Amelia Campbell is a 16 year old girl, with a violent past. She's in a psychiatrist hospital, and tries to escape. Suddenly she meets a boy named Blake Harris, who's also in the psychiatrist hospital. Together they escape and hides from the world. What do think happens? Do they get caught?

Hey everyone! This is my first story and i'm quite excited to write it. But i'm not sure how good or bad it is, but I hope you'll enjoy it!


1. Prologue & Chapter 1 - I'm perfectly fine


Hello there! I'm Amelia Campbell and i'm a 16 year old girl who lives in California. Maybe you think i'm just a normal teenage girl, who falls in love with some criminal bad boy, but actually that's not the case. Well, you see.. I am the criminal. And not some small stuff, like stealing a bag from an old lady. No, I killed someone. Someone I was in love with a long time ago. That of course lead to, that i'm in a psychiatrist hospital. I'm going to tell you the whole story later, but for now, you have to wait. 

Amelia's POV

I'm laying in my bed and stares empty into the white ceiling. I'm closing my eyes and smiles for myself. Suddenly I hear a click by the door, and I open my eyes again to see who's coming. 

"Good morning Amelia," says a shy voice. It's the new nurse Mrs. Montgomery who's gonna give me my medicine. I get up in a sitting position with my legs hanging from the bed, and I watch her walk with the medicine in her hand. 

"Well, good morning to you too, Natalie," I say while I send her an innocent smile. She ignores me and looks down at the medicine, as an excuse to not get eye contact with me. I guess I made her uncomfortable by saying her first name. Maybe she's scared of me? She begins to fumble with my medicine, but I get a hold of her right wrist with my left hand before she can do anything. She looks at me with freighting eyes. 

"L-Let go of me!" She screams. I begin to laugh and shakes my head. Does she really think I would do that? I look straight into her eyes with an evil smile. 

"You wish, bitch," I quickly get up and take my right hand to her throat, and begin to choke her. She drops everything and tries to take my hand away, while she's gasping for air. I take both of my hands to her throat and tightens the grip. Her face gets more and more red, and she slowly loses her strength. After a minute her arms finally falls down and I let her body fall to the floor. I smile. 

"I don't need medicine. I'm perfectly fine," I mumble to myself.

I quietly run out of the door and sneaks away. I avoid every person I see, and stays in the corners, so the cameras don't see me. On my way out, I had to knock 3 nurses out. I know the way out, i've been in these halls many times before. As i'm almost out with only a few halls left, I get tackled from behind. 

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