Special Study

I arrive at Harrison's house for a study hour. But little did I know that Harrison had a crush on me. Things get heated and...


3. The Study Hour.

The Study Hour.

​Well obviously gorgeous Harrison. "Hi Beth. Come in. My parents are out of town." I didn't know what to think because his parents weren't in town. Mischief may occur. I could smell something very tasty. "Are you cooking something because it smells really good!?" I said. He nodded and smiled. "We aren't studying." he laughed. I was really confused because what did he mean by not studying. "I want to tell you something." , he whispered. I was eager to know what he wanted to know what he was going to say. One of my scenarios is coming true. "I've wanted to tell you that your drop dead gorgeous. I love your perky smile, your fresh green eyes and your cute glasses. From your brown hair to smooth skin, your ideal for me.", he smiled. I was in shock! "What about Caitlin?", I answered. "Oh I know she was cheating on me. Cheating on me with Adam." he shrugged. He closed into me and stared into my eyes. It felt like I was in heaven. Heaven on Earth. He kissed me with his soft lips, that was when our love was born. "Come with me.", he whispered in my ear. My heart was beating fast as he grabbed my hand...

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