Special Study

I arrive at Harrison's house for a study hour. But little did I know that Harrison had a crush on me. Things get heated and...


1. Harrison.


​Well, what can I say? Harrison was dreamy. Dark blonde hair, olive skin, amazing smile and perfect brown eyes that would melt you if you stared into them. But, obviously you wouldn't be looking at him because he is mine. I've known him since sophomore year at High School. The reason I knew of him was because of maths. Yes maths! Since there were nerds, the popular kids always asked the nerds for answers. I was one of them nerds. Harrison was the most popular kid in Sophomore year. Even seniors knew who he was! His girlfriend, Caitlin ,was the most gorgeous girl you could meet. All of the girls would aspire just to have her looks but obviously they couldn't. If it was non-uniform day, they would wear matching outfits and they usually would be full of brands. All I could hear was 'Awww what a perfect couple!', 'Best couple of the school!', and then I heard this 'Did you hear that Caitlin is  cheating on Harrison!', 'Only if Harrison knew, that Caitlin is the biggest slag in the world!'. I didn't know what to do, because who am I? Who'd listen to me? As I was saying, I was a nerd and Harrison was somehow in my maths class. He kept asking me answers to the questions ,even though he was in the top set in maths, which was so easy that a 2nd Grader could do. He was clearly really dumb. And I mean reaaalllyyy DUMB!!!! But one day, he asked me if I would like to go to his house to study (something I get asked very often), but the way he asked me to go to his house it felt...it...it felt... weird but in a good way. I didn't know what to think. My dreamiest of dreams are coming true. Mr and Mrs Carter. Harrison and Beth Carter. Sounds good. But I realised he has Caitlin wrapped up around his neck chocking him with her looks whilst she cheats on him. Harrison does not deserve this, but what do I know? I have never had a boyfriend before, I've always dreamed of having that Prince Charming in my life, but I doubt it because Caitlin is in the way of ever getting Harrison for myself. I'll just calm myself down and get ready to go round to Harrison's. What am I going to do?

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