Glowing eyes.

This story is about a girl called, Ashly.
Her mom died 2 years ago, she's now in the living hell.
Her step dad is abusing her, and have a serious drinking problem.
And she's soon to be slave for the one and only, Harry Styles, alfa of the werewolvs in London.


5. Harry, Gramma and James


My leg was hurting and I tried to get up, but I could't. There was blood all over my hands and the floor I was on. I looked around and everything just got more and more blurry. I laid down as I could see to legs coming closer, and then, everything turned black.


*The green eyed man's P.O.V*


I was on two legs again, in the kitchen. There was blood on my hand, and I knew exactly what I had done. I walked back to the living room. There she was on the floor, with blood all over her. I could she her eyes slowly opening and closing again as she laid there, until she couldn't keep the open. She pasted out. I just stood there and watched her. "HARRY, what have you done?" Gramma said as she walked in the house. I couldn't answer. 

Gramma is my sister, and she is one out of eleven she-wolvs in my pack, but she was also the strongest. When she turns, her fur is white. Not because she had white hair, but because she was pure, she had never killed a human or a wolf, unless she had to because of our rules.

Yeah werewolves have rules, just like slaves. Rule number one was, NEVER kill a human, unless it attacks you or your pack. Rule number two, never turn in front of humans, only our slaves. Rule number three, on full moon you have to be captive in your basement. Rule number four, we help one another in need. Last rule is, disobey your alpha, you will be killed. Everyone in my pack know I wouldn't kill them if the disobey me.

"I will lift her to her room, you have to call James" Gramma said. I just nodded. James is, also in my pack and he is a doctor, so when someone get hurt, he is there to clean them up. I walked out and called him.


*Ashly's P.O.V*


"She just need to rest for some days" I heard a voice say. I opened my eyes, and saw a girl and a boy talking. The girl saw that my eyes were open, and told the boy to go out. My leg and head was still hurting.

"Don't worry, i will not hurt you" The girl said with a smile. Just as the door opened, and the green eyes came though. I moved back in the bed. Was he here to kill me? I'm scared.

"Don't be scared" She said. Don't be scared, how would I not be, he just attacked me, like wtf? "You need to rest for some days and let the wound hell" She finished. I couldn't get a word out so I just nodded. She walked over to the door but before she walked out she said "I'm Gramma and this is my brother Harry, he is also the alpha in our pack" she pointed at him and smiled. "I know he is" I snapped. 

Harry came closer to me and sat on the foot of the bed, and I backed up a little. "Sorry I hurt you, I have a little anger issue" he said and scratched his neck. "You don't say" I said sarcastic and rolled my eyes. 

"You should get some rest" he said and left the room. I looked at my wound, holly shit it was deep. 

The man that Gramma was talking to before, came in to my room. "I'm here to put some bandage on your leg" he said with a little smile. I just looked at him without saying a word. He came up to me and stated putting the bandage on. "I'm James by the way" "I'm Ashly" We shook hands, and when he was done, he just sat in the bed and looked at me. "Harry isn't that bad you know, he have just been through a lot" he took a little pause and looked out of the window, and continued. "His mother died when he was five, so him and his sister came to live with me" "I'm sorry to here that, my mom died two years ago, so I think I know how he feels" I said to James. 

We sat in the bed for a while unto James, got up and walked to the door. "You should get some sleep, it will help and you can't feel the pain when you are a sleep" James said, and i nodded as he walked out of the door.

I turned to lay on my side, and a little after I was asleep.

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