In Between The Trees

I told her not to go, in between those trees were things that you wouldn't even see in your nightmares. But she did anyways, and now it's up to me to find her. I made a promise that if she left that I would come back for her...and I do not break promises.


4. Chapter 3. Nap's aren't always the best idea

My eyes slowly opened, all I saw was dark.

I thought to myself, of course this would happen, I go to sleep in the middle of the day so i'm gonna wake up in the middle of the night. Great thinking Opal. But once my eyes started to adjust, it wasn't the dark night sky I was seeing, it's a brown bag that’s over my head!

I started to panic, I tried moving my body but I was tied up by multiple ropes. By the feel of it, I was on a stretcher and I was being carried, by people. It's not like I was a homeless person seeking for rescue, I was just taking a nap! Even if I was homeless, this is no way to treat a person.

I tried moving my body once more, maybe rolling around.

“Shes awake” Is all I heard through the bag that was tightly secured over my head.

Then a second voice came, “It's okay, we’re almost to the camp anyways.” I started to panic even more.

Then a third voice came, “Man I didn't even get to look at her face before we put that thing over her head.” That got a small chuckle out of me even though I was already fueled with panic.

Then a final fourth voice came, except this was from a female. “Are you serious Roscoe? We didn't capture her for her good looks.”

The third voice who was now known as Roscoe said, “Well, loves desperate where we live, most of the women died from the first bombing anyways.” Bombing? Did I hear him correctly?

The lady ignored him and replied with a simple, “We’re almost to the campsite.” Just great. I started to feel stinging in the corner of my eyes as I tried to hold back the urge to cry. This was it, I was gonna die, just like Savannah. No don't think like that Opal. Savannah isn't dead, she couldn't be. As realization flooded over me like a waterfall, I wanted to cry even more now.

There gonna kill me and I haven't even checked everything off of my bucket list yet. I'm only 17!

 “Get this thing off my head, would ya?” I managed to get a shaky sentence out through the bag.

“Not until we get to the bunker sweetheart.” Is all I got back from Roscoe. A low groan came from the back of my throat in irritation.

“Lighten up doll, once you get to know us you’ll think to yourself ‘Hey, these guys aren't so bad.'’’ Roscoe said in reply of my groan.

“If you guys aren't so bad then why is there a bag tied around my head and ropes around my body? And why in the world am I on a stretcher?” I said, raising my voice at the end of each question.

“Docs orders.” I rolled my eyes and kept silent for the rest of the way.  


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