a boy life


2. 2 s g c



Chapter 2

  The following morning Henry tried contacting Simon but he wasn’t answering his phone. So, instead, he sent a text message. “Hi, when you next come up for air, this is a reminder I’ll meet you at the bus station as planned at twelve.”


   Billy had wanted to tell his two friend, Scott and Andy, about the money stashed in his locker, but he was worried that Scott couldn’t be trusted to keep his mouth shut and tell Kim. Most of the time they were stoned out of their minds. Yet having been with them for the last two years he considered them his family. They had looked after him when he first hit the streets they had also introduced him to Kim, their protector who provided them with safe guys to have sex with and in return he only asked for two thirds of what they got.

   Billy didn’t know what to do about Kim he would expect to get his cut of the money Billy would have got from Jack. Knowing Kim, he wouldn’t care if Billy hadn’t got any of the money. He would just add his cut to the money Billy still owed him. The problem was once he found out about the guy had snuffed it, he would strip search Billy and find his locker key. Last time he was searched Billy had swallowed the key and, happily, it had come out the other end okay.

   Determined not to go through that again he decided to get the money from his locker and run away.

  However, when he had gone to retrieve the bag of money, he almost ran into the red-haired guy and had to dash rather sharpish behind a bus. It was only when he saw the guy leave, did he go to his locker and empty everything out of it.

    On returning to his home under the flyover, with Andy’s help, he had sort of kidnapped Scot, before he could blab about the money.


   At the bus station there was still no sign of Simon. That’s when Henry had this terrible thought. When he got to Simon’s box he found the key in the lock and the box empty. Thankfully after checking, he still had his share of the ransom money in his box. Damn, he thought they’d agreed not to touch the money for at least a month, and now Simon had gone and taken his share with him.  Retracing his steps back to the hotel bar where he last saw Simon, Henry approached Jack and after ordering a beer he asked, “Do you remember me?” “Yeah sure do, you and your friend were certainly having a good time when you were here yesterday.” Henry asked casually, “What time did my friend leave this morning?”  Jack decided to deny everything, so replied, “What ARE you talking about? He left last night same time as you.”

   “Hold on a minute,” Henry declared, “When I left he was about to go upstairs to the hotel room you rented him together with a boy I think called Billy.”  “Firstly, no way could I rent your friend a room. I’m only a barman here but, if you were saying he was staying in one of the hotel rooms, they have to be vacated by twelve.”

   Henry wasn’t happy with this answer so instead asked, “Okay so where, if I was looking, would I find Billy?”

   “Billy lives in a cardboard box under the flyover with all the other down and outs,” was the reply.


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