In Between The Trees

I told her not to go, in between those trees were things that you wouldn't even see in your nightmares. But she did anyways, and now it's up to me to find her. I made a promise that if she left that I would come back for her...and I do not break promises.


7. Chapter 6. Veresaun

Soria looked at her watch and started to speak. “Well, Ms. Novak, it's almost midnight and i'm sure you're very tired and probably need a break from all this. Since Chief doesn't trust you at all im presuming, then you can just sleep in my tent for the night.”

I nodded, “Works for me, and please Soria just call me Opal, I’m not into the whole Ms thing.”

She laughed reassuringly and said, “Mmk Opal, if that’s what you'd like best, but come, follow me to my tent.”

She opened the tent flap and luckily her tent was right next to the hospital like place I was in. And This was no tent she was living in, and if it was a tent then it was huge and magnificent. As I stood in front of the tent and admired its glory I asked, “Are all the camps tents like this?” Unfortunately Soria shook her head.

“No, just a few of these tents in our camp are like mine, since i’m the Chiefs assistant, he gives me things that are nicer than the original camp member that lives here. Of course you can make your way up to my spot, but there's a very small chance that anyone here could manage that. I went through hard labor to get to the spot I am.”

I nodded, “Welp, i’ll try my best.”

Soria just smiled and walked inside of the tent. I followed. And my lord, it was even more beautiful and spacious on the inside. Inside there was animal print either printed or painted on everything. And I had no doubt in my mind that some of the animal print was real. There were hand painted paintings hung up on the sides of the inside of the tent, beautiful artwork honestly.

But...there was one painting that stood out to me. At the bottom of the painting it was titled. ‘Veresaun.’ I looked at Soria in confusion. Once she noticed what I was looking at she quickly explained. “Veresaun’s, those are the terrifying things that you are supposedly the Queen of. I told you those things were freaky looking. But unfortunately, this is just a painting, we had a person encounter one here in our camp and she had explained to me what she saw and I painted it.”

I nodded my head then looked back at the painting. It was more than freaky looking. She was right, I don't even think I would see such a thing even in my nightmares. The Veresaun that was painted in the picture was colorful though, it wasn't dark and groggy as you expect out of a monster. It had two small horns on its head but they were hard to see because of the blue fur that covered the top of its head. It was only painted from the monster's neck and up, leaving me to wonder how tall the monster was, wondering what his claws looked like.

Soria noticed me still staring at the painting and said, “That one there is blue and yellow, but there are 3 morphs in total. First, the blue and yellow one, then the pink and grey one, and then finally the orange and red one. There colorful so that they attract people and different animals. And before you ask, yes they feed on pretty much everything that moves.”

I shook my head in disbelief. “That's crazy, but why the name Veresaun, their name doesn't really match what they look like.” I replied.

She sighed, “The word Veresaun means bloodshed in Estonian.” My eyes widened and all that escaped from my lips was a simple, “Oh.”

Soria sighed once more but much heavier and started to speak again. “Well you can sleep on the guest bed Opal, or the floor take your pick.” She laughed at the end obviously knowing that I was going to pick the guest bed. “Guest bed.” I said with a slight laugh. She nodded and pointed to the king sized bed on the other side of the tent. My eyebrows raised because for a second I actually thought that was her bed. But nope.

I got into the bed and I immediately sunk into the memory foam mattress. The sheets were as soft as bamboo sheets. If you've ever slept with bamboo sheets, you'd know what I mean. The pillows somehow were cool to the touch and very relaxing. And sometime that night I do recall hearing a faint ‘goodnight’ from Soria, but I believe I was already asleep by then.


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