknowledge by four quick taps meaning that it was all clear to open up.

   As soon as Billy stepped inside the room Scot and Andy jumped him and laughingly started pulling off his clothes. Billy tried to protect himself complaining all the time that two against one wasn’t fair. Eventually, still laughing Scott and Andy won out and led a naked Billy to bed.

  Scott, now that Billy was their prisoner lying wedge between him and Andy, he asked, “Tell us all about the money or else?” And started tickling Billy,

  Billy cried out, “Stop it. Alright you win.” He then proceeded tell them everything except about the stash of drugs he had taken from the guy’s pocket.

“OMG!” Andy said, “So where on the run.”

    To alleviate the tension after that remark and as they were already in bed, one thing had led to another and they had a happy threesome. Then after a shower it was lunch time.

  It was while Billy and Andy were looking at backpacks and sleeping bags that Scott went missing for a short time. Only to reappear followed by a cute male assistant. Apparently, he been trying on clothes at the back of the shop in the changing room. The assistant’s face looked flushed as though he had been running. Our problem was he had traded some prescription tablets for a blow job from Scott, who by now was high as a kite. Meaning no way were we getting on a bus that evening. Instead we would have to stay overnight in the room. Billy cursed Scott for not having self-control and blamed himself for not keeping an eye on him.

   Around midnight that same day unable to sleep, still worrying about staying in one place to long, trying not to disturb anyone, Billy left the room. He walked as far as the bus terminal and saw the bus they would have taken, but for Scott’s mishap arrive. OMG he thought and moved back into the shadows because he recognised the red haired guy, Henry, as he got off the bus. Billy watched him walk around asking questions to those people waiting to get on the bus. Thirty minutes later Billy breathed a sigh of relief when the coach drove off with the guy sitting in the front seat just behind the driver.  

  The next day Scott felt so ill he didn’t want to get up let alone have breakfast.

  Both Billy and Andy feeling hungry left him alone and walked over to get something to eat. When they returned the boy from the shop was sitting in a chair by Scott’s side and looking really worried. He told Billy he was sorry and shouldn’t Scot see a doctor. In the conversation that followed they found out his name was Tom and he’d never done anything like this before with another boy. He even offered to fetch a doctor.

   Billy told him the only medicine Scot really needed right then was for some loving care and he should undress and get into bed with Scot and hold him in his arms and comfort him.

   Tom was a bit embarrassed, but he did strip down to his underpants and slip into bed with Scot. Laughing, billy and Andy left the room. Much later when they returned both of the boys were fast asleep. They didn’t wake up even when Billy and Andy got into bed either side of them.

   Just for the fun of it Andy while getting into bed lifted the covers and noticed that Tom was no longer wearing his underpants and that he was lying with his cute bottom facing outwards in his direction. This naturally was very tempting but all he did was cuddle up and fall asleep with a smile on his face.    

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