Glowing eyes.

This story is about a girl called, Ashly.
Her mom died 2 years ago, she's now in the living hell.
Her step dad is abusing her, and have a serious drinking problem.
And she's soon to be slave for the one and only, Harry Styles, alfa of the werewolvs in London.


7. The power


*Next morning*


I woke up still a little confused about what I heard last night. I want to ask them what it was about, but I think I'm gonna mind my own business and just leave it.

I got up of my bed with a little trouble, and took the blood red dress on because I don't have anything else. There was blood stains on it and it was ripped on the bottom. I slowly walked down stairs and saw Harry, James Gramma and the four other gays from last night. They all looked at me. 

"What?" I almost screamed. "Why haven't you changed?" Gramma asked. "You see I was kidnaped, got sold to your brother, so yeah" I said with a hart tone in my voice. She didn't say anything, she just looked at me. "Then let us take to the mall, you can get all you want, its on me" Harry said with a smile. I just nodded and limped to the living room. 


*2 hours later* *Harry's P.O.V*


We had been at the mall for an hour and were now home. Ashly decided to take a bath and then watch some tv. So i decided to make some food.

"Get out of my house, you have nothing to do here" I could hear a known voice say. Sarah. "What have a done" I heard Ashly ask. "You are her for Harry ain't you, slut" Sarah said i could hear she was angry. "WTF NO, i'm his slave" Ashly said. I could hear a howl from the living room, and walked out to see Sarah had turned. 

"Get back Sarah" I yelled, but she didn't listen. Sarah walked closer to Ashly, but Ashly didn't move. Sarah snapped at Ashly. Ashly's eyes glowed white and her hand moved over to Sarah, like she was going to pet her. When Ashly touched Sarah's forehead, Sarah laid down on the ground as if she was tamed, and was human again. "WTF" She yelled as she stormed out of the door.

Ashly was still just standing there, until she starting swinging back and forward, then she fell back. I ran over to her and grabbed her, she looked me in the eyes. Her eyes changes colors as she blinked, from blue and brown, to gray and then back. 

I held Ashly's body in my arms as I ran up the stairs and in to James room. "There is something wrong with her!" I yelled. James jumped up the bed and came over to me. We laid her on his bed, I told him everything that had happened. He told me to get out so he could see what was wrong. As I walked out I could hear my wolf 'mate' he said, I didn't listen to him.

James walked out of the door with a confused look in his eyes. "What is wrong with her" I asked, James shook his head and said "I have never seen something like that, her eyes changes every time she blinked" He took a pause "Wait, it can't be, can it" He asked to him self. "WHAT" I screamed. "I have heard from somebody, that this lady by the name Lauren Howl, had a boy born wolf, and a girl born human. Because the father was a wolf and she was human. The girl had the ability to tame wolves, with her hand just like the mom. But I thought it was just a myth" he finished.

"So she have a power? And what is going to happen with that power when she turns to a wolf" I asked him. He didn't answer he just shook his head.

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