A Night in With The Dolan Twins.

You are good friends with The Dolan Twins and you are all pulling pranks on each other. When Ethan pulls a serious prank on you and Grayson. Stuff turns serious....


1. The idea.



​The idea.

You pop round to The Dolan Twins' warehouse to hang out. You know, just to chill. You get dressed in your skinny jeans and Tommy Hilfiger t-shirt. Do your hair in a messy bun and slap some makeup on. Put your white Adidas Superstars and hop in your Land Rover to The Warehouse. You knock on the door and Ethan answers the door. "Oh hey Liv. Come in. Grayson is messing around somewhere. Don't know where?"                                                    You both laugh and continue to talk whilst trying to find Grayson. "Grayson! Where are you? Grayson!", you both shouted. "I'm here. Wait a minute... " Grayson jumps down from the roof for some weird reason and talks to you like nothing weird has happened. "So, what do you wanna do?", you ask. "Well I am hungry, so wanna order some pizza?", Ethan suggest. You dial the number and order 3 pizza's. "Oh my god, I am so full!", Grayson said. Grayson rushes off to the kitchen to grab a drink and go to the toilet. "Why are you laughing?", you said. "Oh I put cling film on the toilet bowl." Ethan says as he chuckled away. "Do you want prank wars again? Cos if you do I'll help you! , you said. Ethan gives you a cheeky smile. :-). "AHHHHHHH" Grayson screams in the bathroom. "Ethan, did you do this?" , Grayson asks. "Maybe!" Ethan smirks. "This isn't over yet...well it will be when I beat you at pranks." Grayson whispers.                                                                                                                               THE END OF CHAPTER 1 'THE IDEA'. CHECK THE NEXT CHAPTER.










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