Amnesia ~ Colby Brock FanFic

"Don't you remember?" "No...I'm sorry." Emma Scherer lost 4 years of her memory in a car accident. Doctors tell her its the best to see her older brother in Los Angeles. She tries to remember his roommates who she met 2 years ago, but can't. But, will she regain her memories?


7. Flashbacks, Again

I stand there with Colby next to the board. "You don't have to do it if you don't want to." he said slowly grabbing my hand. "I want to, don't worry." I smile. "Okay lovebirds, put your hand on the board." Elton said pointing the camera towards us. I roll my eyes and put my open hand on the board, and my other still holding Colby.

Nothing interesting has happened and we were all getting bored. "Is anyone with us?" I ask again the 46th time. Then, it moves slowly to yes. I look at everyone and they were looking at each other. None of us were moving it. "Okay...weird." I say. Then, we hear a something glass break in the distance. We all take our fingers off and jump looking that way. "What was that?" Corey asks. "I don't know." Elton says.

We decide to put it away and just chill since it was almost 3 a.m. Only three more hours. We were all talking when we hear a small voice behind us. I look and see nothing. Everyone else heard it. Elton turns on the camera again and tell the camera that we heard a voice. Then, out of nowhere, a glass bottle hits the wall next to us and we all run leaving our blankets.

Colby and I run into the woods leaving the others. We finally stop when we get to a really big tree. "Oh no, we lost them." I say panicking. "Emma, Emma, calm down." he said grabbing my hands. I breathe in trying to calm down. "Wait, look. We are finally alone, which we never are." he said laughing. "Colby, this is no time to joke." I smile rolling my eyes. "Of course it is." he said grabbing me and pulling me closer. What was he doing?

Then, his lips meet mine. I was surprised at first, but then go with it. I liked Colby Brock. So nothing was bad about this. I put my arms around his neck and deepen the kiss. He smiles a little while I kiss back. "Guys, come on-" someone says behind us. We step back from each other and see Elton. Elton smiles looking at us. "I won't tell anyone." he said which makes Colby and I look at each other and follow Elton back to the car. 


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