a boy life


3. 3 s g c

Chapter 3

   Henry could be quite persuasive in his dealings with people, especially homeless ones and soon found out where Billy’s box was.  However, he was too late. Apparently, Billy had left the previous night accompanied by two other young boys.  

   Even though the boys’ cardboard boxes had already been taken over by others, Henry by just showing his gun made them leave. After which he almost tore the boxes to bits looking for anything that might help him find the whereabouts of Simon or rather the money.

  “Fuck,” Henry swore when he moved one of the boxes and discovered a crisp one-hundred-dollar bill. Although they had stated that the ransom should be in used low denomination bills, some had been paid in crisp one hundred-dollar bills which had so annoyed Simon.


   Later the next day FBI agent Thomson was advised that several of the marked hundred-dollar bills had been traced to a bus station,


   It was late at night when the bus stopped for its usual thirty minutes stop over for coffee and use of the rest room facilities Thankfully both Scot and Andy were asleep when the state trooper walked dawn the isle looking at each person in turn and asking questions. When he came to Billy he stopped and looked at the two younger boys sleeping cuddled up together in the seats next to Billy.

The trooper pulled out his phone and reported in,

 “There here, sir.”

  A man in a suit boarded the bus and joined the state trooper.  In a quiet voice the FBI agent trying not to disturb the sleeping boys stated, “I understand you three got on the bus in San Francisco, having paid for your seats with hundred-dollar bills.” “Yes, sir,” Billy replied. 

  “May I ask how you came by those hundred-dollar bills?”

   Billy thought a minute and then answered, “I was given them for services rendered sir.”

   “How old are you son?” the agent asked.

   “Sixteen, Sir,” Billy answered.

   “Don’t bullshit me boy what’s your real age?”

   “It’s sixteen and I can prove it.” Digging down into his bag, Billy came up with his birth certificate showing that he was telling the truth.

   Next the agent showed Billy an artist drawing of two men and asked, “Have you seen these men?”

“Yes, sir. I think that’s Henry and the other one’s Simon.”  The agent turned to the trooper and told him radio through to the police in, San Francisco with the names of the two suspects they we’re hunting. Billy interrupted him by telling him that Simon was dead, having died while fucking him, and that’s how he got the hundred-dollar bills.

   The FBI agent considered for a moment taking Billy together with the two boys into custody. However, he decided not to waste his time. especially as it would be almost impossible to arrange at this late hour in the middle of nowhere. So, he decided to allow the boys to travel on and would arrange for their pick up further down the road.  

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