Amelia Campbell is a 16 year old girl, with a violent past. She's in a psychiatrist hospital, and tries to escape. Suddenly she meets a boy named Blake Harris, who's also in the psychiatrist hospital. Together they escape and hides from the world. What do think happens? Do they get caught?

Hey everyone! This is my first story and i'm quite excited to write it. But i'm not sure how good or bad it is, but I hope you'll enjoy it!


2. The Escape

As I lay on the ground, ready to kick another nurse's ass, I turn around to see who tackled me. To my surprise it's another patient. A boy. About the same age as me. He has golden brown, messy hair, pale skin and green eyes. He has a sharp jaw, which many girls would totally freak out about. He looks straight at me with a smile on his face, while he sits on his knees beside of me. 

"Hello. What are you doing here, my friend?" His voice is deep, but nice. I frown. 

"I could ask you the same thing. And i'm not your friend." He laughs. I get up and so does he. He's about half a head taller than me. He stares at me, still smiling. 

"I kind of ran away, but then I saw you, and I thought you did the same thing. I'm Blake Harris by the way." He says. I sigh. 

"I am running away. But instead of tackling me, you could've just talk to me or something. I'm Amelia Campbell." I don't know if this is a good idea, but maybe we can help each other out of this hell hole. Out of nowhere I hear someone shout behind me. I quickly turn around and see 3 guards running towards us. Again i'm being tackled by Blake, and I send him a confused look. Does he work for them?! I think to myself. 

"I got her!" He shouts to the guards and I glare at him. He bows down to my ear and whispers. 

"You have to trust me," What the fuck does he mean? He literally just gave a reason not to. He gets me up and hands me to the guards. But then he suddenly punches one of the guards in the head, and kicks another one in the balls. I react fast, and gets out of the 3 guard's grip and kicks him in the stomach. 

"Come on, we have to go, now!" Blake takes me by the arm and starts to run. An alarm starts the moment we get to the exit. We run as fast as we can out in the darkness, and we don't stop before we get about a half mile away. We hide between two tall buildings and we sit down to take a break. As we sit there, trying to get our normal pulse back, we start laughing. 

"That was awesome!" I yell. He laughs and nods. 

"Your welcome, Amelia." He looks at me, smiling again. I send him a smile back. Mostly because i'm happy we got out.  

"Thanks for not betraying me. I really thought you were helping them for a second. How did you even make them trust you?" I ask as I lean up against the building. 

"I don't know actually. I mean, I've helped them before and somehow they maybe ended up trusting me somehow? But I still got medicine, though. But I guess I won't get that anymore." He says with a shrug. 

"But if you've had the chance before, why did you run away now?" It didn't make sense to me. At all. I would've run away as soon as i got the chance. 

"You ask a lot of questions, eh?" He laughs. "Before I answer all of them, can we find somewhere to stay first?" He's right, we don't have time for questions now. 

"Oh right, sorry. I guess i'm just very curious." I get up, and places my hands on my waist and sigh. "So, do you have any ideas of where we are or where we're supposed to go?" He gets up before he answers. 

"Yeah, i do actually." I lift my eyebrows. 

"Really? Then what are we waiting for!" I say while I take my arms in the air. He laughs and begins to walk out of the alley, with me following him. 

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