Glowing eyes.

This story is about a girl called, Ashly.
Her mom died 2 years ago, she's now in the living hell.
Her step dad is abusing her, and have a serious drinking problem.
And she's soon to be slave for the one and only, Harry Styles, alfa of the werewolvs in London.


9. What's happening


*Ashly's P.O.V*


I woke up to my alarm, my eyes was still a little red from yesterday. I walked over to my closet, and heard something move in my bed. Harry? WTF? Did he come in her last night? What happened last night!? The only thing i remember is that I saw the news and fell asleep on Harry's shoulder. So there is no... Wait I fell asleep on his shoulder?? 'Mate' a voice said in my head. 'Go and lay next to him, you need him' the voice said. WTF am I going insane?

Harry was making some noises so I hurried out to take a shower. I stripped down my cloth and turned on the hot water. "This would help me if I'm going insane" I told my self and steeped in, and the water hit my body.


*Harry's P.O.V* 


I turned around to see Ashly was gone. 'Dude our mate is gone, we need to find her, now' he almost yelled at me. I got up and out of the door only to meet Ashly's eyes. She was only an inch away and my wolf was howling. She didn't have any clothes on, only a towel. Her hair was wet and wavy. Damn!

"Ohh. Sorry, I-I need to get to my ro-room" She said blushing and looked at the floor. She is so shy and innocent, is't so hot!  I moved so she could walk past me, she slammed the door behind her. I walked downstairs with a big smile on my lips

"Why so happy?" Louis asked, he is my beta and also one of my closed friends, he had been away for to weeks, on a hunt. "No reason" I said, still smiling and hugged. He looked at me and shook his head. "If you say so Harry" He took a coke from the fridge, and was going to say something just as the door opened. And Sarah walked in.

"Hi boys" She said with a smile. "Why is everyone so freaking happy" Louis said with his arms in the air. "Just because you are mad all the time, doesn't it mean that everyone should be" I said with a little laugh after. "I'm just happy because I'm soon 16 and the I will find my mate" She said looking at me and walked over to me. "You are soon 18 Harry and you will also be looking for a mate, you are the alpha you should have decent mate" She said and took my hands around her waist.

"I already know who my mate is, and its NOT you" I said pulling my hands back with. I don't know why she is trying so mush. She always try to stay as close to me as possible, and it is really starting to annoy me. "Yeah sure, who is it then" She almost yelled. I was going to answer when I heard a scream upstairs. Louis and I looked at each other. "Who is that" Louis asked. "Ashly" I said and stormed upstairs. 

I knocked the door down, and found Ashly beside the bed shaking in pain. She looked up at me with tears in her eyes. Louis walked in and saw her. "She is turning? She can't do that in here!" He said confused. "I know, I know but she can't control it, it's her first time" I said back to him. 'Calm her down, and get her out side' my wolf said. 

"WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME" She yelled in pain. "You turning and we need to get you out side, I'm so sorry for this" I said in a calm voice. I took her up and she screamed in pain. "I can't, I can't do this, it hurts to mush" She cried out. I looked at her with a smile and said "Don't worry, I'm here".

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