Amnesia ~ Colby Brock FanFic

"Don't you remember?" "No...I'm sorry." Emma Scherer lost 4 years of her memory in a car accident. Doctors tell her its the best to see her older brother in Los Angeles. She tries to remember his roommates who she met 2 years ago, but can't. But, will she regain her memories?


4. Am I Remembering?

I walk down the stairs and overhear a conversation. I think between Elton, Sam, and Colby. "We need to take her to the places we did our videos." Sam says. "Yeah, Suicide Bridge, the abandoned mall, all of that. That might just regain her memories." Colby adds. I hear Elton sigh. "But remember? We got caught at the mall and we promised to never go back to the bridge from all the weird stuff that was happening." he says. "For her Uncle Elton. She needs this, I want the old Emma back." Colby says and I smile a little.

I fully walk down the stairs and see them huddled around. "Whatcha guys doing?" I laugh coming closer. "Just talking. You hungry? We were going to order pizza." Sam said. "I would love some Sammy." I say and walk out. Wait, Sammy? Where did that come from? I step back in and Sam looked so happy. "You remembered that you called me that." he said. "I'm regaining my memories a little." I say and everyone gives me a giant hug.

"Wait Colby." I say sitting on the couch next to him. "Yes?" he asks. "Colbs. That's what I called you." I smile. "And we all called Elton, Uncle Elton, right?" I ask. He nods yes. "I'm so happy that you're remembering." he said. "Colbs, can you tell me about our past together?" I ask him and he sighs.

"Well, Emma. If you must know. I was your favorite, besides your brother." he said. I give him a shifty eye look. "No, I'm serious. You even told me. You would say we were best friends, but everyone else called us more than that." he said smirking a little. "And that was?" I ask. "They always joked about us being a couple. Just cause we would hang out the most and well, act like a couple." he said. "Oh, well now I feel bad because I don't remember any of that." I say turning away from him. But he turns me back. "Don't worry Emma, I believe in you. You'll get them back, probably not tomorrow, next week, or even next month. Just know that I'm here for you." he says. I smile as a thank you. He grabs my hand and I feel a jolt.

"Emma, this is Colby." Corey says and we shake hands. "For being Corey's sister, you're pretty cute." he says winking. I blush and smile. "Watch it Brock, that's my sister you're talking to." Corey says pointing at him. He just laughs and I laugh with him.

~Time Skip~

"I'm going to miss you." I say into Colby's chest as he rubs my back. "Don't worry, next summer you'll see me. Or maybe I'll take a trip to see you." he says letting me go. "That would be amazing." I smile. He pulls me into another hug. Wow, am I going to miss him.

I start to drive home when a collection of thoughts roll into my head. Why didn't I tell him I loved him? That would a perfect chance. But now that I'm gone, he's going to find someone else. You done goofed Emma. He was truley the one I loved. I sigh and next thing I knew, a car was coming straight at me.

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