In Between The Trees

I told her not to go, in between those trees were things that you wouldn't even see in your nightmares. But she did anyways, and now it's up to me to find her. I made a promise that if she left that I would come back for her...and I do not break promises.


10. Chapter 9. Breakfast did not go as planned


“What happened? You were gone for not even 20 minutes.” Soria asked while helping Roscoe set the food on the table. Once I didn't answer she noticed that I was sobbing, trying my best to do so silently.

She hurriedly set the plate she was carrying in her hands down on the nearest table and ran right over to my side, gesturing Roscoe to do so also. I knew they were going to want to know what happened but right now, I didn't even know if I could speak to a single soul. Just great. I'm sitting on the this ridiculously comfortable bed with two very worried people crouched down in front on me asking multiple “whats wrong?” questions. How in the world am I not supposed to tell them? I guess I have no choice.

I start to wipe the tears away from my cheeks and eyes and finally start to explain. “I-It was S-S-Savannah.” I had explained, sobbing in between each stutter. Neither Roscoe nor Soria said a word, obviously waiting for me to continue

“She s-said that I was some freak k-killer and that sh-she had no idea wh-who I was.”  I stuttered, sobbing still filling in the spaces. But I still continued, now not wanting to stop venting. “Me and her h-have been friends since forever, and th-then she goes missing and I-I’m worried sick and then when I finally see her f-for the first time in 6 months, sh-she totally just demolishes me.” Soria rubbed small circles on my lower back, which definitely helped with the sobbing and stuttering.

My breathing had calmed until Soria had started to explain something. “It’s’s because she really doesn't know you.”

I immediately stood up, pushing Soria's hand off my back. I practically gave her a death stare.

“What do you mean she doesn't know me!? Are you seriously trying to tell me that this girl that i've been best friends with that basically knows every little thing about me, doesn't know me!?” I snarled and just completely yelled in Soria's face. Soria gave me an awkward half nervous smile and replied with a swallowed nod. I hadn't even known this woman for a full 2 days and she's already telling me things just to get me completely ticked off!

Forgetting Roscoe I turned around to see if he was still here or if he had fled from the scene. To my surprise he was still here.

Roscoe tried his best to do a nice big grin to lighten the mood then said, “Ladies, ladies, there is no reason to act like this, why don't we just relax and eat before the food gets cold and then we can talk about this whole what I think is a misunderstanding.”

Me and Soria silently exchanged nods in agreement and sat down to eat our what now was brunch. All through breakfast me and Soria exchanged glares, mine much colder and harsh with hers being much more sincere and apologetic, with Roscoe looking at both of us every other bite he took of his food.

This was not what I expected for my very first meal in now what I thought was going to be my new home.


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