Amnesia ~ Colby Brock FanFic

"Don't you remember?" "No...I'm sorry." Emma Scherer lost 4 years of her memory in a car accident. Doctors tell her its the best to see her older brother in Los Angeles. She tries to remember his roommates who she met 2 years ago, but can't. But, will she regain her memories?


5. The Box

I open my eyes and look at Colby. "You okay?" he asks still holding my hands. "Yeah, I'm fine." I say shaking off what just happened. I just had a flashback from when I met him and when I left him. "Hey, um when did I leave to go back home before I go into the crash." I say. "Only two weeks. You got into the car crash on your way back home." he said. I nod understanding.

I run back upstairs and go through my new room. I grab my suitcase and begin to open it. I didn't pack it, only my grandma did. That's when I saw in a small corner of my suitcase a tin box. I grab it slowly and sit criss crossed on my wooden floor. I open it and see a collection of photos.

The first one I pulled out was of me and Corey in his pool here in Los Angeles. I look on the back. June 11th, 2017. This summer. These pictures were from this summer while I was here visiting. I look at the front of the picture again, I smile to see how happy I was. I put that one down and pick up another one.

This one was of the whole group in the ocean. I see myself being picking up by Colby and everyone laughing. I wish I remembered this moment. It looked like a good memory.

I look at more and more photos when one catches my eye. It was a picture of Colby and I. We were on the couch sleeping. His arm was around me and I was laying on his chest. I must have really liked Colby, and he must have really liked me. A tear slips from my eye and I quickly wipe it away. I close the box and stuff it into my nightstand.

I stare at the ceiling in silence. I started to worry. If Colby and I had a thing, what were we now? He was just a stranger to me and I can't say that I love him now like I did before. There must of been a reason of why I liked him so much. I guess that's what I was going to try to find out.


So, I'm back from my band trip from Atlanta and it was pretty cool. We performed at the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl with like 90,000 people watching us. I missed writing, so I'll be posting a few more chapters today and tommorow. Thanks!

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