Glowing eyes.

This story is about a girl called, Ashly.
Her mom died 2 years ago, she's now in the living hell.
Her step dad is abusing her, and have a serious drinking problem.
And she's soon to be slave for the one and only, Harry Styles, alfa of the werewolvs in London.


3. The green lights


"Number four!" A man yelled out of the door. And a beautiful girl walked in. The door closed behind her. I could hear a bib sound, and a man that yelled some numbers up. "300. 350. 500 going once, going twice, and sold to the man in box teen." The door opened up and the girl walked out. "I will never be sold for that much" the girl in front off me sighed. I knew how she felt. Even though i didn't care, I knew I would never get sold to over 100 dollars. 

"Numer six" the man got me out of my thoughts. The girl that was in front of me before, walked out with a big smile on her lips, I guess se got sold for more than she expected. I hesitated, but some how I slowly walked in to the room. it was dark and i couldn't see a thing. 


*The green eyed man's P.O.V*


It was sooo boring, I had been here for teen minutes or so, but i wanted to get out. "Number six" David yelled, he was in my pack. I got op of the red chair, took my jacket and walked over to the door. "The bet starts at a 1000 dollars" David said. A 1000? that was high for this kind of auction, all the girls was found on the street, so they warn't trained properly or anything.

I turned around and my jaw dropped. She was gorgeous! She had long brow hair with little waves in it. Her body was perfect with curves, not skinny, not fat, just perfect. Her right eye was blue and the left brown. The blood red dress, grabbed around her curves. I must get her! She has to be mine! My slave! 


*Ashly's P.O.V*


The light turned and i was blinded, when i got my sight again, i could see that the light pointed at me, and the rest of the room was dark. It was a circled big room filled with windows. I couldn't see through the window all i could see was my reflection in them. "The bet starts at a 1000 dollars" The man yelled. WHAT, HOW?! I wasn't worth a 1000 dollars, not even close. My step dad always told me that i wouldn't even be worth a dollar. I heard many bib sounds and as the bibs came the man yelled.

"1500" "2000" "3000" My eyes just followed the red lights that got lighter every time the bib sound came. "5000" Got it, the red light was still glowing in the room, behind the window. All i could see was a shadow standing close to the window, and two green lights, but they were only in that box. "1000000 dollars" The man yelled, as another red light poped in another room. "Going once, going twice" I head a bib again, it was the box with the green lights. "1500000 dollars, going once, going twice. And sold to the man in box nineteen" I was still looking at the green lights, they were moving, and turned of and on, like if they were a eyes. 

The man came up to me and gave me a collar with the number nineteen on it, and pushed me out of the door. All the girls were looking at me as I walked, even I was looking at me, if that was possible. 

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