Special Study

I arrive at Harrison's house for a study hour. But little did I know that Harrison had a crush on me. Things get heated and...


2. Scenarios in my head.

​Scenarios in my head. 

​I walked home alone, once again, thinking of how my dream would go about. I would be helping him Algebra and he stares into my blue eyes, thinking of the life ahead of us. Our marriage. Our romantic nights in together. All the dates and dinners together. WHAT A DREAM!! Yet that would never happen, he would be probably ignoring every word I say about ​'3x ​x 4x='​. He would be thinking about his beloved Caitlin who is just a cheating slut. Her gorgeous locks of brown hair and face as perfect as a Barbie doll. Her secrets were hidden by her cake face of makeup. But after all, he is her Boyfriend. Yet, he doesn't deserve to be hurt. "HEY! WATCH WHERE YOUR GOING!" a stranger called out to me as I nearly got hit by his car. "SORRY!" I shouted. I eventually arrived home to get ready for tonight's study hour with Harrison. I packed all my study books and equipment in my rucksack. I just grabbed something out of the wardrobe and slung it on. It ended up been an black turtle neck crop top and skinny jeans. An ok outfit... I guess. Anyway, I walked to Harrison's house which was not far away, just five minutes. I was thinking again about this would go. Harrison whispers in my ear, "Your the prettiest girl I know. Especially in your skinny jeans." I chuckled and we passionately kissed. Or that I was just doing all the maths work (which I wouldn't be annoyed by), whilst he is on the phone to one of his friends, probably Dan. My head was hurting from all the thinking of the night with Harrison. "I'm so nervous." I whispered. "Same!" a stranger said. This neighbourhood is weird but it made me less nervous. Actually, that's probably the funniest thing I've heard all day. Well apart from in Social Studies when Matthew shouted Burgers are funny in class. VERY FUNNY :-). I could see Harrison's house in the distance. It was a big house clearly because his parents were very rich. I knocked on the door and guess who answered....


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