In Between The Trees

I told her not to go, in between those trees were things that you wouldn't even see in your nightmares. But she did anyways, and now it's up to me to find her. I made a promise that if she left that I would come back for her...and I do not break promises.


6. Chapter 5. Roscoe Steel

Soria looked at me with happiness and asked, “So you met me, would you like to meet the three other men that helped me carry you here?”

I sighed making my shoulders drop a little more dramatically than I could have.

“I guess so.” Is all I managed to say before someone started banging on the door.

Soria laughed, “I think that's Roscoe, he told me he had been excited to meet you.” I laughed as Soria went to unlock the door, “It’s Open!” She yelled out. 

Roscoe slowly opened the door, “Is she oka-woah...who knew a killer could be so beautiful.”

I rolled my eyes, followed by a small laugh. Roscoe was now looking at me like how I was looking at Soria 20 minutes ago. “Is there something wrong with my hair?” I asked, mocking Soria.

Soria just laughed underneath her breath while Roscoe looked at me and replied, “Can you blame a guy? I mean come on look at you.” I blushed slightly.

No one had ever told me that I was beautiful except for my parents. But they were my parents and unless they hated my guts, no time soon would they be telling me that i'm ugly or unattractive.

“Have you looked at yourself lately?” I said back with a small snicker.

He furrowed his eyebrows, “Was that supposed to be an insult or a complement?”

I smiled reassuringly. “Complement.” I answered.

As I took time to trace over him, he was actually very handsome. He had a chiseled jaw, with some light stubble added. Green emerald eyes with light freckles like Sorias covered his nose. And his hair, god his hair. He had a classy crew cut paired with short tapered sides. He was tall, but not that tall. About 6 feet exactly. I could stare at him all day if I could. But the voice of Roscoe brought me back to reality.

“If you say so Sweetheart, and by the way I never caught your name.”

I felt the slightest touch of embarrassment then said “Its Opal Novak.”

“Beautiful, i'm Roscoe if you didn't know already. Roscoe Steel.”

I nodded, “Nice name.”

As soon as Roscoe went to reply, Soria had interrupted, “Are you almost done flirting with my friend because she does have two new other people to be introduced to.”

Roscoe gave me a wink and while walking to the door he said, “We’ll catch up later princess.” My cheeks became flushed but I tried hiding it with my sleeve, hoping that Soria wouldn't see. But of course she did.

“He's a flirt like that to all girls so don't catch any feelings.” I shook my head, “Nope not one bit.”

She rolled her eyes but then curiosity had gotten the best of me so I asked, “Do you know how old he is?” Soria snickered. “He's about to be turning 20 in this coming up week.” I just smiled and nodded my head.

A few minutes later Soria had called the two other guys but they were already getting ready to go to sleep. She told me that i’ll just have to wait till tomorrow so I just nodded and just left it at that.


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