Glowing eyes.

This story is about a girl called, Ashly.
Her mom died 2 years ago, she's now in the living hell.
Her step dad is abusing her, and have a serious drinking problem.
And she's soon to be slave for the one and only, Harry Styles, alfa of the werewolvs in London.


8. The news


*2 Days later* *Ashly's P.O.V*


My leg didn't hurt anymore, and i could walk normal again. I was in the living room, with James, Gramma, Harry and some other people. James told me to lay on the couch so he could change my bandage. But when he took it of, the wound was gone. I looked at James with my eyebrows raised. He smiled and walked over to Harry and took him out side, so I wouldn't hear them. But somehow I did.

"There is only a couple of days till it's going to happen" James said. "I'm going to tell her tonight" Harry said. They came inside again and Harry looked at me with a worrying face. I smiled at him and said "I already know, you don't have to tell me tonight" He looked confused at me. "Did you hear us" he asked. "Yeah, lately I have heard everything, even some strange voice in my head" I said. He looked even more confused.

"It shouldn't come so fast should it" He asked James, James just shook his head. I looked at strange at them. If it wasn't supposed to go this fast, why did it? What is wrong with me?

I was still in the couch, and i was watching the news. Just as a familiar face came up. My step dad. WTF! "Yeah, she has been gone for some weeks, she hasn't texted or anything, and I'm really worried about her" He said. 


*Harry's P.O.V*


I was on the way down stairs to see how Ashly was doing, as I heard her yell. "FUCKING CUNT, DIE IN HELL!" She was mad at something on the tv, when I sat in the couch beside her I could see the tears in her eyes. "What's wrong Ashly" I asked with a worried voice. As I heard something from the news "She was last seen in a black top and white pants, she has brown hair and her right eye is blue and the left is brown, Her name is Ashly Howl" Wait! Ashly Howl, like in Lauren Howl? So it's true? WAIT, WAIT, WHAIT she was lost, there was someone looking for her, but slaves have to be orphans? WHAT?

"Who is that man?" I asked Ashly, when she wasn't crying so much. She looked at me with a sad but angry face, with pain in the eyes. "His my step dad, and he's a fucking cunt" she said. I looked at her with a confusing look. She hesitated before talking "H-he r-raped me a-and abused me" She looked at the floor when she said it. 'I'm gonna kill that man' my wolf screamed inside of me. And I couldn't agree more with him.

Ashly was sleeping with her head on my shoulder. So I thought I would take her to her bed. I lifted her up stairs and in to her room, to lay her in her bed. I was playing with her hair a little before I walked to the door but my wolf stopped me 'You are NOT walking out of that door' he said angry, 'Why' I asked, the only word he said was 'Mate' and I looked back at her. I don't know why but my legs didn't walk through the door. They walked back to Ashly. 

I laid beside Ashly, in her bed. I didn't take her or my clothes of. I laid there for hours, before I stopped watching her. I tried to sleep as the time was 2 at night.

I woke up to a scream, it was Ashly, she was crying. "Whats wrong" I asked. "Nightmare" she said not even looking at me, she laid down again and was sleeping. She looked so piece full and I didn't want to leave, never. I carefully placed my hand on her waist and pulled her to me. "Goodnight" I whispered as I placed a kiss on her forehead, and closed my eyes, in the hope of getting some sleep. "Mate" Ashly mumbled in her sleep, and my wolf made a loud howl inside of me. "You up?" I asked a little confused, but there came no answer. 5 minutes later I was a sleep with her in my arms.

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