Amnesia ~ Colby Brock FanFic

"Don't you remember?" "No...I'm sorry." Emma Scherer lost 4 years of her memory in a car accident. Doctors tell her its the best to see her older brother in Los Angeles. She tries to remember his roommates who she met 2 years ago, but can't. But, will she regain her memories?


2. Seeing Him Again

"Here is your bag, sweetie." my grandma says handing me a suitcase to take with me to Los Angeles. "Thanks Grandma." I smile. To me, she doesnt' look any different. Maybe a little older, but I could recognize her. "Your brother should be here soon." she says as we wait in the hospital wating room. I was a little nervous because he'll look so different. Anyone can look different from 4 years.

I begin to think about what Ashley said, about a boy named Colby. Apparently I was head over heels for this guy, and I don't even remember what he looked like because I meet him only a year ago. I sigh and go on my phone.

"Oh there he is." my grandma says smiling and getting up. Then, I see him. It was Corey, but, much older. It was weird. I get up and watch him hug grandma. Then, he looks at me. "Hey Emma." he says scared to touch me. I roll my eyes and hug him tightly. "I missed you." I say into his shoulder. "I missed you too Emma." he says.

We say bye to our grandma and head to the airport. "You look so different. What's with the man bun?" I laugh messing it up. "Hey hey hey, watch the hair." he says shooing my hand away laughing. "Still not liking people touching your hair too." I joke sticking my tongue out. "Yup, there is the inner 17 Emma." he says and I smile a little. 

"So since you don't remember any of the roommates, I'll introduce you to all of them when we get there." he says as we get off our plane landing in LA. I nod as we head to baggage claim. 

We start to drive off. "Do they all like me, before?" I ask nervously. He laughs a little. "They loved you, you always called them your brothers. And my girlfriend-" but I stop him. "YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND!" I yell slamming my hands on my lap. "Yes, we've been dating for two years now." he smiles. "No way." I say. "That was the same reaction you had two years ago." he laughed. "Okay, carry on." I say. "My girlfriend and you were the best of friends when you came to visit." he said. "I can't wait to meet all of them, again." I say looking out the window. 

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